Badgers Cricket Club – What’s New Archive 2012


This page provides a repository of all the What’s New entries for 2012, in reverse chronological order. If you really have a desire for the older or newer entries, then the links below will get you access to all those that I’ve saved. They are unlikely to be of any great interest, but do provide a picture of how the site has developed over the twenty-four years it has been here. Please bear in mind that links to external sites may have atrophied over time and thus you may see ‘not found’ or similar errors when trying to follow them, especially the further back in time the link was first created.

27 May 2012

The new season is finally underway, after three games lost to the weather – although the third game was cancelled well in advance because we couldn’t get a team out, I suspect that we might well not have played anyway – and we took something of a pasting at Stoke D'Abernon. Full details can be found on the results page along with a summary match report and the pertinent elements from the scorecard.

It looks like the summer has arrived at last and our fiftieth anniversary visit to Dormansland could well be a scorcher.

As presaged in the last update the site rollover to a new season brings with it a lot of updates under the covers, so if you see anything that looks amiss then please let me know so that I can put it right.

24 May 2012

I find myself in the embarrassing position of having had a partially complete update in progress since the middle of January when the draft fixture list was distributed and neither the start of indoor nets nor the AGM were enough incentive to get those changes completed and published. Even the damp squib that was the start of the season proved insufficient and it is only the ‘resumption of hostilities’ at Stoke D'Abernon last Sunday that has prompted me out of my funk. However, I find myself in the awkward position of needing to dispose of the partial update before I can roll over to a new season, so what we have here is a very incomplete and generally unchecked set of updates to the fixtures page and the news page which may well be riddled with errors of one sort or another. Hopefully I will get the chance to do a more thorough checking and proof-reading job on those changes as the next few updates are uploaded but feel free to point out any problems that you find.

It may be worth pointing out that our Play-Cricket site also has the up-to-date fixtures listed and receives the scorecard details a little sooner than they tend to appear here and that there is a 2012 version of the Google Map showing opposition ground locations (although I have been waiting for news on the Saturday game before creating a new map for this year’s tour).