Badgers Cricket Club – Best Partnerships 1969 to 1978


These pages contain the best partnerships for each season all the way back to the club’s first in 1959, with the exception of the 1981 season which not only is missing a scorebook but had incomplete partnership details in the end of season report. See the other links below, or the menus at the top of the page, for the other averages tables that you can view.

Best Partnerships Of Season 1978
1st wicket80Brent Noble & Roy Gordon19 Aug vs. Josephians
2nd wicket19Phil Walters & Lee Foster17 Jun vs. Lingfield
3rd wicket66Lee Foster & Alan Tickner17 Jun vs. Lingfield
4th wicket63Dave Tickner & Phil Walters22 Jul vs. Dormansland
5th wicket43Lee Foster & Alan Tickner1 Jul vs. Stockwell
6th wicket37*Phil Walters & Kevin Unwin8 Jul vs. Montrose
7th wicket31Phil Walters & Barry Passmore29 Jul vs. Epsom Muni.
8th wicket25Steve Card & Kevin Unwin17 Jun vs. Lingfield
9th wicket6Albert Briscoe & Steve Pitts19 Aug vs. Josephians
10th wicket25*S Walters & A McKenner27 May vs. B.B.C.
 *  this partnership was unbroken

Best Partnerships Of Season 1977
1st wicket41Dave Tickner & Alan Tickner16 Jul vs. Sutton Railway
2nd wicket61Dave Tickner & Brian Moore21 May vs. Montrose
3rd wicket115  ^Phil Walters & Brian Moore9 Jul vs. Montrose
80Alan Tickner & Brent Noble16 Jul vs. Sutton Railway
4th wicket54Peter Legge & Phil Walters6 Jun vs. Walcountians
5th wicket42Phil Walters & Roger Phipps30 Apr vs. Sunbury
6th wicket58Brent Noble & Steve Goldman25 Jun vs. Stoneleigh
7th wicket11Allan Butt & Laurence Pitts11 Jun vs. Sunbury
8th wicket13Phil Walters & Richard Kemp7 May vs. Meadowbank
9th wicket27*Brent Noble & Roy Gordon25 Jun vs. Stoneleigh
10th wicket11Laurence Pitts & Denis Hopkins28 May vs. B.B.C.
 *  this partnership was unbroken
 ^  this partnership was the record for the wicket concerned

Best Partnerships Of Season 1976
1st wicket75Phil Walters & Alan Tickner26 Jun vs. Scanners
2nd wicket55Roy Gordon & Brent Noble17 Jul vs. Dormansland
3rd wicket72Alan Tickner & Peter Legge29 May vs. Cheam Parish
4th wicket77Albert Briscoe & Brian Moore14 Aug vs. Northcliffe
5th wicket43Alan Tickner & Phil Walters5 Jun vs. Josephians
6th wicket41Alan Tickner & Steve Goldman15 May vs. Merlyn
7th wicket18Steve Goldman & James Chignell24 Apr vs. Sunbury
8th wicket23Roy Gordon & Chris Preston10 Jul vs. Sutton Railway
9th wicket46Brian Moore & Kevin Unwin14 Aug vs. Northcliffe
10th wicket38J Lording & Denis Hopkins21 Aug vs. R.C.M.

Best Partnerships Of Season 1975
1st wicket140  ^Steve Goldman & Dave Tickner5 Jul vs. Cheam Parish
2nd wicket100Phil Walters & Brian Moore9 Aug vs. Grindlays
3rd wicket39Brian Moore & Dave Tickner7 Jun vs. New Eltham
4th wicket80Brent Noble & Albert Briscoe21 Jun vs. Stoneleigh
5th wicket77Brent Noble & Alan Tickner2 Aug vs. Buckingham
6th wicket53Alan Tickner & Denis Hopkins9 Aug vs. Grindlays
7th wicket23Alan Tickner & Barry Passmore26 Apr vs. Sunbury
8th wicket57Alan Tickner & J Lording7 Jun vs. New Eltham
9th wicket27Steve Goldman & Dave Bowerman14 Jun vs. Sunbury
10th wicket14Phil Walters & Roy Gordon23 Aug vs. Seveno
 ^  this partnership was the record for the wicket concerned

Best Partnerships Of Season 1974
1st wicket36Steve Goldman & Albert Briscoe3 Aug vs. New Eltham
2nd wicket35Mike Law & Brian Moore4 May vs. Sherwood Park
3rd wicket50Dave Tickner & Peter Legge15 Jun vs. Sunbury
4th wicket39Dave Tickner & D Ince25 May vs. B.B.C.
5th wicket97  ^Brian Moore & Steve Goldman27 Apr vs. Sunbury
6th wicket58*Alan Tickner & A Cherniovsky4 May vs. Sherwood Park
7th wicket97  ^Alan Tickner & Jimmy Burke28 Jul vs. Northcliffe
57  ^Albert Briscoe & Chris Preston22 Jun vs. Stoneleigh
8th wicket26Alan Tickner & Chris Preston24 Aug vs. Stoneleigh
9th wicket28Albert Briscoe & John Moffatt22 Jun vs. Stoneleigh
10th wicket15Roy Gordon & Chris Preston31 Aug vs. Over
 *  this partnership was unbroken
 ^  this partnership was the record for the wicket concerned

Best Partnerships Of Season 1973
1st wicket63Brent Noble & Roy Gordon18 Aug vs. Meadowbank
2nd wicket135* ^Brent Noble & Brian Moore14 Jul vs. Sutton P.O.
3rd wicket55*Brent Noble & Albert Briscoe11 Aug vs. Dormansland
4th wicket137Brian Moore & Dave Tickner16 Jun vs. Bromley Common
95Alan Tickner & Brian Moore4 Aug vs. Clifton
5th wicket64Brent Noble & Dave Tickner11 Aug vs. Dormansland
6th wicket51Alan Tickner & Albert Briscoe28 Jul vs. Streatham
7th wicket53  ^Albert Briscoe & Phil Walters12 May vs. Englefield
8th wicket15*Brian Moore & Phil Walters4 Aug vs. Clifton
9th wicket31Brian Moore & Richard Kemp9 Jun vs. Streatham
10th wicket36Albert Briscoe & James Chignell23 Jun vs. Stoneleigh
 *  this partnership was unbroken
 ^  this partnership was the record for the wicket concerned

Best Partnerships Of Season 1972
1st wicket78Mike Law & Albert Briscoe20 May vs. Dolphin
2nd wicket58*Albert Briscoe & Brian Moore3 Jun vs. Stoneleigh
3rd wicket92Albert Briscoe & Dave Tickner27 May vs. Clifton
4th wicket29Brent Noble & David Winter29 May vs. Walcountians
5th wicket50Albert Briscoe & David Winter22 Jul vs. Dormansland
6th wicket69Dave Tickner & Richard Kemp5 Aug vs. Knights O.B.
7th wicket37Albert Briscoe & Barry Passmore1 Jul vs. Stoneleigh
8th wicket26*Albert Briscoe & Steve Goldman1 Jul vs. Stoneleigh
9th wicket29Roy Gordon & Laurence Pitts17 Jun vs. Fulham Prims
10th wicket27Albert Briscoe & J Berry26 Aug vs. Sunbury
 *  this partnership was unbroken

Best Partnerships Of Season 1971
1st wicket48Brent Noble & Mike Law3 Jul vs. Stoneleigh
2nd wicket62Brent Noble & Brian Moore22 May vs. Dolphin
3rd wicket114  ^Brian Moore & Alan Tickner29 May vs. Metal Box
4th wicket87Alan Tickner & Terry Faires10 Jul vs. Walcountians
5th wicket25Terry Faires & Albert Briscoe5 Jun vs. Stoneleigh
6th wicket43Dave Tickner & Steve Goldman31 Jul vs. Dormansland
7th wicket32Brent Noble & Steve Goldman26 Jun vs. B.B.C.
32Steve Goldman & John Bailey31 Jul vs. Dormansland
8th wicket19Albert Briscoe & Steve Goldman5 Jun vs. Stoneleigh
9th wicket33Steve Goldman & Roy Gordon7 Aug vs. St. Barnabas
10th wicket45*Dave Tickner & Roy Gordon12 Jun vs. Montrose
 *  this partnership was unbroken
 ^  this partnership was the record for the wicket concerned

Best Partnerships Of Season 1970
1st wicket116* ^Brent Noble & Michael Preston20 Jun vs. Whitgiftians
2nd wicket57Albert Briscoe & Brian Moore22 Aug vs. Metal Box
3rd wicket52Brent Noble & Peter Legge23 May vs. Cheam Parish
4th wicket171  !Brent Noble & Albert Briscoe1 Aug vs. Dormansland
5th wicket70Alan Tickner & Albert Briscoe18 Jul vs. Cheam Parish
6th wicket16Dave Tickner & Albert Briscoe25 Jul vs. Sunbury
7th wicket15*John Bailey & Chris Preston22 Aug vs. Metal Box
8th wicket44*John Bailey & Dave Tickner7 Jun vs. Hilton
9th wicket9*Barry Passmore & Chris Preston15 Aug vs. Vinyl Products
10th wicket9Chris Preston & L Taylor6 Jun vs. Stoneleigh
 *  this partnership was unbroken
 !  this partnership is a record for the wicket concerned
 ^  this partnership was the record for the wicket concerned

Best Partnerships Of Season 1969
1st wicket98Brent Noble & Albert Briscoe19 Jul vs. Pergamon Press
2nd wicket106*Brent Noble & Brian Moore19 Jul vs. Pergamon Press
3rd wicket42Peter Legge & Alan Tickner16 Aug vs. Scanners
4th wicket95  ^Brian Moore & Albert Briscoe9 Aug vs. N. Holmwood
5th wicket46Brent Noble & Colin Marriott10 Aug vs. Hilton
6th wicket38Brent Noble & Albert Briscoe26 Jul vs. Sunbury
7th wicket29Albert Briscoe & Steve Goldman24 May vs. Sutton Baptist
8th wicket34*Colin Marriott & John Bailey28 Jun vs. Montrose
9th wicket19John Moffatt & Roy Gordon5 Jul vs. Stoneleigh
10th wicket47* ^Dave Tickner & Roy Gordon12 Jul vs. Walcountians
 *  this partnership was unbroken
 ^  this partnership was the record for the wicket concerned