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This page provides immediate access to the latest results for season 2024. The above links, and the navigation bar at the top of the screen, also make it possible to get at the running results and match reports for the other seasons since this web site has been in existence, as well as the results for the seasons back to 1959. Seasons prior to 1984 do not include information about individual performances since full scorebook details have not (yet??) been input to the database for those years.

The match reports page makes it possible to see the reports from all games in the current season, not just the current one in the section below. To get at the reports you can either select the link in the menu at the top of the page, or indeed in the text above, or click on the date and opponent details in the results table below, which should be a hyperlink directly to the report for that game.

Latest Match Report

9th June – Badgers: 191 all out   Merstham: 136 all out

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My apologies for the lack of a report for this game, but nothing was written at the time and there is only an outside chance that anything will be

Statistical Notes: Another debutant this week in the form of Sam’s dad Colin who, like the rest of us, struggled against the in swinging seam of the young left armer but offered up a tidy spell of off spin during which he snared his first two wickets for the Badgers. Apparently their father and son combo has never been seen on a cricket field before and here’s hoping this won’t be the only time.

Darrell became the first Badger since Mark at Box on the 2017 tour to score as many as 89 runs but be dismissed before reaching the ton (there have been nine centuries in that span plus two occasions where Jake was not out in the 90s) but for me the most striking feature of the innings was his strike rate of 124.

Billy made his 153rd appearance for the club taking him out of a tie with Graham Davenport and into either 24th or 25th spot on his own. As ever the doubt arises because of the missing scorebook for 1981 but since I explained the full scenario after the Ham & Petersham game in 2021, I will simply point you all at the relevant paragraph in that report and you can choose to read it or not. On a not entirely unrelated note midway through his fifth over of the day he also passed Dave Bowerman into 16th on the all-time list of runs allowed and ended it just six runs back of John Rourke in 15th.

Penalty runs are an unusual event in a Badgers game – prior to this we had conceded (Banstead in 2021 and Ockley last year) and received (South Park 2013 and Deando in 2016) them just twice each – and this one felt particularly odd as it was the result of a fielder returning the ball to the wicket keeper from fine leg but underarm, all along the ground and straight into the helmet whereas all of the other occurrences have been directly from the batted ball (and in August, but...)

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Season 2024 Results

Current record: 3 wins, 1 loss, 0 draws

The current season’s results are arranged in reverse chronological order, to make it easier to find the most recent games.

9 Jun vs. Merstham (A) Won by 55 runs
Badgers 191 all out (DJ Pitts 89)
Merstham 136 all out (RD Knew 3-24)
26 May vs. Woodmansterne (A) Lost by 29 runs
Woodmansterne 179 for 7  
Badgers 150 for 9 (J Gordon 57)
19 May vs. Warlingham (A) Won by 5 wickets
Warlingham 157 all out (M Stokes 3-26)
Badgers 158 for 5 (DJ Pitts 62, J Gordon 62)
12 May vs. Ham & Petersham (A) Won by 51 runs
Badgers 277 for 5 (D Ward 117, D Wilson 38, Extras 34)
Ham 226 all out (A Gordon 4-20, M Gordon 3 ct.)