Badgers Cricket Club – Season 1995 Scorecards


This page contains the scorecards for season 1995. The links below provide a direct route to the card for each game plus access to the cards for seasons from 1984 to the present. For seasons 2000 onwards it is also possible to link to them from the associated results page entries or match reports and I hope to extend that facility to include all of the historical results pages, once I’ve figured out the best method of doing so.

All of the useful information that I have for each game is presented here, but I am still not entirely happy with the layout and would welcome any suggestions as to how it could be made clearer. Most of the abbreviations used here should be familiar to cricket lovers everywhere, but just in case:

Byes (listed against Extras)
Caught (in the How Out column) or outfield catches made
Did Not Bat
Leg byes (listed against Extras)
Leg Before Wicket
No balls (listed against Extras)
Penalty runs (listed against Extras)
ret. no.
Retired not out (usually a batter who retired hurt and did not resume their innings)
ret. out
Retired (for reasons that obviate a retired not out)
Stumped (in the How Out column) or stumpings made
Wides (listed against Extras)
Catches made by a wicket keeper
Wicket keeper

29 Apr 1995: Badgers at Newchapel & Horne   (Won by 5 wickets)

Innings of Newchapel & Horne – 126 all out (35.4 overs)

1Alan Tickner12.03304
2Allan Butt5.0290
3Alan Wilkes6.01341
4David Aldwinckle6.02110
5Mick Willmott6.40393
 Extras  4 

Innings of Badgers – 127 for 5

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve PittsLBW6(2 st.)116116
2Jeremy Claytonnot out66(1 ct.)227311
3Darren Hanleyct.433548
4David Aldwinckleb.8(1 ct.)4112577
5David Jonesb.35511563
6Richard Kempct.0(1 ct.) 
7Allan Buttnot out1(1 ct.) 
8Alan WilkesDNB  
9Barry FitzgeraldDNB  
10Alan TicknerDNB  
11Mick WillmottDNB  
 Extras  7 
 Total127 for 5

7 May 1995: Badgers at Nutfield   (Won by 45 runs)

Innings of Badgers – 169 for 7 dec.

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pittsct.27(1 st.)1525
2Dave Ticknerct.0226321
3David Jonesct.6345119
4Mark Gordonct.105(3 ct.)456511
5Alan Ticknerb.45104648
6Richard Kempct.26124720
7Barry Forresterb.57169445
8Alan Wilkesnot out8 
9Mick WillmottDNB  
10Suresh JhaDNB  
11John RourkeDNB  
 Extras  12 
 Total169 for 7

Innings of Nutfield – 124 all out (35.1 overs)

1Suresh Jha5.00210
2John Rourke5.00120
3Alan Wilkes10.04113
4Alan Tickner7.01302
5Mick Willmott5.10284
6Mark Gordon3.00140
 Extras  5 

13 May 1995: Badgers at Cudham   (Won by 120 runs)

Innings of Badgers – 182 for 4 dec.

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Aldwinckleb.6127127
2Dave Ticknerb.21246219
3David Jonesct.423116370
4Mark Gordonnot out75(1 ct.)412458
5Justin Duckerct.0 
6Alan Wilkesnot out24 
7Brent NobleDNB (1 ct.) 
8Barry ForresterDNB (1 ct.) 
9Steve PittsDNB (2 WKc, 3 st.) 
10Mick WillmottDNB (1 ct.) 
11Alan TicknerDNB  
 Extras  14 
 Total182 for 4

Innings of Cudham – 62 all out (24.1 overs)

1Alan Tickner4.0090
2David Aldwinckle10.03225
3Mick Willmott8.14144
4Brent Noble2.0061
 Extras  11 

20 May 1995: Badgers at Rowan   (Lost by 6 wickets)

Innings of Badgers – 115 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Aldwincklect.191727
2Alan Ticknerrun out1253146
3Mark Gordonb.4236047
4Richard KempLBW346636
5Steve Pittsb.7(1 WKc)578512
6David Jonesnot out16689711
7Barry Forresterb.87102813
8Dave Ticknerb.2810694
9Allan Buttb.49115109
10John Rourkeb.710115110
11Suresh Jhab.0 
 Extras  6 
 Total115 for 10

Innings of Rowan – 116 for 4 (42 overs)

1John Rourke5.01120
2Suresh Jha7.02250
3David Aldwinckle10.05112
4Allan Butt6.02160
5Alan Tickner8.01290
6Mark Gordon6.03122
 Extras  11 

27 May 1995: Queen Mary's Hospital at Badgers   (Lost by 64 runs)

Innings of Queen Mary's Hospital – 173 all out (49 overs)

1Mark Gordon6.02251
2Alan Tickner13.04432
3Alan Wilkes12.03180
4Steve Pitts6.01232
5Barry Forrester5.01251
6Brent Noble7.00383
 Extras  6 

Innings of Badgers – 109 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Andy Duckerct.3116116
2Dave Ticknerct.18226310
3Lee FosterLBW633529
4Mark Gordonct.16(1 ct.)449414
5Alan Ticknerb.455354
6Alan Wilkesct.2166077
7Brent Noblect.076686
8Barry Forresterct.6(1 ct.)889623
9Dave Jenkinsb.14(1 ct.)9104915
10Roy Gordonnot out3(1 WKc)10109115
11Steve Pittsb.6 
 Extras  12 
 Total109 for 10

11 Jun 1995: Crondall at Badgers   (Match Abandoned)

Innings of Badgers – 62 for 2

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pittsct.6114114
2Dave Ticknernot out22234320
3David Jonesct.9 
4Mark Gordonnot out18 
5Lee FosterDNB  
6Richard KempDNB  
7Alan TicknerDNB  
8Darrell WilliamsDNB  
9Alan WilkesDNB  
10Barry ForresterDNB  
11Mick WillmottDNB  
 Extras  7 
 Total62 for 2

Innings of Crondall – did not bat


17 Jun 1995: Vampire Bats at Badgers   (Lost by 79 runs)

Innings of Vampire Bats – 159 for 5 (20 overs)

1John Rourke3.00291
2Alan Tickner3.00280
3Brent Noble3.00161
4Alan Wilkes3.00201
5Mick Willmott2.00181
6Barry Forrester2.00190
7Allan Butt2.00110
8Mark Gordon2.00161
 Extras  1 

Innings of Badgers – 80 for 9 (20 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pittsb.16(1 WKc, 1 st.)125225
2Mark Gordonb.822611
3Alan Ticknerb.032640
4Richard Kempct.042630
5David Jonesct.15542616
6Alan Wilkesb.8657515
7Allan Buttct.1676477
8Mick Willmottb.086783
9Brent Noblenot out69791012
10Barry Forresterrun out4(1 ct.) 
11John Rourkenot out1 
 Extras  8 
 Total* 82* for 9

25 Jun 1995: Badgers at Dormansland   (Won by 5 wickets)

Innings of Dormansland – 182 for 6 dec. (49 overs)

1David Aldwinckle5.00150
2Alan Tickner7.03150
3Mark Gordon4.01210
4Suresh Jha6.00200
5Alan Wilkes16.04523
6Mick Willmott11.00513
 Extras  8 

Innings of Badgers – 184 for 5

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Aldwincklect.22151151
2Andy Duckerb.35267216
3Mark Gordonb.773117450
4Steve Pittsst.20(4 st.)4179362
5Dave Ticknernot out15517960
6Lee Fosterb.0 
7Alan Ticknernot out1 
8Barry ForresterDNB  
9Alan WilkesDNB  
10Suresh JhaDNB  
11Mick WillmottDNB  
 Extras  14 
 Total184 for 5

30 Jun 1995: Badgers at Ebrington   (Match Drawn)

Innings of Ebrington – 264 for 6 dec. (34.2 overs)

1David Aldwinckle5.00261
2Alan Tickner7.00471
3Allan Butt5.00350
4Alan Wilkes5.00241
5Greg Noble6.00522
6Mick Willmott6.20651
 Extras  8 

Innings of Badgers – 249 for 9

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pittsb.63(1 st.)184284
2Dave Ticknerct.23296112
3Darren Hanleyct.103116320
4David Aldwincklect.39(1 ct.)411751
5Keith Millerb.05165448
6Alan Wilkesb.28(1 ct.)6178613
7Brent Nobleb.217241863
8Allan Buttct.46824998
9Alan Ticknerct.6(1 ct.)924970
10Greg Noblenot out0 
11Mick Willmottnot out0 
 Extras  14 
 Total*250* for 9

1 Jul 1995: Badgers at Heythrop Park (Nat West)   (Lost by 6 runs)

Innings of Heythrop Park (Nat West) – 147 for 8 (40 overs)

1Andrew Parker8.01210
2Suresh Jha8.01292
3Greg Noble8.00292
4Barry Forrester6.00340
5Darren Hanley6.02142
6Mark Gordon4.00181
 Extras  3 

Innings of Badgers – 141 all out (39.3 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Jonesct.01010
2Dave Pittsb.122636
3Richard Kempct.1(1 ct.)319213
4David AldwinckleLBW19(1 ct.)440421
5Darren Hanleyct.74(1 ct.)590650
6Mark Gordonct.20(2 ct.)6100710
7Keith Millerct.0710484
8Andrew Parkerb.3810591
9Barry Forresterb.19142537
10Greg Noblect.7(1 ct.)10142100
11Suresh Jhanot out0 
 Extras  4 
 Total141 for 10

2 Jul 1995: Badgers at Hook Norton   (Match Drawn)

Innings of Hook Norton – 208 for 6 dec. (43 overs)

1Andrew Parker9.01420
2Allan Butt8.02172
3Mark Gordon7.02211
4Alan Wilkes9.03360
5Alan Tickner3.00200
6Brent Noble4.00380
7Darren Hanley3.00222
 Extras  11 

Innings of Badgers – 185 for 6

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Jonesb.29138138
2Alan Ticknerct.4824436
3Darren Hanleyct.23102258
4Dave Ticknerret. no.74116614
5Mark Gordonb.54(1 ct.)5163547
6Richard Kempct.16176713
7Steve Pittsct.15(2 WKc, 1 st.) 
8Allan Buttnot out12 
9Alan Wilkesnot out0 
10Brent NobleDNB (1 ct.) 
11Andrew ParkerDNB  
 Extras  16 
 Total*184* for 6

8 Jul 1995: Badgers at Nat West   (Match Drawn)

Innings of Badgers – 210 for 8 dec.

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Andy Duckerct.51727
2Steve Pittsrun out221619
3David Aldwinckleb.15(1 ct.)342326
4Mark Gordonct.89(3 ct.)476534
5Keith Millerb.205153477
6Justin Duckerct.49(1 ct.)6195742
7Allan Buttct.21719681
8Barry Forresterrun out08206610
9Alan Ticknernot out4 
10Suresh JhaDNB  
11John RourkeDNB  
 Extras  5 
 Total210 for 8

Innings of Nat West – 121 for 7 (42 overs)

1John Rourke7.0391
2Suresh Jha6.02181
3Alan Tickner8.03160
4Steve Pitts8.00302
5David Aldwinckle10.03203
6Allan Butt3.00180
 Extras  9 

23 Jul 1995: Parktown at Badgers   (Lost by 14 runs)

Innings of Parktown – 181 for 7 dec. (46 overs)

1Alan Tickner9.06200
2Suresh Jha10.02201
3Mick Willmott14.00833
4David Aldwinckle6.02161
5Mark Gordon4.00120
6Barry Forrester3.01240
 Extras  6 

Innings of Badgers – 167 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Aldwinckleb.131727
2David Jonesct.0221114
3Mark Gordonct.5833049
4Richard Kempb.043252
5Darrell Williamsct.0559627
6Lee Fosterct.3695336
7Barry Forresterb.247127832
8Alan Ticknerb.218143716
9Suresh Jhanot out1591601017
10Steve Pittsb.5(1 st.)10167117
11Mick Willmottct.4 
 Extras  24 
 Total167 for 10

29 Jul 1995: Badgers at Old Alleynians   (Match Drawn)

Innings of Old Alleynians – 229 for 8 dec. (48.2 overs)

1Alan Tickner7.01251
2John Rourke9.01391
3Mick Willmott5.00320
4Alan Wilkes11.01514
5Mark Gordon7.03191
6Justin Ducker9.22450
 Extras  18 

Innings of Badgers – 191 for 7

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pittsnot out77(1 WKc, 2 st.)1727
2Andy Duckerct.22730
3Jeremy Claytonb.0327420
4Mark Gordonb.124104577
5Alan Ticknerb.445125621
6Barry Forresterb.56156731
7Alan Wilkesb.16715781
8Julian Eadeb.1 
9Justin Duckernot out16 
10Mick WillmottDNB (1 ct.) 
11John RourkeDNB (1 ct.) 
 Extras  18 
 Total191 for 7

6 Aug 1995: Wallington Old Foresters at Badgers   (Lost by 81 runs)

Innings of Wallington Old Foresters – 188 for 4 dec. (44 overs)

1Alan Tickner11.02322
2John Rourke6.01200
3Allan Butt12.03491
4Mark Gordon7.02181
5Mick Willmott8.00550
 Extras  12 

Innings of Badgers – 107 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Darrell Williamsct.111525
2Barry Forresterb.1217112
3Mark Gordonb.20343426
4Jules Lyonb.744835
5Alan Ticknerb.18560612
6David Boltonct.466575
7John Rourkect.4(1 ct.)790525
8Mick Willmottct.108100910
9Roy Gordonb.8910080
10Allan Buttct.610107107
11Steve Pittsnot out0 
 Extras  18 
 Total107 for 10

12 Aug 1995: Badgers at Loose   (Lost by 8 wickets)

Innings of Badgers – 102 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Andrew Bairdb.51919
2Alan Ticknerct.15234225
3Mark Gordonret. no.1333440
4Greg Nobleb.0452618
5Alan Wilkesb.8565513
6Brent Nobleb.866782
7Richard Kempct.13783716
8Jules Lyonb.08102919
9Barry Forresterb.12 
10Roy Gordonnot out9 
 Extras  15 
 Total* 98* for 8

Innings of Loose – 103 for 2 (27 overs)

1Alan Wilkes7.01280
2Alan Tickner8.02201
3Jules Lyon6.02131
4Greg Noble3.0170
5Brent Noble2.00190
6Barry Forrester1.00100
 Extras  6 

3 Sep 1995: Badgers at Blindley Heath   (Match Drawn)

Innings of Badgers – 176 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Andy Duckerct.15(2 ct.)127227
2Steve Pittsb.1022710
3Mark Gordonct.16347320
4Andrew Bairdct.594100553
5Darrell WilliamsLBW95129429
6Richard Kempct.18(1 ct.)613374
7John Rourkect.2(1 ct.)713865
8Jules Lyonst.148166828
9Barry Forresternot out12(1 ct.)9168102
10Roy Gordonb.0(2 WKc)10176118
11Dave Ticknerct.6 
 Extras  15 
 Total176 for 10

Innings of Blindley Heath – 125 for 9 (46 overs)

1John Rourke13.03213
2Mark Gordon12.02522
3Andrew Baird10.04311
4Steve Pitts11.08133
 Extras  8 

9 Sep 1995: Sunnyside at Badgers   (Match Drawn)

Innings of Sunnyside – 166 for 7 dec. (43.2 overs)

1Mark Gordon6.01150
2Allan Butt13.06230
3John Rourke14.06383
4Mick Willmott8.01651
5Brent Noble2.2092
 Extras  11 

Innings of Badgers – 149 for 8

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Jeremy Claytonb.48112212
2Justin Duckerct.10222310
3Brent Nobleb.4(1 ct.)32644
4Mark Gordonb.0(3 ct.)456530
5Neal Gordonct.11(1 ct.)593637
6Dave Ticknerct.256121728
7Mick Willmottb.187146825
8Allan Buttb.14814610
9Roy Gordonnot out0 
10John Rourkenot out4 
 Extras  15 
 Total149 for 8

23 Sep 1995: Badgers at Valley End   (Lost by 5 wickets)

Innings of Badgers – 122 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Andy Duckerb.01212
2Roy Gordonb.17(1 WKc)21139
3Mark Gordonct.8(2 ct.)31544
4Allan Buttb.1435220
5Alan Ticknerb.953853
6Alan Wilkesct.4648610
7G Messengerst.475577
8Keith Millerct.19874819
9Mick Willmottb.159125951
10John Rourkenot out35 
 Extras  10 
 Total122 for 9

Innings of Valley End – 124 for 5 (30.3 overs)

1Mark Gordon4.00140
2Alan Wilkes6.01241
3Allan Butt6.01311
4Alan Tickner5.01140
5Mick Willmott5.30393
6John Rourke4.0170
 Extras  5 

30 Sep 1995: Badgers at Merrow   (Lost by 37 runs)

Innings of Merrow – 144 all out (47.4 overs)

1Alan Wilkes17.06254
2Mark Gordon5.01250
3Allan Butt8.00300
4Alan Tickner9.41353
5John Rourke8.02213
 Extras  8 

Innings of Badgers – 107 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Jeremy Claytonct.31414
2David Jonesb.242834
3Lee Fosterct.331446
4Mark Gordonb.1(2 ct.)41551
5Alan TicknerLBW0(1 ct.)534219
6Richard Kempct.10(1 ct.)648614
7Allan Buttb.27784736
8John Rourkeb.248101917
9Alan Wilkesb.5910685
10Keith Millernot out2(1 WKc) 
 Extras  8 
 Total107 for 9