Badgers Cricket Club – Official Batting Averages 1969 to 1978


These pages contain the official batting average tables going all the way back to the club’s first season in 1959. See the other links below, or the menus at the top of the page, for the other averages tables that you can view.

Official Batting Averages For Season 1978
Brent Noble7711476324.5
Dave Tickner1010216548 no.20.6
Brian Moore141441722617.2
Alan Tickner151431723215.6
Steve Card13125912713.0
A McKennerN/A523419 no.11.3
Phil Walters161611633710.9
Barry Passmore13121104289.5
Lee Foster15140127409.1
Peter Legge55136199.0
Roy Gordon139255237.9
Kevin Unwin10815423 no.7.7
Richard Kemp98243267.2
Steve Pitts10732110 no.5.3
Steve Goldman8502294.4
Dave Bowerman14721362.6
Chris Preston662110.3
Also batted:Albert Briscoe, Jimmy Burke, James Chignell
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1977
Brent Noble77120852 no.34.7
Brian Moore101012538128.1
Phil Walters1414520461 no.22.7
Dave Tickner151412543919.5
Alan Tickner131212069718.7
Peter Legge8801035112.9
Richard Kemp66144168.8
Laurence Pitts9531611 no.8.0
Barry Passmore76039226.5
Roger PhippsN/A6129235.8
Roy Gordon11713211 no.5.3
Also batted:Dave Bowerman, Albert Briscoe, Jimmy Burke, Allan Butt, James Chignell, Steve Goldman, Steve Pitts, Chris Preston, Kevin Unwin
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1976
Brian Moore16163366131 no.28.2
Alan Tickner191933907424.4
Brent Noble77114154 no.23.5
Dave Tickner1717034210620.1
Steve Goldman99112531 no.15.6
Kevin Unwin1083611912.2
Roy Gordon14123983510.9
Peter Legge98069198.6
Phil Walters18151116358.3
Chris Preston87230236.0
Barry Passmore99241175.9
James Chignell107226145.2
Roger PhippsN/A6126125.2
Laurence Pitts9722575.0
Denis HopkinsN/A9137254.6
Richard Kemp98034114.3
J LordingN/A721711 no.3.4
Dave Bowerman9721452.8
Jimmy Burke7501142.2
Also batted:Albert Briscoe
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1975
Brent Noble88422385 no.55.8
Brian Moore161624327130.9
Alan Tickner1412326253 no.29.1
Dave Tickner131102567223.3
Steve Goldman8711186819.7
Barry Passmore990992511.0
Laurence Pitts86146139.2
J LordingN/A6054289.0
Phil Walters13120104228.7
Peter Legge98152177.4
Roy Gordon87233116.6
Jimmy Burke108329105.8
Denis HopkinsN/A841974.8
Chris Preston111012873.1
Richard Kemp11812183.0
Kevin Unwin119117102.1
James Chignell11711272.0
Also batted:Dave Bowerman, Albert Briscoe, John Moffatt
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1974
Brent Noble9922087429.7
Alan Tickner181653227229.3
Albert Briscoe141111928119.2
Brian Moore1919523358 no.16.6
Peter Legge111101573414.3
Dave Tickner151411822914.0
Steve Goldman121001094410.9
Roy Gordon12633018 no.10.0
Richard Kemp98074199.3
John Moffatt85221167.0
Jimmy Burke127135265.8
Barry Passmore1513055174.2
A CherniovskyN/A5116114.0
Laurence Pitts11611973.8
James Chignell14731583.8
Phil Walters76019123.2
Chris Preston7611352.6
Also batted:Mike Law, Kevin Unwin
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1973
Brian Moore141424218135.1
Brent Noble1111227569 no.30.6
Dave Tickner1615430372 no.27.5
Albert Briscoe1514322545 no.20.5
Alan Tickner181602364614.8
Barry Passmore161611643310.9
Peter Legge880833410.4
David Winter1311182278.2
Phil Walters1312462247.8
Roy Gordon138237216.2
Richard Kemp119336256.0
R FlorenceN/A5120125.0
Laurence Pitts13722264.4
Chris Preston149121152.6
James Chignell128020142.5
Also batted:Jimmy Burke, John Moffatt
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1972
Albert Briscoe141353589744.8
Brent Noble77213169 no.26.2
Alan Tickner131212257320.5
Brian Moore141221893618.9
Dave Tickner1310312339 no.17.6
David Winter1261753115.0
Barry Passmore121221324413.2
Terry FairesN/A51462611.5
Richard Kemp107247349.4
Laurence Pitts9522218 no.7.3
Peter Legge86127125.4
Roy Gordon135021104.2
Also batted:James Chignell, Steve Goldman, Mike Law, John Moffatt, Chris Preston, Michael Preston, Phil Walters
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1971
Brian Moore101012477427.4
Dave Tickner1010317267 no.24.6
Alan Tickner101001986219.8
Mike Law6601177619.5
Brent Noble1111118850 no.18.8
Albert Briscoe98112548 no.17.9
John Bailey1085502516.7
Terry FairesN/A1011345214.9
Steve Goldman761712914.2
Peter Legge7715435 no.9.0
David Winter88062167.8
Barry Passmore98061207.6
Roy Gordon9723887.6
Laurence Pitts96317105.7
Michael Preston550941.8
John Moffatt661871.6
Also batted:James Chignell, Richard Kemp, Chris Preston
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1970
Brent Noble1313549812162.3
Albert Briscoe1615232781 no.25.2
Terry Faires7711315821.8
Michael Preston7719353 no.15.5
Barry Passmore12726934 no.13.8
Mike Law9901215213.4
Dave Tickner1391892611.1
Alan Tickner141311265410.5
John Bailey9632915 no.9.7
Peter Legge88073319.1
Roy Gordon12622265.5
Brian Moore1110042194.2
Chris Preston12105218 no.4.2
David Winter86025144.2
Laurence Pitts105295 no.3.0
John Moffatt751103 no.2.5
Also batted:Steve Goldman, Keith Partlett
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1969
Brent Noble1414339492 no.35.8
Brian Moore98217667 no.29.3
Peter Legge98214842 no.24.7
Michael Preston773912322.8
Albert Briscoe141201823415.2
Colin Marriott1110211968 no.14.9
Dave Tickner13945922 no.11.8
Alan Tickner131211163010.5
Roy Gordon13715921 no.9.8
Barry Passmore1310186339.6
Mike Law77063169.0
David Winter129144125.5
John Moffatt751158 no.3.8
Keith Partlett126253 no.1.3
Also batted:John Bailey, Steve Goldman, Laurence Pitts, Chris Preston, Peter Ward
Minimum qualification: 5 innings