Badgers Cricket Club – Official Catching Leaders 2009 to 2018

Affiliated to the CCC

These pages contain the official catching leader details going all the way back to the club’s first season in 1959, although due to a missing scorebook we do not have complete data for the 1981 season. See the other links below, or the menus at the top of the page, for the other averages tables that you can view.

Catching Leaders For Season 2018
Jake Gordon1011
Mark Gordon125
Darrell Pitts144
Daniel Allen53
Ricky Cibardo93
Vinny Cibardo133
The above list excludes performances from the matches against Upottery (3 Aug) and Old Whitgiftians (12 Aug)

Catching Leaders For Season 2017
Jake Gordon2120
Mark Gordon2118
Ben Valentine77
Rod Smith187
Darrell Pitts187

Catching Leaders For Season 2016
Jake Gordon2120
Mark Gordon2111
Darrell Pitts209
Matt Smith126

Catching Leaders For Season 2015
Mark Gordon1912
Ben Valentine119
Jake Gordon178
Vinny Cibardo115

Catching Leaders For Season 2014
Mark Gordon2219
Ben Valentine2012
Jake Gordon2112
Bill Jenkins177
Darrell Pitts197

Catching Leaders For Season 2013
Mark Gordon2225
Ben Valentine1913
Darrell Pitts207
Bill Jenkins126

Catching Leaders For Season 2012
Mark Gordon1417
Ian Gregg106
Ben Valentine146
Matthew Mann54

Catching Leaders For Season 2011
Mark Gordon1918
Darrell Pitts1312
Graham Ward186
Ian Gregg186
The above list excludes performances from the match against Cholmondeley (29 Jul)

Catching Leaders For Season 2010
Mark Gordon1811
Ben Valentine168
Graham Ward167
Ian Gregg146

Catching Leaders For Season 2009
Mark Gordon2115
Graham Ward209
Ben Valentine168
Allan Butt165
Darrell Pitts165