Badgers Cricket Club – Official Batting Averages 1979 to 1988


These pages contain the official batting average tables going all the way back to the club’s first season in 1959. See the other links below, or the menus at the top of the page, for the other averages tables that you can view.

Official Batting Averages For Season 1988
Brian Moore77217345 no.34.6
Jeremy Clayton66210750 no.26.8
Alan Tickner171432945526.7
Simon Fox191342244924.9
Dave Tickner181704129224.2
Adrian Cowell161613635524.2
Richard Kemp107211938 no.23.8
Steve Pitts1414227061 no.22.5
Andy Parker11901444316.0
Steve Ducker131101693615.4
Mick Willmott13105592011.8
Dave Pitts7725525 no.11.0
Nick Williams771612310.2
Keith Miller88162168.9
Huw Campbell157316134.0
Also batted:Ian Anstey, Steve Baker, Dave Bowerman, Steve Card, Peter Cook, Andy Ducker, Patrick Edwards, Richard Gambel, Mark Gordon, Roy Gordon, Steve Hyde, Charles Lakeman, Peter Legge, Chris Morgan, Karl Roach, Ian Russon
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1987
Alan Tickner151023156439.4
Simon Fox169316768 no.27.8
Andy Parker1614134584 no.26.5
Huw Campbell14857221 no.24.0
Dave Tickner161422667122.2
Adrian Cowell141412297717.6
Keith Miller141111506315.0
Richard Kemp961571911.4
Jeremy Clayton872542110.8
Steve Pitts121201295110.8
Dave Bowerman963329 no.10.7
Steve Baker1391320.4
Also batted:Pom Bal, Steve Card, James Chignell, Peter Cook, Lee Foster, Peter Legge, Brian Moore, Chris Morgan, Dave Pitts, Tony Shirley, Mick Willmott
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1986
Chris Morgan11111575115 no.57.5
Adrian Cowell14141420100 no.32.3
Dave Tickner181723777325.1
Simon Fox1816327945 no.21.5
Steve Pitts7701214117.3
Richard Gambel9901296814.3
Alan Tickner151511773712.6
Lee Foster121121093212.1
Richard Kemp76058239.7
Keith Miller1210184189.3
Roy Gordon12824213 no.7.0
Steve Card75128177.0
Dave Bowerman14104218 no.3.5
Huw Campbell1713235133.2
Stuart Gambel7621263.0
Also batted:Steve Baker, James Chignell, B China, Jeremy Clayton, Peter Cook, Mark Gordon, Charles Lakeman, Peter Legge, E Lister, Glyn Lister, Andy Parker, Chris Preston, J Preston, Tony Shirley, Mick Willmott
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1985
Chris Morgan111113595535.9
Adrian Cowell111102486822.5
Simon Fox1111414834 no.21.1
Alan Tickner161512885320.6
Dave Tickner121211664815.1
Richard Kemp771863414.3
Keith Miller11911004112.5
Steve Card12104742012.3
David Clark871662311.0
Roy Gordon1193651910.8
Dave Bowerman128079259.9
Steve Goldman76239269.8
Dave Pitts11110107199.7
Lee Foster65022144.4
Also batted:James Chignell, Roy Fletcher, Richard Gambel, Stuart Gambel, Charles Lakeman, Peter Legge, E Lister, Glyn Lister, Brian Moore, Steve Pitts, Chris Preston, J Preston, Mick Willmott
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1984
Chris Morgan109326410444.0
Dave Tickner151333915639.1
Steve Pitts1111222268 no.24.7
Simon Fox1311318447 no.23.0
Dave Pitts101021774622.1
Alan Tickner161312306719.2
Richard Kemp872922418.4
Adrian Cowell12901394015.4
Steve Card13102983012.3
Roy Gordon961593111.8
Keith Miller750523210.4
Steve Goldman1071614610.2
Peter Legge750502110.0
Dave Bowerman148433128.3
James Chignell962158 no.3.8
Also batted:Jimmy Burke, B China, David Clark, Roy Fletcher, Lee Foster, Derek France, Charles Lakeman, Brian Moore, Brent Noble, N Watts, Mick Willmott
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1983
Greg PyntN/A723678973.4
Dave Tickner1312126750 no.24.3
Dave Pitts111112199521.9
Brian Moore6611033520.6
Dave Bowerman1063532317.7
Roy Gordon10921184116.9
Steve Goldman10801287916.0
David Clark1393914115.2
Steve Card1210210825 no.13.5
Barry Passmore8725538 no.11.0
Alan Tickner141201293810.8
Steve Pitts65135238.8
Richard Kemp55029205.8
Steve Fordham7502484.8
Chris Preston86374 no.2.3
Also batted:Jimmy Burke, James Chignell, Charles Lakeman, Peter Legge, Keith Miller, Chris Morgan
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1982
Chris Morgan1414140510531.2
Brian Moore1110223152 no.28.9
Alan Tickner171733446324.6
Steve Pitts88214250 no.23.7
Dave Tickner191523066023.5
David Clark11821135118.8
P BrooksN/A51754018.8
Roy Gordon1483863017.2
Dave Pitts111021004612.5
Dave Bowerman15963714 no.12.3
Steve Goldman1072602312.0
Barry Passmore161621672811.9
Steve Card13936722 no.11.2
Richard Kemp1110181239.0
Steve Fordham85135168.8
Jimmy Burke76141218.2
Roy FletcherN/A613614 no.7.2
James Chignell137217113.4
Also batted:Adrian Cowell, Peter Legge, Brent Noble, Chris Preston, Mick Willmott
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1981
Brian MooreN/A9627854 no.92.7
Brent NobleN/A10230467 no.38.0
Roy GordonN/A543823 no.38.0
Chris MorganN/A1322503922.7
Dave TicknerN/A1813496220.5
Alan TicknerN/A2072343118.0
Steve PittsN/A1202003716.7
Steve CardN/A82843914.0
Adrian CowellN/A1511682812.0
Steve GoldmanN/A514615 no.11.5
Richard KempN/A725632 no.11.2
Barry PassmoreN/A1211233211.2
David ClarkN/A927832 no.11.1
Dave PittsN/A101972710.8
Chris PrestonN/A742411 no.8.0
Dave BowermanN/A712764.5
Steve FordhamN/A62220.5
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1980
Chris Morgan13135474140 no.59.3
Brent Noble109423386 no.46.6
Alan Tickner191443217132.1
Dave Tickner211944467729.7
Brian Moore107213540 no.27.0
Phil Walters201652327121.1
Richard Kemp9811398319.9
Roy Gordon13643415 no.17.0
David Clark12701073915.3
Lee Foster11911033412.9
Roger PhippsN/A51401510.0
James Chignell10632914 no.9.7
Steve Pitts1710273209.1
Barry Passmore96050178.3
Steve Card167028144.0
Also batted:Dave Bowerman, Albert Briscoe, Steve Fordham, Peter Legge, Dave Pitts, Chris Preston, Kevin Unwin
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Batting Averages For Season 1979
Brent Noble77326573 no.66.3
Chris Morgan111103568332.4
Dave Tickner191914465624.8
Alan Tickner181823076219.2
Brian Moore661733214.6
Phil Walters161631665312.8
Steve Pitts161511733712.4
Dave Bowerman11633216 no.10.7
Steve Card151146518 no.9.3
Richard Kemp98254279.0
Roger PhippsN/A10453158.8
Lee Foster1310178338.7
Peter Legge8714920 no.8.2
Roy Gordon16833610 no.7.2
Barry Passmore1210063156.3
Kevin Unwin119236125.1
Also batted:Albert Briscoe, James Chignell, Steve Fordham
Minimum qualification: 5 innings