Badgers Cricket Club – What’s New Archive 2007


This page provides a repository of all the What’s New entries for 2007, in reverse chronological order. If you really have a desire for the older or newer entries, then the links below will get you access to all those that I’ve saved. They are unlikely to be of any great interest, but do provide a picture of how the site has developed over the twenty-four years it has been here. Please bear in mind that links to external sites may have atrophied over time and thus you may see ‘not found’ or similar errors when trying to follow them, especially the further back in time the link was first created.

28 Oct 2007

With the dinner and dance only a couple of weeks away it is past time for me to get my act together and finish off the details for the 2007 season, which came to a close a month ago now with the game at Merrow – details of which can be found on the results page along with the pertinent elements from the scorecard. Sadly I’ve not had a match report for that game (are you out there Guy??) but Graham Ward has supplied a report for Reigate Cavaliers so we are only missing reports for four matches, which I will endeavour to do something about (as they are all games that I either played in or attended in my capacity as Dad’s taxi and umpire).

Since Darrell and I have finished checking the scorebook details, I’ve also uploaded draft versions of some of the overall summary pages, so you can now find historical results for 2007 along with a skeletal season report plus the personal pages have been updated with all the 2007 performances and partnerships. The season report and personal pages will be updated further once the destination of the various cups has been revealed at the dinner, although I may not be able to enjoy that particular event as I am unwell again.

29 Sep 2007

Full details of last Sunday’s game at Ockley can be found on the results page along with Alan Tickner’s Harry Potter themed match report and the pertinent elements from the scorecard.

22 Sep 2007

A throwaway comment in the dressing room last Sunday caused me to take a look at why Patrick had not yet had a personal page generated, and I came to the realisation that I needed to generate the five year averages for this season in order for the rules (which should have seen Pat already included) to work properly. All of which is a roundabout way of saying that the index of personal pages has been updated and both Pat and Paul Little now have their own details. PLEASE NOTE that all the personal pages currently feature performances and partnerships for season 2007 but that the other tables will not be updated until after the dinner and dance.

Patrick is also responsible for the other element of this minor update, having supplied a cracking match report for Headley.

18 Sep 2007

One way or the other things aren’t going smoothly this season. We ended up without a match the weekend before last, unable to find a game or a full side to play in one, and the idea of getting others to write the match reports hasn’t worked much better than me doing them – it just means that I have several different people to chase instead of just one. Anyway, Darrell finally came good in that regard this Sunday morning, so we now have a report for Englefield Green but I’ve still not seen anything from Graham Ward for Reigate Cavaliers or Richard Ward for Blindley Heath.

Although I collected the scorebook after the Blindley Heath game I wasn’t able to do an update this weekend due to the scorecard for the Reigate Cavaliers game being on a separate sheet because of the scorebook being in my possession whilst I was ill. Everything is back together again after yesterday’s visit to Headley so I have added the last four matches – Reigate Cavaliers, Morden Corinthians, Blindley Heath and Headley – to the results page, along with a match report for the Morden game (with thanks to Simon Fox for being so prompt with that one), and the pertinent elements from all four scorecards.

The Blindley Heath game saw an unwanted record as they amassed the highest ever score against us, beating the 265 we leaked to Egham in a one-off game in 1994 and in the process handing us our worst beating (in terms of runs) since that same game, where we at least had the mitigating circumstances of playing with only ten men in a last-minute conference arranged fixture against a ‘medium strong’ opponent.

2 Sep 2007

Unfortunately illness has struck again and I’ve been out of action for the better part of the past month with gall bladder problems, which started during the meal that Darrell and I took after the Englefield Green game. As a result the only change from last time is the addition of details for that match on the results page along with the pertinent elements from the scorecard. Darrell was supposed to write a match report but has let me down in that regard. I do have a match report all ready to go for last week’s game, so hopefully I can get things back to some semblance of normality by next weekend, since I am taking Darrell to play at Blindley Heath today and should therefore be able to get details of the missing matches.

There have also been a handful of minor editorial changes including correcting who received ‘Wang Fu’ at last year’s dinner – thanks to Simon Fox for spotting that one, bringing the current and historical club officer details up to date, and correcting a scorecard reference to Phil Walters – thanks to Graham Ward for that one.

5 Aug 2007

Many of you will already know, but sadly Alan Wilkes lost his battle with throat cancer a few weeks ago. Our thoughts go out to his widow Helen and you can read Steve Pitts’ personal tribute to Alan on the news page.

A fair bit of catching up to do this week, now the scorebook has found its way back into my grubby paws, but the state of the entries for the Salfords midweek twenty over game mean that you won’t find anything here about that loss just yet. What you will find are full details for the last two Sunday games on the results page, along with Paul Little’s entertaining take on affairs at both Seven Sports and Ham & Petersham and the pertinent elements from both scorecards.

29 Jul 2007

Due to my unavailability for the midweek match at Salfords I was unable to bring the scorebook home after last weekend’s comfortable victory at Seven Sports, so although I have Paul Little’s entertaining match report all ready to go I have held fire on it until the full details are available to be published. Fortunately Graham Ward has come through with a match report for Tadworth, so at least I have something to make an update worthwhile.

22 Jul 2007

A combination of lack of match reports (seems everyone needs a sight of the scorebook to finish off) and my own health (a rather nasty kidney infection which has only just cleared up) has meant no updates for the past month, but the prospect of this afternoon’s game (weather permitting, of course) has driven me to update the database and to publish what I do have. Hopefully the missing match reports will follow in due course.

The weather has not been kind to us over the past month, with tour being limited to a single twenty over contest on the Friday evening (which at least brought the first win of the season) and the inaugural visit to Leatherhead & Cobham also being washed away completely. However, full details for the Tadworth, East Horsley, Martinstown, Woldingham and Ockham games can be found on the results page along with a match report for Ockham and the pertinent elements from all the scorecards.

21 Jun 2007

Due to a scorebook transcription error (no fall of wickets) I was unable to publish the details of the Leigh game from a fortnight ago before last weekend’s visit to East Horsley. However, I’ve rectified that now and since I’m still waiting for a match report for the Tadworth game I’m just posting what I had ready to go already. More to follow before the coming weekend but for the time being we have the full details for the Leigh game on the results page along with a match report by Simon Fox and the pertinent elements from the scorecard.

PLEASE NOTE that anyone intending to pay a flying visit to Saturday’s game on tour needs to contact Patrick Redding as it is being played on an army base which requires photo id to access and for which I’ve not got a map link.

9 Jun 2007

I have the choice of delaying this update to add the details of last week’s visit to Leigh, but rather than do that I’ve chosen to post what I have about the game a fortnight before. The intervening fixture with Dormansland had been rained off, as had the Lingfield & Newchapel game that should have been played between Broadbridge and Stoke. I will get the Leigh scorecard and match report (which I’ve already received from Foxy) up before next weekend but since I have a prior engagement that prevents my attendance at Tadworth this weekend that one will have to wait until the weekend after.

PLEASE NOTE that next weekend’s game at Epsom Methodists has had to be cancelled due to our inability to raise a team for the Saturday.

An entertaining contest at Stoke D'Abernon the Sunday before last ended in a draw, with honours pretty much even. Full details can be found on the results page along with a match report and the pertinent elements from the scorecard.

20 May 2007

Back with my tail between my legs, since I’ve been very remiss in my maintenance of the site over the past six months, for which I apologise profusely. Matters were not helped by my breaking the already mangled middle finger on my right hand whilst playing in a ‘friendly’ for Kings Langley at Langleybury the week before the Badgers season was due to start, and being unable to drive (or do anything much with the hand) for three weeks. Anyway, hopefully normal service will be resumed within the next week or two, but in the meantime please excuse any nonsensical entries or broken links.

For the time being I’ve made sure that the fixtures page is up to date, with thanks to Pat Redding for his efforts in his inaugural outing as Hon. Secretary, and the next couple of paragraphs give you an idea of what was already ready to roll after the dinner and dance. The new season is already underway – although the second game of the season, at Lingfield & Newchapel, was rained off – and we have a match report for the first game of the season at Broadbridge Heath, thanks to the good offices of Dave Tickner. However, there is no scorecard as yet, since I’ve not yet got my hands on the scorebook, and other areas of the site (especially the news page) are in desperate need of some attention.

The 2006 season closed in fine style with the dinner and dance at Betchworth Golf and you can see who won what on the news page, although the report is fairly sketchy having been partially updated in the week after the event but not touched since.

Fortunately Darrell and I found the time to cross-check all the scorebook data before the dinner and dance, and my thanks to him for that help – although his Mum is probably even more grateful that she no longer has to help with that chore!! Now that the cups have been distributed you can find a full season report in place of the partial one and full batting, bowling and miscellaneous statistics on the personal pages.