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This page provides immediate access to the latest results for season 2021. The above links, and the navigation bar at the top of the screen, also make it possible to get at the running results and match reports for the other seasons since this web site has been in existence, as well as the results for the seasons back to 1959. Seasons prior to 1984 do not include information about individual performances since full scorebook details have not (yet??) been input to the database for those years.

The match reports page makes it possible to see the reports from all games in the current season, not just the current one in the section below. To get at the reports you can either select the link in the menu at the top of the page, or indeed in the text above, or click on the date and opponent details in the results table below, which should be a hyperlink directly to the report for that game.

Latest Match Report

26th September – Badgers: 153 all out   Woodmansterne: 155 for 7

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My apologies for the lack of a report for this game, but nothing was written at the time and there is only an outside chance that anything will be

Statistical Notes: Jake arrived knowing that he needed to score seventeen more runs to tie his team record previous best of 816, set in 2017, and did so whilst adding a few more to end the year with 820 to his name. Only he and his father Mark have ever passed 650 in a season. Meanwhile at the more prosaic end of the statistical spectrum Jon Stokes caught his first catch for the club and hit his first ever six and one of the delights of this season has been watching Jon discover the pleasure to be had in playing cricket. Makes me realise how lucky I am to have been involved in both the game and the club for the whole of my life and to have been able to give the same opportunity to my own offspring.

Mark and Bill put on 62 for the ninth wicket which feels like it ought to be a record, or close to it, but in fact is merely tied for the sixth best ever for that wicket. Not that it need bother either of them as two of those six were recorded by the pair of them, including the record unbeaten 108 and another 62, whilst Mark also had a hand in two of the others.

The game was watched for a fair while by six former Badger stalwarts – Roy Gordon, Steve Goldman, Alan & Dave Tickner, Richard Kemp and Simon Fox – who between them account for more games played (1976 vs. 1772) and ininngs (1662 vs. 1427) than the playing eleven despite the fact that Mark and I are in the top four in both categories.

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Season 2021 Results

Current record: 11 wins, 5 losses, 1 draw

The current season’s results are arranged in reverse chronological order, to make it easier to find the most recent games.

26 Sep vs. Woodmansterne (A) Lost by 3 wickets
Badgers 153 all out (B Jenkins 36)
Woodmansterne 155 for 7  
12 Sep vs. Christchurch (H) Won by 5 wickets
Christchurch 162 all out (J Gordon 3-26, M Gordon 3 ct.)
Badgers 168 for 5 (J Gordon 63 no.)
29 Aug vs. Blindley Heath (A) Won by 8 wickets
Blindley Heath 114 for 9 (A Gordon 4-18)
Badgers 118 for 2 (B Jenkins 53 ret.)
22 Aug vs. Banstead (A) Won by 6 wickets
Banstead 136 for 9 (J Stokes 3-17)
Badgers 137 for 4 (A Gordon 82 no.)
15 Aug vs. Putney (A) Won by 9 wickets
Putney 26 all out (N Cibardo 4-20, B Jenkins 5-4)
Badgers 27 for 1 (D Ward 23 no.)
18 Jul vs. Ewell (A) Lost by 1 runs
Ewell 143 all out (J Gordon 4-21)
Badgers 142 all out (DJ Pitts 40, J Gordon 38)
11 Jul vs. Horley (H) Lost by 6 runs
Horley 127 all out (V Cibardo 3-8, D Ward 5 ct.)
Badgers 121 for 9 (J Gordon 51)
4 Jul vs. Oxted & Limpsfield (A) Won by 8 wickets
Oxted 147 for 9 (J Gordon 3-28, 2 ct. & 1 ro.)
Badgers 149 for 2 (DJ Pitts 38 no., J Gordon 59 no.)
27 Jun vs. Woodmansterne (A) Won by 8 wickets
Woodmansterne 90 all out (RD Knew 3-22, V Cibardo 3-4, M Gordon 3-3)
Badgers 91 for 2 (D Wilson 44 no.)
20 Jun vs. Tadworth (A) Won by 7 wickets
Tadworth 150 all out (DJ Pitts 3-17 & 3 ct., G Ward 3 ct.)
Badgers 156 for 3 (D Ward 49, J Gordon 47 no.)
13 Jun vs. Merton (H) Won by 8 wickets
Merton 117 all out (DJ Pitts 3 ct., A Gordon 2 ct. & 1 ro.)
Badgers 118 for 1 (J Gordon 99 no.)
6 Jun vs. Mogador Wanderers (H) Lost by 85 runs
Mogador 193 all out (M Gordon 4-25)
Badgers 108 all out (J Gordon 42)
30 May vs. Putney (H) Won by 4 wickets
Putney 140 all out (M Gordon 3-8)
Badgers 143 for 6 (J Gordon 91 no.)
23 May vs. Woodmansterne (A) Lost by 62 runs
Woodmansterne 154 all out (N Cibardo 3-33, T Clucas 4-37)
Badgers 92 all out  
9 May vs. Ham & Petersham (A) Won by 32 runs
Badgers 208 all out (DJ Pitts 84, J Gordon 39)
Ham 176 for 6  
2 May vs. Leatherhead (A) Won by 97 runs
Badgers 259 for 2 (DJ Pitts 70, J Gordon 137 no.)
Leatherhead 162 for 8 (D Wilson 5-36)
25 Apr vs. Beechwood (A) Match Drawn
Badgers 179 for 3 dec. (J Gordon 101 no., M Gordon 38)
Beechwood 87 for 8 (N Cibardo 3-33)