Badgers Cricket Club – Averages 1990


This page contains, for season 1990, all of the average tables that have historically appeared in the annual ‘Facts And Figures’ report, itself now an historical artefact – full and official batting and bowling averages, best performances and partnerships, catching leaders and miscellaneous statistics – along with one or two others that have appeared from time-to-time, like five year and lifetime tables. In addition, there are links to the other top level pages, which you can also reach from the drop down menus at the top of the page.

Season analysis for 1990
Runs scored:2352 for 134 wickets(at 17.55 per wicket
 and 130.67 per game)
Runs allowed:2442 for 125 wickets(at 19.54 per wicket
 and 135.67 per game)
Match Record At End Season 1990
Seasons 1959-1989534246154131358.6
Season 19901867547.2
BATTINGTotal runs scored62186
Total wickets lost4044
Average per wicket15.38
Average per game112.66
BOWLINGTotal runs allowed57214
Total wickets taken4398
Average per wicket13.01
Average per game103.65

Official Batting Averages For Season 1990
Darren Hanley75119090 no.47.5
Robin Suggate101023029137.8
Alan Wilkes10931918031.8
Andy Ducker11112265100 no.29.4
Steve Pitts1312322052 no.24.4
Gareth Limpenny9911885923.5
Alan Tickner1211316028 no.20.0
Justin Ducker550642312.8
Jeremy Clayton750582211.6
Dave Tickner1211189228.9
Nick Williams121026734 no.8.4
Steve Ducker1410164197.1
Andy Parker108056167.0
Richard Kemp8712383.8
Mick Willmott1271157 no.2.5
Also batted:Huw Campbell, Steve Card, Adrian Cowell, Lee Foster, Simon Fox, Mark Gordon, Dave Harris, Peter Legge, Keith Miller, Brian Moore, Dave Pitts, John Reynolds, Karl Roach, Yohan Samarasingh, Martin Walker, Richard Wesley
Minimum qualification: 5 innings
The above table excludes performances from the matches against Ebrington (29 Jun) and G.A.M. (9 Sep)

Official Bowling Averages For Season 1990
Steve Ducker14123.0283853012.84 for 16
Mick Willmott727.52133914.83 for 21
Alan Tickner11114.1293231917.04 for 10
Robin Suggate525.00117619.53 for 34
Brian Moore547.010159819.93 for 17
Andy Parker1088.5152871420.53 for 10
Alan Wilkes984.0162981421.33 for 29
Justin Ducker526.0691422.82 for 19
Huw Campbell436.05144528.83 for 54
Nick Williams832.41209541.81 for 18
Also bowled:Dave Bowerman, Lee Foster, Darren Hanley, Gareth Limpenny, Steve Pitts, John Reynolds
Minimum qualification: 15 overs
The above table excludes performances from the matches against Ebrington (29 Jun) and G.A.M. (9 Sep)

Catching Leaders For Season 1990
Steve Ducker147
Andy Parker105
Robin Suggate105
Mick Willmott125
The above list excludes performances from the matches against Ebrington (29 Jun) and G.A.M. (9 Sep)

Complete Batting Averages For Season 1990
Darren Hanley75119090 no.47.5
Robin Suggate101023029137.8
Andy Ducker12123330100 no.36.7
Alan Wilkes111042058034.2
Steve Pitts1413324452 no.24.4
Gareth Limpenny9911885923.5
Alan Tickner1311316028 no.20.0
Adrian Cowell110181818.0
Simon Fox320342317.0
Brian Moore541442614.7
Justin Ducker550642312.8
Total Extras201902272911.9
Jeremy Clayton850582211.6
Andy Parker121001115411.1
Lee Foster5422111 no.10.5
Nick Williams131138234 no.10.3
Peter Legge22019119.5
Dave Tickner1312190228.2
Huw Campbell54123197.7
Dave Pitts3311514 no.7.5
Richard Kemp98150277.1
Steve Ducker1410164197.1
Keith Miller4412119 no.7.0
Mick Willmott1371157 no.2.5
Mark Gordon6401052.5
Karl Roach210222.0
Richard Wesley110222.0
Steve Card210111.0
Martin Walker110111.0
John Reynolds2111818 no.0.0
Dave Harris110000.0
Yohan Samarasingh110000.0
The above table includes performances from the matches against Ebrington (29 Jun) and G.A.M. (9 Sep)

Complete Bowling Averages For Season 1990
Steve Ducker14123.0283853012.84 for 16
Alan Tickner12118.1293382116.14 for 10
Alan Wilkes1088.4163081817.14 for 10
Mick Willmott829.52154917.13 for 21
Robin Suggate525.00117619.53 for 34
Brian Moore547.010159819.93 for 17
Andy Parker1296.5153181521.23 for 10
Justin Ducker526.0691422.82 for 19
Huw Campbell542.05158626.33 for 54
Steve Pitts26.0067233.52 for 39
Nick Williams936.41250550.01 for 18
Darren Hanley13.001200.00 for 12
Lee Foster12.001500.00 for 15
John Reynolds11.001600.00 for 16
Dave Bowerman14.001800.00 for 18
Gareth Limpenny14.002700.00 for 27
Dave Tickner12.002800.00 for 28
Keith Miller16.003200.00 for 32
Simon Fox16.003500.00 for 35
The above table includes performances from the matches against Ebrington (29 Jun) and G.A.M. (9 Sep)

Best Performances Of Season 1990
Andy Ducker100 no. 7 July vs. Walton Heath 'Heavy Rollers'
Robin Suggate91 3 June vs. Sunnyside
Darren Hanley90 no. 15 September vs. Leigh
Alan Wilkes80 26 May vs. Wallington Old Foresters
Andy Ducker65 no. #9 September vs. G.A.M.
Robin Suggate60 no. 14 July vs. Nat West
Gareth Limpenny59 3 June vs. Sunnyside
Gareth Limpenny55 14 July vs. Nat West
Andy Parker54 #29 June vs. Ebrington
Steve Pitts52 no. 30 June vs. Oxenford
Robin Suggate50 no. 18 August vs. Pearl Assurance
 #  this performance was recorded in a game that did not count towards the official averages
Alan Tickner4 for 10 26 May vs. Wallington Old Foresters
Alan Wilkes4 for 10 #9 September vs. G.A.M.
Steve Ducker4 for 16 11 August vs. Cudham
Steve Ducker4 for 51 30 June vs. Oxenford
 #  this performance was recorded in a game that did not count towards the official averages

Best Partnerships Of Season 1990
1st wicket133Gareth Limpenny & Robin Suggate3 Jun vs. Sunnyside
2nd wicket86  #Richard Kemp & Andy Parker29 Jun vs. Ebrington
57Gareth Limpenny & Robin Suggate14 Jul vs. Nat West
3rd wicket75Gareth Limpenny & Alan Wilkes26 May vs. Wallington O.F.
4th wicket76Justin Ducker & Robin Suggate18 Aug vs. Pearl Assurance
5th wicket51Andy Ducker & Robin Suggate7 Jul vs. Walton Heath
6th wicket51*Steve Pitts & Alan Tickner30 Jun vs. Oxenford
7th wicket49*Alan Wilkes & Nick Williams4 Aug vs. Bletchingley
8th wicket19Gareth Limpenny & Steve Ducker11 Aug vs. Cudham
9th wicket27Darren Hanley & Richard Kemp15 Sep vs. Leigh
10th wicket35*Alan Wilkes & Alan Tickner2 Sep vs. Blindley Heath
 *  this partnership was unbroken
 #  this partnership was recorded in a game that did not count towards the official averages

Miscellaneous Statistics For Season 1990
Wicket KeepingBowling
Dave Bowerman10.04.5
Huw Campbell58.832.43.8
Steve Card23.0
Jeremy Clayton81.61
Adrian Cowell15.0
Andy Ducker122.44707
Justin Ducker54.82.63.5
Steve Ducker147.574.13.1
Lee Foster59.020.07.5
Simon Fox35.030.05.8
Mark Gordon67.01
Darren Hanley74.020.04.0
Dave Harris110.0
Richard Kemp95.81
Peter Legge28.5
Gareth Limpenny92.940.06.8
Keith Miller46.02020.05.3
Brian Moore57.512.83.4
Andy Parker124.152.63.3
Robert Parker1
Dave Pitts36.3
Steve Pitts142.983115.611.2
John Reynolds27.010.016.0
Karl Roach211.0
Yohan Samarasingh12.0
Robin Suggate103.754.04.7
Alan Tickner136.623.02.9
Dave Tickner134.330.014.0
Martin Walker111.01
Richard Wesley15.0
Alan Wilkes115.943.43.5
Nick Williams136.752.36.8
Mick Willmott138.961015.05.2
The above table includes performances from the matches against Ebrington (29 Jun) and G.A.M. (9 Sep)

Lifetime Batting Averages At End Season 1990
Chris Morgan1087142924140 no.40.05
Brent Noble2218837445112129.48
Brian Moore29269535805131 no.26.88
Simon Fox77326118068 no.25.11
Andy Parker547691984 no.22.41
Dave Tickner2229940571510622.07
Adrian Cowell99642004100 no.21.78
Albert Briscoe201502125829720.02
Alan Tickner223074652029719.93
Steve Pitts1413619222680 no.19.03
Jeremy Clayton52973305515.00
Dave Pitts1071118249513.73
David Clark64384735113.51
Allan Butt1065778378 no.13.50
Phil Walters91102111087112.45
Steve Goldman1688129377912.33
Keith Miller85285256311.93
Mike Law151324148513011.60
Peter Legge3018916182811810.57
Steve Card1391266863910.55
Richard Kemp20139231141839.84
Peter Ward117817583409.56
Lee Foster8576470409.22
Roy Gordon29217611363418.74
Barry Passmore22204241530448.50
David Winter141229950658.41
Michael Preston11611934753 no.8.26
John Bailey118030409258.18
Alan Preston8439266307.82
Dave Bowerman148830390256.72
Huw Campbell5361315321 no.6.65
Kevin Unwin742818923 no.5.56
Laurence Pitts1913526591225.42
John Moffatt17848401265.28
Jimmy Burke9358121264.48
Mick Willmott83410101204.21
James Chignell167118182163.43
Chris Preston178932192233.37
Keith Partlett633676132.81
Minimum qualification: 25 innings over 5 seasons

Lifetime Bowling Averages At End Season 1990
Brian Moore293334.4106266349606.9110 for 2
Allan Butt9578.1143151814810.266 for 15
Peter Legge18562.492175714811.877 for 13
Albert Briscoe15653.3138180415012.036 for 15
David Clark6540.1137127010312.337 for 13
Alan Tickner222748.2572787762812.548 for 24
Steve Card10963.1204274821113.029 for 27
Laurence Pitts18390.534158711713.566 for 25
John Bailey7193.4356134314.265 for 13
David Winter14530.4108172512014.386 for 15
Dave Tickner201484.1307437430114.536 for 18
Peter Ward11312.0619596315.225 for 11
Brent Noble20274.03010867115.305 for 35
Phil Walters9509.511814049115.436 for 25
Keith Partlett7187.5306663917.085 for 37
Charles Lakeman6133.0324442617.085 for 20
Steve Goldman1086.063772217.144 for 24
Dave Bowerman12874.2175264615017.645 for 21
Andy Parker5354.36912186618.457 for 14
Huw Campbell5462.39913086619.825 for 26
Mike Law1096.3103791919.955 for 23
Lee Foster9151.2136663220.813 for 14
Simon Fox6493.55519209121.106 for 41
Chris Preston11112.495152223.413 for 42
Minimum qualification: 75 overs over 5 seasons

Lifetime Miscellaneous Statistics At End Season 1990
Wicket KeepingBowling
John Bailey104383033.73.2
Dave Bowerman152?372.93.0
Albert Briscoe160463.82.8
Jimmy Burke57140.012.0
Allan Butt70244.32.6
Huw Campbell588.3232.42.8
Steve Card123?343.72.9
James Chignell117?414.25.4
David Clark59?213.22.4
Jeremy Clayton332.760.03.0
Adrian Cowell101?353033.05.3
Lee Foster70?143.54.4
Simon Fox926.1413.13.9
Steve Goldman109?44122144.34.4
Roy Gordon308?2920422226
Richard Kemp163?3315015
Charles Lakeman167.213.33.3
Mike Law136332517423.33.9
Peter Legge211574.43.1
Keith Miller646.11510212
John Moffatt11215
Brian Moore280?864.82.0
Chris Morgan88?375162.44.4
Brent Noble189?791014.34.0
Andy Parker543.8175053.13.4
Keith Partlett59113.53.5
Barry Passmore242?435.05.3
Dave Pitts77?114.74.7
Laurence Pitts178271235.04.1
Steve Pitts150?215410640.08.8
Alan Preston6563.74.5
Chris Preston127?113.34.6
Michael Preston6485.43.5
Alan Tickner342?1343.82.9
Dave Tickner332?1184043.42.9
Kevin Unwin5873.43.8
Phil Walters125393253.02.8
Peter Ward96403.43.1
Mick Willmott538.6121013.65.0
David Winter143233.83.3
Minimum qualification: 25 innings or 75 overs over 5 seasons

Lifetime Record Partnerships At End Season 1990
1st wicket172Adrian Cowell & Andy Parker30 May 1987 vs. Sunnyside
2nd wicket135*Brent Noble & Brian Moore14 Jul 1973 vs. Sutton P.O.
3rd wicket115Phil Walters & Brian Moore9 Jul 1977 vs. Montrose
4th wicket171Brent Noble & Albert Briscoe1 Aug 1970 vs. Dormansland
5th wicket114Chris Morgan & Brian Moore4 Sep 1982 vs. Rowan
6th wicket97*Brian Moore & Simon Fox1 Sep 1984 vs. S. Beckenham
7th wicket97Alan Tickner & Jimmy Burke28 Jul 1974 vs. Northcliffe
8th wicket61Brian Pitts & Laurence Pitts24 May 1959 vs. Wakefield
9th wicket63Alan Tickner & Mick Willmott24 Sep 1988 vs. Newchapel
10th wicket47*Dave Tickner & Roy Gordon12 Jul 1969 vs. Walcountians
 *  this partnership was unbroken

Batting Averages For Seasons 1986 to 1990
Robin Suggate2181825879136.69
Simon Fox568511984868 no.26.50
Adrian Cowell5616031401100 no.24.58
Alan Wilkes2201642938024.42
Andy Ducker317162316100 no.22.57
Andy Parker55447691984 no.22.41
Steve Pitts565637123880 no.22.11
Dave Tickner58072813999221.86
Alan Tickner575621010966421.08
Jeremy Clayton5332973305515.00
Steve Ducker3392913836413.68
Keith Miller5453763726312.00
Richard Kemp54132529438 no.10.89
Lee Foster3191741343210.31
Nick Williams33123317834 no.8.90
Dave Pitts4161548325 no.7.55
Huw Campbell558361315321 no.6.65
Dave Bowerman330198579 no.5.18
Mick Willmott545281089204.94
Minimum qualification: 15 innings over 2 seasons

Bowling Averages For Seasons 1986 to 1990
Brian Moore315144.4463763411.065 for 15
Alan Tickner570699.4157191617111.207 for 15
Steve Ducker339337.0789927014.174 for 16
Charles Lakeman3775.0232141514.275 for 20
Dave Tickner451333.26711026516.955 for 22
Andy Parker548354.36912186618.457 for 14
Huw Campbell555462.39913086619.825 for 26
Simon Fox452343.53713216420.646 for 41
Alan Wilkes219162.2285792622.273 for 13
Mick Willmott42088.524431923.323 for 16
Nick Williams325121.456021833.442 for 1
Dave Bowerman424174.0296041637.753 for 49
Minimum qualification: 45 overs over 2 seasons

Miscellaneous Statistics For Seasons 1986 to 1990
Wicket KeepingBowling
Dave Bowerman309.281.53.5
Huw Campbell588.3232.42.8
Jeremy Clayton332.760.03.0
Adrian Cowell611.3303034.15.9
Andy Ducker172.38505
Steve Ducker395.5193.52.9
Lee Foster197.143.24.3
Simon Fox686.4333.13.8
Richard Kemp415.55
Charles Lakeman88.813.32.9
Keith Miller456.1119211
Brian Moore156.643.92.6
Andy Parker543.8175053.13.4
Dave Pitts166.110.05.0
Steve Pitts652.95287350.08.8
Robin Suggate183.674.14.5
Alan Tickner755.7264.12.7
Dave Tickner804.2242023.33.3
Alan Wilkes206.362.73.6
Nick Williams316.2112.54.9
Mick Willmott458.9111013.65.0
Minimum qualification: 15 innings or 45 overs over 2 seasons