Badgers Cricket Club – What’s New Archive 2022

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This page provides a repository of all the old What’s New entries for 2022, in reverse chronological order. If you really have a desire for the older entries, then the links below will get you access to all those that I’ve saved. They are unlikely to be of any great interest, but do provide a picture of how the site has developed over the twenty-two years it has been here. Please bear in mind that links to external sites may have atrophied over time and thus you may see ‘not found’ or similar errors when trying to follow them, especially the further back in time the link was first created.

23 Apr 2022

On the off chance that anyone might visit here to check on the details of tomorrow’s game, rather than WhatsApp or Play-Cricket, I have updated the fixtures page with the confirmed start time.

The only other change in the past three weeks has been an update to the detailed scorecards for 2014, which in many cases have had the fielding details added where there were none previously. This is a side effect of work I have been doing on back-filling information that is held on Play-Cricket but not previously in our database, which only had bowling figures for the opponent’s innings. Ultimately I hope to be able to supply more detail on things like how each bowler achieved their dismissals and which fielders have caught the most catches off each bowler.

2 Apr 2022

The 2022 season looms just over the horizon and the Badger stirs in its slumbers. For me this means various bits of housekeeping such that you will find that the trophy winners for the past two seasons have been added to the Honours Board cup winners page following the presentation of the awards at the dinner back in November and the club officers page and the associated Honours Board officers page have both been changed to reflect decisions taken at this year’s AGM.

Thanks to great work by Darrell we also have several new opponents on the slate for 2022, and the details can be found on the fixtures page as well as on our Play-Cricket site.

Please note that as of this weekend this site has moved to a new hosting platform from the same provider – QiQ – the benefits of which are primarily in the underlying software stack and thus only really of interest to the person maintaining the site (and the database). However, this is part of positioning things for the future and hopefully the fruits of that will become more apparent over time. Obviously such a rewire brings the potential for things to break, so please report anything you find that is not behaving the way it should.