Badgers Cricket Club – Best Individual Performances


These pages contain the best individual performances for each season all the way back to the club’s first in 1959, with the usual provisos around 1981. The qualification criteria for these lists are 50 runs for batting and four wickets for bowling plus they will always include the best three performances of each season (if available). See the other links below, or the menus at the top of the page, for the other averages tables that you can view.

Best Performances Of Season 1998
Dave Tickner103 no. 9 May vs. North Holmwood
David Aldwinckle89 no. 5 July vs. Shere
Alan Tickner81 no. 21 June vs. Loose
Justin Ducker78 2 August vs. Stoke D'Abernon
Alan Tickner73 no. 30 August vs. Blindley Heath
Alan Tickner72 no. 16 August vs. Ceraf
Darren Hanley68 19 September vs. Newchapel & Horne
Mark Gordon54 no. 16 May vs. Rowan
Mick Willmott6 for 64 9 August vs. Reigate Cavaliers
Alan Wilkes4 for 13 16 August vs. Ceraf
David Aldwinckle4 for 17 27 June vs. Heythrop Park (Nat West)
Alan Wilkes4 for 24 3 May vs. Nutfield
John Rourke4 for 28 2 August vs. Stoke D'Abernon
Alan Wilkes4 for 33 7 June vs. Crondall
Alan Tickner4 for 43 7 June vs. Crondall

Best Performances Of Season 1997
Dave Tickner77 10 August vs. Reigate Cavaliers
Justin Ducker76 31 May vs. Leigh
Justin Ducker71 no. 14 June vs. Wilmington
David Jones67 14 June vs. Wilmington
Mark Gordon66 5 July vs. Woking Remnants
David Jones62 20 September vs. Newchapel & Horne
Mark Gordon58 no. 2 August vs. Croydon Gas Exiles
Mark Gordon56 no. 10 August vs. Reigate Cavaliers
Alan Tickner54 31 May vs. Leigh
Alan Tickner5 for 30 23 August vs. Great Harry
Mick Willmott5 for 42 6 September vs. Epsom Methodists
Alan Tickner4 for 49 10 August vs. Reigate Cavaliers
Mick Willmott4 for 84 31 May vs. Leigh

Best Performances Of Season 1996
David Aldwinckle107 no. 9 June vs. Crondall
Mark Gordon103 no. 6 July vs. Hook & Southborough
David Aldwinckle94 1 June vs. Leigh
David Aldwinckle92 no. 26 May vs. Parktown
Andy Parker75 24 August vs. Seveno
Mark Gordon66 no. 27 July vs. Old Alleynians
Mark Gordon62 28 September vs. Merrow
David Aldwinckle59 no. 3 August vs. Croydon Gas Exiles
Allan Butt58 14 September vs. Morden
John Rourke6 for 12 10 August vs. Loose
Alan Tickner6 for 25 26 May vs. Parktown
Alan Wilkes5 for 45 18 August vs. Valley End
Mick Willmott5 for 55 27 July vs. Old Alleynians
Alan Tickner4 for 24 7 September vs. Sunnyside
Alan Tickner4 for 25 13 July vs. Reigate Cavaliers
Mick Willmott4 for 28 24 August vs. Seveno
Mark Gordon4 for 30 20 July vs. Old Emanuel
Mick Willmott4 for 34 11 May vs. Cudham
Allan Butt4 for 39 3 August vs. Croydon Gas Exiles
Alan Wilkes4 for 42 1 June vs. Leigh
Steve Pitts4 for 46 6 July vs. Hook & Southborough
Alan Wilkes4 for 65 30 June vs. Hook Norton

Best Performances Of Season 1995
Mark Gordon105 7 May vs. Nutfield
Mark Gordon89 8 July vs. Nat West
Mark Gordon77 25 June vs. Dormansland
Steve Pitts77 no. 29 July vs. Old Alleynians
Mark Gordon75 no. 13 May vs. Cudham
Darren Hanley74 1 July vs. Heythrop Park (Nat West)
Jeremy Clayton66 no. 29 April vs. Newchapel & Horne
Steve Pitts63 30 June vs. Ebrington
Andrew Baird59 3 September vs. Blindley Heath
Mark Gordon58 23 July vs. Parktown
Mark Gordon54 2 July vs. Hook Norton
David Aldwinckle5 for 22 13 May vs. Cudham
Mick Willmott4 for 14 13 May vs. Cudham
Alan Wilkes4 for 25 30 September vs. Merrow
Mick Willmott4 for 28 7 May vs. Nutfield
Alan Tickner4 for 30 29 April vs. Newchapel & Horne
Alan Wilkes4 for 51 29 July vs. Old Alleynians

Best Performances Of Season 1994
Mark Gordon114 no. 3 September vs. Sunnyside
Darren Hanley108 no. 30 April vs. Pearl Assurance
David Aldwinckle95 6 August vs. American Express
David Aldwinckle78 23 July vs. Old Alleynians
Darren Hanley71 9 July vs. Nat West
David Aldwinckle65 24 September vs. Egham
Darren Hanley64 no. 30 July vs. Lingfield
Mark Gordon60 3 July vs. Crondall
Darren Hanley60 3 September vs. Sunnyside
David Aldwinckle59 no. 11 June vs. Reigate Cavaliers
Darren Hanley57 28 August vs. Blindley Heath
Alan Wilkes54 24 June vs. Ebrington
Mick Willmott5 for 27 26 June vs. Hook Norton
Alan Tickner4 for 13 6 August vs. American Express
Mick Willmott4 for 21 9 July vs. Nat West
Suresh Jha4 for 22 10 September vs. Leigh
Martin Walker4 for 25 28 May vs. Newchapel & Horne
David Aldwinckle4 for 27 23 July vs. Old Alleynians
Alan Wilkes4 for 37 30 July vs. Lingfield
Mick Willmott4 for 49 6 August vs. American Express
Mick Willmott4 for 93 24 June vs. Ebrington

Best Performances Of Season 1993
Darren Hanley104 no. 25 September vs. Ifield
Darren Hanley93 no. 11 September vs. Leigh
Jeremy Clayton75 no. 7 August vs. Loose
Steve Pitts67 1 August vs. Wallington
Mark Gordon62 17 July vs. Dormansland
Alan Tickner61 14 August vs. Kenley
Darren Hanley59 no. #25 June vs. Ebrington
Darren Hanley58 18 September vs. Valley End
Steve Pitts56 no. 15 May vs. Rowan
Steve Pitts55 22 May vs. Wallington Old Foresters
Mark Gordon54 no. 10 July vs. Nat West
Darren Hanley52 8 May vs. Cudham
Darren Hanley51 23 July vs. Old Alleynians
Steve Pitts50 no. 4 July vs. Crondall
 #  this performance was recorded in a game that did not count towards the official averages
Mick Willmott6 for 30 7 August vs. Loose
Alan Tickner6 for 50 10 July vs. Nat West
Mick Willmott6 for 60 23 July vs. Old Alleynians
Alan Tickner5 for 49 17 July vs. Dormansland
Mick Willmott5 for 50 8 May vs. Cudham
Mick Willmott5 for 52 12 June vs. Lingfield
Mick Willmott5 for 53 4 July vs. Crondall
Mick Willmott4 for 16 1 August vs. Wallington
Mark Gordon4 for 25 26 June vs. Heythrop Park (Nat West)
Mick Willmott4 for 62 29 May vs. Newchapel & Horne

Best Performances Of Season 1992
Andy Parker102 27 June vs. Heythrop Park (Nat West)
David Aldwinckle69 8 August vs. Loose
Robert Parker65 30 May vs. Newchapel & Horne
Andy Parker61 no. 11 July vs. Nat West
Darren Hanley58 21 June vs. Wallington
Darren Hanley58 25 July vs. Links
David Aldwinckle58 19 September vs. Queen Mary's Hospital
Alan Tickner57 11 July vs. Nat West
Alan Wilkes55 no. 28 June vs. Hook Norton
Alan Tickner54 28 June vs. Hook Norton
Mick Willmott9 for 41 28 June vs. Hook Norton
Mick Willmott5 for 24 21 June vs. Wallington
Mick Willmott5 for 32 8 August vs. Loose
Alan Tickner4 for 9 11 July vs. Nat West
David Aldwinckle4 for 14 19 September vs. Queen Mary's Hospital

Best Performances Of Season 1991
Darren Hanley107 no. 3 August vs. Bletchingley
Andy Ducker86 no. 11 May vs. Cudham
Darren Hanley79 1 June vs. Sunnyside
Darren Hanley73 14 September vs. Leigh
Dave Tickner72 20 July vs. Dormansland
Jeremy Clayton63 #29 June vs. Churchill
Andy Parker58 no. 27 July vs. Old Alleynians
Steve Pitts57 no. 7 September vs. Pearl Assurance
Darren Hanley56 13 July vs. Nat West
Andy Ducker54 14 September vs. Leigh
Andy Ducker52 no. 7 September vs. Pearl Assurance
Steve Pitts51 11 May vs. Cudham
Andy Ducker50 1 September vs. Blindley Heath
 #  this performance was recorded in a game that did not count towards the official averages
Alan Tickner6 for 30 11 May vs. Cudham
Alan Tickner5 for 9 11 August vs. Commoners
Alan Tickner5 for 28 30 June vs. Hook Norton
Martin Walker5 for 42 21 September vs. Merton Saints
Andy Parker5 for 59 7 September vs. Pearl Assurance
Alan Wilkes4 for 7 18 May vs. Rowan
Alan Tickner4 for 18 3 August vs. Bletchingley
Andy Parker4 for 19 8 June vs. Willows
Mick Willmott4 for 20 21 September vs. Merton Saints
Andy Parker4 for 44 14 September vs. Leigh

Best Performances Of Season 1990
Andy Ducker100 no. 7 July vs. Walton Heath 'Heavy Rollers'
Robin Suggate91 3 June vs. Sunnyside
Darren Hanley90 no. 15 September vs. Leigh
Alan Wilkes80 26 May vs. Wallington Old Foresters
Andy Ducker65 no. #9 September vs. G.A.M.
Robin Suggate60 no. 14 July vs. Nat West
Gareth Limpenny59 3 June vs. Sunnyside
Gareth Limpenny55 14 July vs. Nat West
Andy Parker54 #29 June vs. Ebrington
Steve Pitts52 no. 30 June vs. Oxenford
Robin Suggate50 no. 18 August vs. Pearl Assurance
 #  this performance was recorded in a game that did not count towards the official averages
Alan Tickner4 for 10 26 May vs. Wallington Old Foresters
Alan Wilkes4 for 10 #9 September vs. G.A.M.
Steve Ducker4 for 16 11 August vs. Cudham
Steve Ducker4 for 51 30 June vs. Oxenford
 #  this performance was recorded in a game that did not count towards the official averages

Best Performances Of Season 1989
Dave Tickner91 30 September vs. Newchapel & Horne
Steve Pitts80 no. 29 July vs. Old Alleynians
Robin Suggate77 12 August vs. Cudham
Steve Pitts76 no. 3 September vs. Blindley Heath
Adrian Cowell71 22 April vs. Nat West
Steve Pitts70 19 August vs. Pearl Assurance
Steve Ducker64 17 June vs. Lingfield
Robin Suggate61 27 May vs. Wallington Old Foresters
Adrian Cowell58 17 June vs. Lingfield
Steve Pitts53 6 May vs. G.A.M.
Robin Suggate53 2 July vs. Hook Norton
Adrian Cowell50 10 June vs. Blackheath
Alan Tickner5 for 15 1 July vs. Ebrington
Alan Tickner5 for 21 2 July vs. Hook Norton
Alan Tickner5 for 29 3 June vs. Sunnyside
Dave Tickner5 for 41 5 August vs. Bletchingley
Andy Parker5 for 45 22 July vs. Dormansland
Alan Tickner4 for 14 22 April vs. Nat West
Alan Tickner4 for 28 23 September vs. Netherne Hospital
Andy Parker4 for 32 5 August vs. Bletchingley
Steve Ducker4 for 37 19 August vs. Pearl Assurance
Andy Parker4 for 42 2 July vs. Hook Norton