Badgers Cricket Club – Club Officers Through The Years


This page shows the names of those folk who have held the various official posts necessary to the smooth running of Badgers Cricket Club from the very first season, 1959. All of these willing volunteers have given freely of their time to ensure that the club continued to function down the years, and every contribution is much appreciated.

President  Chairman 
Frank A Butt1959 to 1972 Derek Beadle1959 to 1965
Tommy C Noble1973 to 1975 Alan Preston1966
Albert Briscoe1976 to 1982 Peter Legge1967 to 1970
Laurence Pitts1983 to 1997 Laurence Pitts1971 to 1982
Roy Gordon1998 to present Alan Tickner1983 to 1990
  Dave Tickner1991 to 1999
Captain  Mick Willmott2000 to 2003
Mike Law1959 Simon Fox2004 to 2008
Alan Preston1960 to 1963 & Allan Butt2009 to 2018
 1967 to 1968 Steve Pitts2019 to present
Allan Butt1964 to 1965  
David Winter1966 Vice-Captain 
Albert Briscoe1969 to 1974 Alan Preston1959
Alan Tickner1975 to 1981 Mike Law1960 to 1962 &
Dave Tickner1982 to 1986  1964 to 1966
Simon Fox1987 to 1989 Peter Legge1963 &
Steve Pitts1990 to 2000  1971 to 1972
Mark Gordon2001 to present Albert Briscoe1967 to 1968
  Keith Partlett1969 to 1970
Hon. Secretary  Alan Tickner1973 to 1974,
Laurence Pitts1959 to 1970  1995 to 1999 &
John Bailey1971  2001 to 2003
Dave Tickner1972 to 1974 Phil Walters1975 to 1980
James Chignell1975 to 1978 Steve Card1981 to 1986
Roger Phipps1979 to 1980 Adrian Cowell1987 to 1989
Chris Preston1981 to 1982 Nick Williams1990 to 1991
Steve Fordham1983 Darren Hanley1992 to 1994
Richard Kemp1984 to 1994 Mark Gordon2000
David Aldwinckle1995 to 2006 Patrick Redding2004 to 2008
Patrick Redding2006 to 2010 Graham Ward2009 to 2021
Andy Iwanoczko2011 to 2012 Darrell Pitts2018 to present
Matt Mann2013 to 2021 Jake Gordon2022 to present
Darrell Pitts2021 to present  
  Hon. Treasurer 
Team Secretary  Laurence Pitts1959 to 1963
John Bailey1964 to 1970 Alan Preston1964 to 1965
Roy Gordon1971 to 1987 Barry Passmore1966 to 1971
Huw Campbell1988 to 1989 Chris Preston1972 to 1975
Andy Parker1990 Richard Kemp1976 to 1978
Alan Tickner1991 to 1992 Peter Legge1979
Darren Hanley1993 to 1994 Dave Tickner1980 to 1981
Mark Gordon1995 to 2000 Chris Morgan1982 to 1986
Barry Davenport2001 to 2004 Keith Miller1987 to 2008!!
Graham Ward2005 to 2012 Simon Fox2009 to 2010
Steve Pitts2013 to 2017 Patrick Redding2011 to 2014
Vinny Cibardo2018 to 2021 Mark Gordon2015 to 2022
Jake Gordon2022 to present Rod Smith2023 to present