Badgers Cricket Club – Full Batting Averages 1999 to 2008


These pages contain the full batting average tables going all the way back to the club’s first season in 1959. See the other links below, or the menus at the top of the page, for the other averages tables that you can view.

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2008
Patrick Redding131254829968.9
John Larkin3317465 no.37.0
Mark Gordon151122866931.8
Simon Fox1110125058 no.27.8
Matthew Mann540964324.0
Graham Ward161212607423.6
Guy Walker320432721.5
Steve Pitts1816226952 no.19.2
Barry Davenport8701325518.9
Richard Ward101021442718.0
Paul Little440634015.8
Total Extras181802703315.0
Sahil Dawar33298 no.9.0
Darrell Pitts1511461168.7
Ian Gregg1412266286.6
Paul Wilson55124126.0
Wides Extras1717099135.8
Byes Extras1616079154.9
Rakesh Dawar431954.5
Allan Butt106026124.3
Leg Byes Extras1414060124.3
Graham Davenport8711582.5
No Balls Extras141403292.3
Ben Valentine151222072.0
Graham Russell220221.0
Bill Jenkins111103103 no.0.0
Simon Clementson110000.0
Keith Miller310000.0
Chris Turner640000.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2007
Paul Little3218470 no.84.0
Patrick Redding1412353878 no.59.8
Mark Gordon1512427894 no.34.8
Simon Clementson4401115727.8
Guy Walker320504625.0
Simon Fox131012248324.9
Richard Ward98117480 no.24.9
Steve Pitts8501225324.4
Alan Tickner5518374 no.20.8
Graham Ward1614222760 no.18.9
Total Extras171703183818.7
John Larkin12901483516.4
Ian Gregg1192983114.0
Graham Davenport141111236412.3
A Deal220242412.0
Darrell Pitts971612110.2
Chris Preston110999.0
Keith Miller43117138.5
Chris Byrne110777.0
Mick Willmott5311165.5
Dave Tickner320964.5
Paul Wilson44286 no.4.0
Rakesh Dawar984146 no.3.5
Allan Butt1081219 no.3.0
David Jones110222.0
Matthew Mann640441.0
Sahil Dawar31144 no.0.0
Barry Davenport110000.0
The above table includes performances from the match against Martinstown (22 Jun)

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2006
Patrick Redding15133606103 no.60.6
Simon Clementson110454545.0
Richard Ward1312131060 no.28.2
Mark Gordon1711224691 no.27.3
Steve Pitts1717624547 no.22.3
Total Extras171703423620.1
Simon Fox850983619.6
John Larkin5517456 no.18.5
Paul Little6601003916.7
Allan Butt961824116.4
Graham Davenport121021313116.4
Graham Ward161631403210.8
Ian Gregg139354269.0
Mick Willmott73114147.0
Matthew Mann4302086.7
Darrell Pitts139237155.3
Rakesh Dawar138133124.7
Nick Piper210333.0
Paul Wilson430652.0
Sahil Dawar73133 no.1.5
Bill Jenkins11155 no.0.0
Barry Davenport11111 no.0.0
Darren Hanley110000.0
Dave Tickner110000.0
The above table includes performances from the match against Tadworth (11 Jul)

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2005
Mark Gordon1814849110081.8
Patrick Redding15135561122 no.70.1
Richard Ward88124983 no.35.6
Steve Pitts7601887031.3
Paul Little9812065829.4
Simon Fox111041576926.2
Alan Tickner101002437324.3
Andy Parker11921457420.7
Ian Gregg141011564517.3
Total Extras191903002615.8
John Larkin121231425415.8
Barry Davenport101011344014.9
Keith Miller85229119.7
Mick Willmott8311910 no.9.5
Graham Ward16131111409.3
Dave Tickner75135218.8
Graham Davenport1510077267.7
Allan Butt8522314 no.7.7
Rakesh Dawar84019114.8
Paul Wilson4301163.7
Darrell Pitts5401363.3
David Jones11133 no.0.0
Sahil Dawar210000.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2004
Patrick Redding15128604111 no.151.0
Barry Davenport110545454.0
Mark Gordon191323186928.9
Alan Tickner1712323374 no.25.9
Richard Ward1111122664 no.22.6
Allan Butt973903722.5
Paul Little8701477621.0
Simon Fox131031384719.7
Steve Pitts201502895119.3
Mick Willmott15753415 no.17.0
Total Extras201903103716.3
Graham Ward1917321448 no.15.3
Graham Davenport161211332712.1
David Aldwinckle210101010.0
Keith Miller521109 no.10.0
David Jones110999.0
Andy Parker110888.0
Paul Wilson43021107.0
Dave Tickner1210162436.9
Wides Extras19190124236.5
Ian Gregg17732586.3
Byes Extras1717086105.1
Matthew Cattee210444.0
No Balls Extras1212042113.5
Leg Byes Extras171705873.4
Darrell Pitts4401072.5
Ross Billington510000.0
Kyle Redding110000.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2003
Mark Gordon2016853278 no.66.5
Patrick Redding1212357910664.3
Andy Parker210565656.0
Marc Robson221493849.0
Alan Tickner1918558582 no.45.0
Simon Fox1110424767 no.41.2
David Aldwinckle87316264 no.40.5
Paul Little75112890 no.32.0
Steve Pitts10912206327.5
David Jones3314022 no.20.0
John Larkin110181818.0
Keith Miller1241523317.3
Total Extras212103542716.9
Barry Davenport1513117443 no.14.5
Ian Gregg16946624 no.13.2
Alan Brazier110131313.0
Dave Tickner101011062611.8
Graham Davenport1713090206.9
C Larkin110555.0
Graham Ward161215313 no.4.8
Paul Wilson420954.5
Allan Butt11401463.5
Mick Willmott1563642.0
John Rourke810000.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2002
Alan Tickner20183565100 no.37.7
Mark Gordon201752935624.4
Simon Fox131031575222.4
Barry Davenport141302787221.4
Steve Pitts201632456618.8
Dave Tickner111111544215.4
Total Extras212003013315.1
David Aldwinckle771795313.2
Christian Hickey4413816 no.12.7
David Jones771632210.5
Graham Ward8816934 no.9.9
Ian Gregg1611637107.4
Steve Goldman110666.0
Paul Wilson55123185.8
Graham Davenport1917097445.7
Keith Miller104021185.3
Mick Willmott1711323112.9
Alan Wilkes1030882.7
John Rourke11611042.0
Ray Tuckett210222.0
Allan Butt640751.8
Darrell Pitts43122 no.1.0
Nick Bryant110000.0
John Larkin110000.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2001
David Aldwinckle1211428266 no.40.3
Alan Tickner1613339910239.9
Darren Hanley3316332 no.31.5
Mark Gordon171432886026.2
Simon Fox109315256 no.25.3
Barry Davenport1412123055 no.20.9
Alex Lightfoot440803020.0
Total Extras181802733015.2
Dave Tickner131311542912.8
Graham Davenport151401584311.3
Steve Pitts111111073810.7
David Jones55045309.0
D Turner210999.0
Allan Butt6512416 no.6.0
Mick Willmott12732285.5
Ian Gregg1411249145.4
Alan Wilkes146551 no.5.0
John Rourke7411274.0
Keith Miller841933.0
Neil Davenport110333.0
Richard Kemp641652.0
Glynn Jack110111.0
Paul Wilson11111 no.0.0
Nick Gregg110000.0
B Hart110000.0
John Minnett110000.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2000
David Aldwinckle6622778169.3
Allan Butt5428644 no.43.0
Darren Hanley110424242.0
Mark Gordon1818633061 no.27.5
Steve Pitts151403649726.0
Justin Ducker430766225.3
Luke Worthington4416742 no.22.3
Alan Tickner161451795619.9
David Jones8701384219.7
Dave Tickner141412378618.2
Total Extras202003173215.9
Barry Davenport131301816013.9
John Rourke1383581811.6
Graham Davenport17170167319.8
Nick Gregg42018169.0
Bob Emmett210888.0
Richard Kemp9933512 no.5.8
Ian Gregg161125114 no.5.7
Keith Miller118139185.6
Mick Willmott1610231183.9
Darrell Pitts321333.0
Martin Walker530642.0
Alan Wilkes630321.0
Chris Byrne2111111 no.0.0
Justin Rookard11166 no.0.0
Shayne Barge21155 no.0.0
Jeremy Clayton110000.0
Richard Emmett110000.0
John Minnett32100 no.0.0
Phil Smith110000.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 1999
David Aldwinckle873466119 no.116.5
Darren Hanley13131513113 no.42.8
Alan Tickner16155397102 no.39.7
David Jones6611255425.0
Graham Bird440913822.8
Dave Tickner1212025910121.6
Richard Kemp5525937 no.19.7
Mick Willmott1074521917.3
Total Extras181803023416.8
Mark Gordon141201996416.6
Tony Shirley110141414.0
Ian Gregg1494643312.8
Barry Davenport161621482910.6
Steve Pitts12101954410.6
John Hopkins110888.0
Jeremy Clayton22015127.5
Allan Butt53021137.0
John Rourke13612885.6
Justin Ducker220773.5
Alan Wilkes13912392.9
Keith Miller732222.0
Graham Davenport951551.3
Nick Gregg33211 no.1.0
Olu Omulo110000.0
Adam Smalley320000.0