Badgers Cricket Club – Club Officers


This page lists the current officers of the club (as of the AGM on 13th February 2023), with their email addresses and phone numbers. The posts of Chairman, Captain, Vice-Captain, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Team Secretary are voted on at each AGM. The club committee currently consists of all of those elected officers, although it hasn’t always been that way – see the Club Rules for full details.

Webmaster is not an official post at all, but it seemed like a good idea to leave my details here even though I am no longer club captain. If anyone finds that anomalous then please let me know and I’ll think of somewhere else for them.

Queries regarding fixtures should be addressed to the Hon. Secretary. General queries are probably best addressed to the webmaster via, although please note that we do not employ a professional, so there is no point in applying to fill that role.

PLEASE NOTE that email addresses are added to the table below by Javascript code, in an attempt to defeat the spam harvesters. If you don’t see any such addresses then please contact the webmaster using the link in the previous paragraph. Due to the increasing prevalence of web-based identity theft, and the fact that address details are very often one element of confirming your identity when contacting companies, I have decided to remove the postal addresses from this page. If you have a genuine need to send post to the club then please contact one of the officers below by phone or email to obtain the necessary details.

Roy Gordon

Mark Gordon
Tel: 01737 360253

Steve Pitts
Tel: 01923 400403

Hon. Secretary
Darrell Pitts
Tel: 07922 043398

Hon. Treasurer
Rod Smith
Tel: 07801 815001

Team Secretary
Jake Gordon
Tel: 07769 156681

Statistician and webmaster
Steve Pitts
Tel: 01923 400403