Badgers Cricket Club – Best Partnerships 2009 to 2018


These pages contain the best partnerships for each season all the way back to the club’s first in 1959, with the exception of the 1981 season which not only is missing a scorebook but had incomplete partnership details in the end of season report. See the other links below, or the menus at the top of the page, for the other averages tables that you can view.

Best Partnerships Of Season 2018
1st wicket49  #Andy Curtis & Ben Valentine12 Aug vs. Whitgiftians
40Steve Pitts & Graham Ward20 May vs. Dormansland
2nd wicket74Darrell Pitts & Jake Gordon3 Jun vs. Teddington
3rd wicket59Jake Gordon & Ricky Cibardo1 Jul vs. Ewell
4th wicket87Daniel Allen & Daniel Pischedda24 Jun vs. Whiteley
5th wicket114Daniel Pischedda & Rob Knew17 Jun vs. Ottershaw
73Darrell Pitts & Rob Knew19 Aug vs. Leigh
6th wicket50Ian Waldron & Rob Knew27 May vs. Banstead
7th wicket70*Ian Gregg & Mark Gordon4 Aug vs. South Brent
52Mark Gordon & Steve Montebello1 Jul vs. Ewell
8th wicket29Mark Gordon & Ian Gregg3 Jun vs. Teddington
9th wicket35*Mark Gordon & Bill Jenkins27 May vs. Banstead
10th wicket23*Mark Gordon & Vinny Cibardo1 Jul vs. Ewell
 *  this partnership was unbroken
 #  this partnership was recorded in a game that did not count towards the official averages

Best Partnerships Of Season 2017
1st wicket48Ricky Cibardo & Jake Gordon11 Jun vs. Leigh
2nd wicket152Mark Gordon & Rod Smith20 Aug vs. Banstead
84*Andy Curtis & Jake Gordon30 Jul vs. Ockley
3rd wicket71Mark Gordon & Matthew Mann5 Aug vs. Box
4th wicket82Jake Gordon & Amy Gordon10 Sep vs. Smallfield
75Ben Valentine & Jake Gordon6 Aug vs. Churchdown
5th wicket72Jake Gordon & Steve Pitts18 Jun vs. Beddington
6th wicket82Mark Gordon & Bill Jenkins17 Sep vs. Horsley & Send
74Jake Gordon & Mark Gordon7 May vs. Hampton Wick
67*Amy Gordon & Mark Gordon25 Jun vs. Tadworth
7th wicket55*Jake Gordon & Bill Jenkins7 May vs. Hampton Wick
51*Darrell Pitts & Ian Gregg18 Jun vs. Beddington
8th wicket25Bill Jenkins & Daniel Read17 Sep vs. Horsley & Send
9th wicket108* !Mark Gordon & Bill Jenkins28 May vs. Whitgiftians
10th wicket18*Steve Montebello & Bill Jenkins27 Aug vs. Ham
 *  this partnership was unbroken
 !  this partnership is a record for the wicket concerned

Best Partnerships Of Season 2016
1st wicket78Rob Knew & Matthew Mann8 Jul vs. Iscoyd
2nd wicket98Darrell Pitts & Rod Smith18 Sep vs. Cuddington
3rd wicket103Bill Jenkins & Jake Gordon5 Jun vs. Bagshot
4th wicket55Mark Gordon & Jake Gordon31 Jul vs. Smallfield
5th wicket78*Amy Gordon & Ben Valentine28 Aug vs. Blindley Heath
6th wicket97Bill Jenkins & Mark Gordon1 May vs. Beddington
81*Amy Gordon & Mark Gordon21 Aug vs. Deando
7th wicket74Rob Knew & Mark Gordon10 Jul vs. Malpas
72Rod Smith & Amy Gordon25 Sep vs. Westcott
62Jake Gordon & Bill Jenkins24 Apr vs. Beechwood
8th wicket34Mark Gordon & Paul Reeve26 Jun vs. Horley
9th wicket62Mark Gordon & Bill Jenkins22 May vs. Dormansland
10th wicket17*Mark Gordon & Vinny Cibardo8 May vs. Ham
 *  this partnership was unbroken

Best Partnerships Of Season 2015
1st wicket163Matt Smith & Bill Jenkins9 Aug vs. Ripley
80Graham Ward & Bill Jenkins30 Aug vs. Blindley Heath
2nd wicket79Graham Ward & Jake Gordon30 Aug vs. Blindley Heath
3rd wicket71Rod Smith & Jake Gordon19 Jul vs. Oxted
4th wicket58*Graham Ward & Alec Cochrane2 Aug vs. Horley
5th wicket82Matthew Mann & Guy Walker10 May vs. Ham
6th wicket97Jake Gordon & Mark Gordon13 Sep vs. Horsley & Send
91Jake Gordon & Mark Gordon19 Jul vs. Oxted
80Jake Gordon & Mark Gordon20 Sep vs. Ockley
7th wicket80*Mark Gordon & Bill Jenkins7 Jun vs. Roehampton
77Jake Gordon & Mark Gordon24 May vs. Whiteley
63*Mark Gordon & Bill Jenkins17 May vs. Stoke
52Mark Gordon & Rob Knew13 Sep vs. Horsley & Send
8th wicket23*Mark Gordon & Bill Jenkins14 Jun vs. Leigh
9th wicket16*Rob Knew & Steve Pitts13 Sep vs. Horsley & Send
10th wicket15Mark Gordon & Rod Smith23 Aug vs. Deando
 *  this partnership was unbroken

Best Partnerships Of Season 2014
1st wicket61Graham Ward & Darrell Pitts24 Aug vs. RS Casuals
2nd wicket117Graham Ward & Jake Gordon22 Jun vs. Tadworth
3rd wicket80Jake Gordon & Rob Knew18 Jul vs. Iscoyd
4th wicket54Graham Ward & Jake Gordon18 May vs. Stoke
5th wicket127Rob Knew & Jake Gordon21 Sep vs. Ockley
84*Darrell Pitts & Rob Knew29 Jun vs. Wallington
73Jake Gordon & Ian Gregg31 Aug vs. Blindley Heath
6th wicket111* =Darrell Pitts & Mark Gordon11 May vs. Ham
92Jake Gordon & Graham Ward15 Jun vs. Leigh
64Ben Valentine & Mark Gordon1 Jun vs. Leatherhead
7th wicket98*Mark Gordon & Graham Ward31 Aug vs. Blindley Heath
8th wicket56Mark Gordon & Ricky Cibardo28 Sep vs. Westcott
9th wicket32*Mark Gordon & Darrell Pitts3 Aug vs. Horley
10th wicket32Matthew Mann & Ian Gregg28 Sep vs. Westcott
 *  this partnership was unbroken
 =  this partnership ties the record for the wicket concerned

Best Partnerships Of Season 2013
1st wicket80Darrell Pitts & Richard Ward11 Aug vs. RS Casuals
2nd wicket37Darrell Pitts & Ian Gregg7 Jul vs. Old Sutts
3rd wicket49Guy Walker & Peter Snook19 May vs. Stoke
4th wicket50*Vinny Cibardo & Ben Valentine29 Sep vs. Westcott
5th wicket105Jake Gordon & Ben Valentine30 Jun vs. Wallington
6th wicket77Rob Knew & Ian Gregg22 Sep vs. Ockley
75Richard Ward & Mark Gordon28 Jul vs. Vandals
7th wicket127  !Mark Gordon & Allan Butt23 Jun vs. Tadworth
8th wicket63*Bill Jenkins & Darrell Pitts2 Jun vs. Leatherhead
51Mark Gordon & Rob Knew25 Aug vs. South Park
9th wicket55*Bill Jenkins & Simon Fox16 Jun vs. Leigh
50*Allan Butt & Mark Gordon21 Jul vs. Malpas
40Mark Gordon & Jake Gordon25 Aug vs. South Park
10th wicket51Ben Valentine & Amy Gordon4 Aug vs. Horley
 *  this partnership was unbroken
 !  this partnership is a record for the wicket concerned

Best Partnerships Of Season 2012
1st wicket64Steve Pitts & Ian Gregg17 Jun vs. Leigh
2nd wicket93Guy Walker & Mark Gordon22 Jul vs. Malpas
3rd wicket17Rob Knew & Ben Valentine9 Sep vs. South Park
4th wicket79Graham Ward & Peter Snook2 Sep vs. Blindley Heath
5th wicket25Patrick Redding & Allan Butt27 May vs. Dormansland
25Rob Knew & Ben Valentine12 Aug vs. Reigate Cav.
6th wicket102*Graham Ward & Mark Gordon10 Jun vs. Roehampton
7th wicket85Mark Gordon & Patrick Redding26 Aug vs. Beechwood
58Ben Valentine & Mark Gordon20 May vs. Stoke
8th wicket30Mark Gordon & Alec Cochrane1 Jul vs. Wallington
9th wicket53*Guy Walker & Darrell Pitts9 Sep vs. South Park
10th wicket30Mark Gordon & Rob Knew1 Jul vs. Wallington
 *  this partnership was unbroken

Best Partnerships Of Season 2011
1st wicket100  #Patrick Redding & Simon Walker29 Jul vs. Cholmondeley
73Simon Fox & Darrell Pitts7 Aug vs. Reigate Cav.
2nd wicket44Simon Fox & Allan Butt3 Jul vs. Old Sutts
44Mark Gordon & Ian Gregg17 Jul vs. Wallington
3rd wicket46Simon Fox & Allan Butt30 Jul vs. Coton Hall
4th wicket94Darrell Pitts & Graham Ward28 Aug vs. Blindley Heath
78Patrick Redding & Mark Gordon14 Aug vs. Ripley
5th wicket98Graham Ward & Mark Gordon29 May vs. Roehampton
6th wicket94Patrick Redding & Mark Gordon24 Sep vs. Leigh
92Patrick Redding & Mark Gordon11 Sep vs. Headley
91Patrick Redding & Mark Gordon8 May vs. Sutton
61Allan Butt & Mark Gordon22 May vs. Dormansland
7th wicket43Mark Gordon & Ian Gregg15 May vs. Stoke
8th wicket37Patrick Redding & Jake Gordon8 May vs. Sutton
9th wicket73  ^Mark Gordon & Ian Gregg24 Jul vs. Ham
10th wicket24Simon Fox & Matthew Mann31 Jul vs. Malpas
11th wicket16* !Simon Fox & Allan Butt31 Jul vs. Malpas
 *  this partnership was unbroken
 !  this partnership is a record for the wicket concerned
 ^  this partnership was the record for the wicket concerned
 #  this partnership was recorded in a game that did not count towards the official averages

Best Partnerships Of Season 2010
1st wicket67Steve Pitts & Graham Ward23 May vs. Dormansland
2nd wicket52Patrick Redding & Graham Ward9 May vs. Sutton
3rd wicket110Richard Ward & Patrick Redding4 Jul vs. Old Sutts
4th wicket51Patrick Redding & Sahil Dawar4 Jul vs. Old Sutts
5th wicket92Chris Byrne & Mark Gordon13 Jun vs. Leatherhead
81Patrick Redding & Rob Knew11 Jul vs. Valley End
73Ben Valentine & Richard Ward1 Aug vs. Windsor
6th wicket111  =Simon Fox & Mark Gordon25 Apr vs. Beechwood
78Patrick Redding & Mark Gordon16 May vs. Stoke
7th wicket89Mark Gordon & Guy Walker8 Aug vs. Reigate Cav.
8th wicket83  !Mark Gordon & Darrell Pitts5 Sep vs. Alleyn Adhoc
9th wicket44Sahil Dawar & Allan Butt20 Jun vs. Tadworth
10th wicket19Patrick Redding & Ben Valentine23 May vs. Dormansland
 !  this partnership is a record for the wicket concerned
 =  this partnership ties the record for the wicket concerned

Best Partnerships Of Season 2009
1st wicket72Mark Gordon & Ben Valentine24 May vs. Dormansland
2nd wicket74Steve Pitts & Patrick Redding13 Sep vs. Headley
3rd wicket127Richard Ward & Graham Ward5 Jul vs. Old Sutts
125Richard Ward & Patrick Redding9 Aug vs. Reigate Cav.
85Graham Ward & Patrick Redding3 May vs. Broadbridge
4th wicket66Patrick Redding & Graham Ward24 May vs. Dormansland
5th wicket70Patrick Redding & Graham Davenport23 Aug vs. Chipstead
6th wicket62Matthew Mann & Steve Pitts16 Aug vs. Oxshott
7th wicket45Mark Gordon & Graham Ward26 Jul vs. Ham
8th wicket46Mark Gordon & Ian Gregg2 Aug vs. Windsor
9th wicket31Mark Gordon & Bill Jenkins13 Sep vs. Headley
10th wicket54*Chris Byrne & Darrell Pitts21 Jun vs. Tadworth
37Mark Gordon & Chris Turner10 May vs. Sutton
 *  this partnership was unbroken