Badgers Cricket Club – Best Individual Performances


These pages contain the best individual performances for each season all the way back to the club’s first in 1959, with the usual provisos around 1981. The qualification criteria for these lists are 50 runs for batting and four wickets for bowling plus they will always include the best three performances of each season (if available). See the other links below, or the menus at the top of the page, for the other averages tables that you can view.

Best Performances Of Season 1988
Chris Morgan126 no. 7 August vs. Wrecclesham
Dave Tickner92 25 June vs. Ebrington
Dave Tickner74 11 June vs. Lingfield
Steve Pitts61 no. 14 May vs. Old Freemans
Adrian Cowell55 14 May vs. Old Freemans
Alan Tickner55 24 September vs. Newchapel & Horne
Adrian Cowell52 16 July vs. Dormansland
Dave Tickner51 28 May vs. Sunnyside
Jeremy Clayton50 no. 7 May vs. Old Xaverians
Andy Parker7 for 14 17 September vs. Nat West
Alan Tickner7 for 15 30 July vs. Bletchingley
Alan Tickner6 for 31 7 May vs. Old Xaverians
Simon Fox5 for 19 14 May vs. Old Freemans
Charles Lakeman5 for 20 9 July vs. Walton Heath 'Heavy Rollers'
Dave Tickner5 for 22 7 August vs. Wrecclesham
Patrick Edwards5 for 35 11 June vs. Lingfield

Best Performances Of Season 1987
Andy Parker84 no. 30 May vs. Sunnyside
Adrian Cowell77 30 May vs. Sunnyside
Dave Tickner71 28 June vs. Hook Norton
Simon Fox68 no. 12 September vs. Sun Alliance
Andy Parker65 22 August vs. Old Josephians
Alan Tickner64 13 June vs. Lingfield
Keith Miller63 9 May vs. Old Xaverians
Andy Parker57 2 May vs. Blindley Heath
Steve Pitts51 2 May vs. Blindley Heath
Alan Tickner7 for 19 12 September vs. Sun Alliance
Brian Moore5 for 15 29 August vs. South Beckenham
Alan Tickner5 for 18 7 June vs. Temple Sheen Eccentrics
Huw Campbell5 for 32 9 May vs. Old Xaverians
Alan Tickner5 for 58 25 July vs. Old Alleynians
Simon Fox4 for 41 15 August vs. Pearl Assurance
Alan Tickner4 for 67 30 May vs. Sunnyside

Best Performances Of Season 1986
Chris Morgan115 no. 17 May vs. Temple Sheen Eccentrics
Adrian Cowell100 no. 26 July vs. Old Alleynians
Chris Morgan84 10 August vs. Wrecclesham
Chris Morgan81 20 September vs. Old Xaverians
Dave Tickner73 27 September vs. Newchapel & Horne
Chris Morgan69 21 June vs. St. Peters Old Boys
Richard Gambel68 19 July vs. Dormansland
Adrian Cowell62 29 June vs. Hook Norton
Chris Morgan56 2 August vs. Bletchingley
Adrian Cowell55 28 June vs. Ebrington
Jeremy Clayton55 28 June vs. Ebrington
Dave Tickner53 30 August vs. South Beckenham
Andy Parker53 27 September vs. Newchapel & Horne
Dave Tickner51 7 June vs. Dennison
Alan Tickner6 for 40 28 June vs. Ebrington
Simon Fox6 for 41 31 May vs. Sunnyside
Alan Tickner5 for 7 17 May vs. Temple Sheen Eccentrics
Alan Tickner5 for 25 21 June vs. St. Peters Old Boys
Huw Campbell5 for 26 6 September vs. Rowan
Dave Tickner5 for 33 6 September vs. Rowan
Alan Tickner5 for 63 19 July vs. Dormansland
Simon Fox4 for 8 17 May vs. Temple Sheen Eccentrics
Charles Lakeman4 for 13 20 September vs. Old Xaverians
Alan Tickner4 for 18 10 August vs. Wrecclesham

Best Performances Of Season 1985
Richard Gambel85 26 August vs. St. Peters Old Boys
Steve Pitts68 25 May vs. Meadowbank
Adrian Cowell68 25 May vs. Meadowbank
Chris Morgan55 22 June vs. Stockwell Athletic
Alan Tickner53 30 June vs. Hook Norton
Chris Morgan52 18 May vs. Temple Sheen Eccentrics
Chris Morgan52 7 September vs. Rowan
Alan Tickner50 13 July vs. Sutton Railway
Dave Tickner6 for 63 28 September vs. Newchapel & Horne
Brian Moore5 for 18 18 May vs. Temple Sheen Eccentrics
Dave Bowerman5 for 21 8 June vs. Malden Wanderers
Alan Tickner5 for 33 31 August vs. South Beckenham
Steve Card5 for 38 1 June vs. Sunnyside
Charles Lakeman4 for 9 14 September vs. Blindley Heath
Alan Tickner4 for 21 1 June vs. Sunnyside
Alan Tickner4 for 43 8 June vs. Malden Wanderers
Dave Bowerman4 for 62 30 June vs. Hook Norton

Best Performances Of Season 1984
Chris Morgan104 5 May vs. Stockwell Athletic
Steve Pitts68 no. 4 August vs. Newdigate
Alan Tickner67 18 August vs. Old Josephians
Brian Moore67 no. 1 September vs. South Beckenham
Chris Morgan56 no. 19 May vs. Meadowbank
Dave Tickner56 15 September vs. Sun Alliance
Alan Tickner54 no. 12 May vs. Wallington Cottagers
Chris Morgan54 no. 7 July vs. Abbey
Steve Pitts54 15 September vs. Sun Alliance
Dave Tickner52 21 July vs. Dormansland
Steve Card6 for 34 12 May vs. Wallington Cottagers
David Clark5 for 15 2 June vs. Vinyl Products
Alan Tickner5 for 26 1 July vs. Hook Norton
Simon Fox5 for 28 15 September vs. Sun Alliance
Alan Tickner4 for 9 27 August vs. Englefield Green
Alan Tickner4 for 14 21 July vs. Dormansland
Dave Bowerman4 for 19 19 May vs. Meadowbank
David Clark4 for 27 4 August vs. Newdigate
Charles Lakeman4 for 31 28 July vs. Old Alleynians
Steve Card4 for 48 14 July vs. Sutton Railway

Best Performances Of Season 1983
Dave Pitts95 27 August vs. Whyteleafe
Greg Pynt89 3 September vs. Rowan
Steve Goldman79 29 August vs. Tadworth
Greg Pynt74 11 June vs. Lingfield
Greg Pynt74 no. 13 August vs. Old Josephians
Dave Pitts70 20 August vs. Wallington Cottagers
Greg Pynt70 no. 10 September vs. Sun Alliance
Dave Tickner50 no. 30 July vs. Newdigate
David Clark7 for 13 7 August vs. Chipstead & Coulsdon
David Clark5 for 21 18 September vs. Friends Provident
Dave Bowerman5 for 22 20 August vs. Wallington Cottagers
Greg Pynt5 for 23 11 June vs. Lingfield
Brian Moore4 for 8 18 June vs. Kelvin
Steve Card4 for 12 30 July vs. Newdigate
Steve Card4 for 14 27 August vs. Whyteleafe
Dave Tickner4 for 15 29 August vs. Tadworth
Brian Moore4 for 18 16 July vs. Dormansland

Best Performances Of Season 1982
Chris Morgan105 4 September vs. Rowan
Chris Morgan78 no. 1 August vs. Badgers Brewery
Alan Tickner63 21 August vs. Wallington Cottagers
Dave Tickner60 28 August vs. Spetisbury
Brian Moore52 no. 28 August vs. Spetisbury
David Clark51 19 June vs. Graveney
Alan Tickner50 29 May vs. Seveno
Steve Pitts50 no. 4 July vs. Loose
David Clark7 for 27 22 May vs. Kelvin
Brian Moore6 for 35 7 August vs. Abbey
Steve Card5 for 15 31 July vs. Newdigate
Dave Tickner5 for 17 1 August vs. Badgers Brewery
Alan Tickner5 for 22 1 May vs. Meadowbank
Dave Bowerman5 for 30 19 June vs. Graveney
Alan Tickner5 for 31 31 May vs. Old Walcountians
Brian Moore4 for 27 31 July vs. Newdigate

Best Performances Of Season 1981
Brent Noble67 no. 7 June vs. Rayleigh Fairview
Dave Tickner62   
Brian Moore54 no.   
NOTE that due to the lack of a scorebook for 1981 there are quite possibly performances missing from this list, although they can only have been recorded by the three gentlemen above as nobody else had a highest score over 39
Alan Tickner8 for 24 8 August vs. Abbey
NOTE that due to the scorebook for 1981 having disappeared there are almost certainly performances missing from the above

Best Performances Of Season 1980
Chris Morgan140 no. 9 August vs. Englefield Green
Chris Morgan103 no. 5 October vs. Dormansland
Brent Noble86 no. 21 June vs. Stoneleigh Methodists
Richard Kemp83 23 August vs. Riverside
Dave Tickner77 10 May vs. Wallington Cottagers
Alan Tickner71 24 May vs. Thames Ditton
Phil Walters71 9 August vs. Englefield Green
Dave Tickner71 23 August vs. Riverside
Albert Briscoe65 2 August vs. Newdigate
Chris Morgan62 no. 8 June vs. Rayleigh Fairview
Dave Tickner58 24 May vs. Thames Ditton
Alan Tickner56 no. 3 May vs. Meadowbank
Brian Moore6 for 13 14 June vs. Lingfield
David Clark6 for 22 3 August vs. Badgers Brewery
Brian Moore5 for 11 16 August vs. Old Josephians
Brian Moore5 for 12 5 July vs. American Express
Steve Card5 for 15 5 May vs. Marlborough 1870
Alan Tickner5 for 18 12 July vs. Sutton Railway
Dave Tickner5 for 20 26 May vs. Old Walcountians
Dave Tickner5 for 22 5 July vs. American Express
Phil Walters5 for 22 27 September vs. Riverside
Dave Bowerman5 for 26 24 May vs. Thames Ditton
Dave Tickner5 for 31 12 July vs. Sutton Railway
Dave Tickner4 for 2 28 June vs. Stockwell Athletic
Steve Card4 for 14 9 August vs. Englefield Green
Brian Moore4 for 15 5 May vs. Marlborough 1870
David Clark4 for 18 3 May vs. Meadowbank
Phil Walters4 for 18 24 May vs. Thames Ditton
Alan Tickner4 for 19 7 June vs. Old Alleynians
Steve Card4 for 21 26 April vs. Hersham
Brian Moore4 for 25 30 August vs. Stockwell Athletic
Steve Card4 for 32 26 May vs. Old Walcountians

Best Performances Of Season 1979
Chris Morgan83 11 August vs. Dulwich Old Boys
Brent Noble73 no. 28 July vs. Tadworth
Brent Noble71 no. 23 June vs. Stoneleigh Methodists
Chris Morgan66 14 July vs. Sutton Railway
Alan Tickner62 1 September vs. Stockwell Athletic
Alan Tickner60 30 June vs. Stockwell Athletic
Dave Tickner56 15 September vs. Sun Alliance
Chris Morgan56 6 October vs. Dormansland
Dave Tickner55 no. 30 June vs. Stockwell Athletic
Brent Noble55 no. 1 September vs. Stockwell Athletic
Phil Walters53 23 June vs. Stoneleigh Methodists
Dave Tickner53 6 October vs. Dormansland
Steve Card9 for 27 19 May vs. Montrose
Steve Card7 for 70 28 July vs. Tadworth
Steve Card6 for 13 7 July vs. American Express
Dave Tickner6 for 18 15 September vs. Sun Alliance
Brian Moore6 for 28 23 June vs. Stoneleigh Methodists
Brian Moore5 for 21 12 May vs. Englefield Green
Dave Tickner5 for 52 6 October vs. Dormansland
Brent Noble4 for 14 1 September vs. Stockwell Athletic
Steve Card4 for 19 30 June vs. Stockwell Athletic
Brian Moore4 for 30 9 June vs. Sunbury Village
Dave Tickner4 for 32 8 September vs. East Grinstead
Dave Tickner4 for 39 29 September vs. Riverside
Steve Card4 for 46 28 May vs. Old Walcountians
Steve Card4 for 75 21 July vs. Dormansland