Badgers Cricket Club – Cup Winners Through The Years

Affiliated to the CCC

This page shows the names of those talented folk who have won the various trophies presented by Badgers Cricket Club since the very first season. Only the batting and bowling trophies date all the way back to 1959, with the Captain’s Cup first being presented in 1961, a Fielding Award (now the Mick Willmott Catching Cup) being introduced in 1964, and the single wicket contested for the first time in 1965.

The batting and bowling cups are awarded to the club member that headed the respective official averages in the given year. To qualify for the official averages has always required five innings for batting and fifteen overs for bowling, with an additional criterion being put in place in 2000 that those fifteen overs must be spread over at least five games. The fielding trophy has always been presented on the basis of catches taken, best as I can tell, although I’m not sure at what point wicket-keepers became ineligible.

The Captain’s Cup winner is selected by the current captain on the basis of a member’s overall contribution to the club, not just their on the field performances. The winner or winners of the single/double wicket competition receive the Brian Pitts Cup, but that particular event is no longer as popular as it once was and the trophy has only occasionally been brought out in the latter three decades of the club’s existence, and not at all in recent times. The Frank Butt Cup is a double-edged sword, since it was originally donated with the intention of being presented to the best performance ‘in relation to ability’. This definition has been stretched to its limits on occasions in recent times but the spirit of the award has been preserved as it continues to be used to encourage those who might struggle to snare one of the three main performance related awards.

The Mike Law trophy was inaugurated when we first started playing an inter-club match between the current team and a President’s XI and so was used as a ‘Player Of The Game’ award. This event has also atrophied over the past couple of decades, as the playing membership became difficult to distinguish from the old boys for a while and then those same old boys drifted off, and the trophy has recently been reintroduced as a special award to reflect some unusual aspect of the season just past or the folk participating in it. Finally, we have the ‘Wang Fu’ award, so called because that was the nickname of the original trophy – a sculpture of a coolie sitting on a massive fish – sent back from Thailand by erstwhile skipper Simon Fox. Wang Fu himself has been replaced by a metal cactus, also donated by Simon once his peripatetic working life took him to Mexico, but it continued to serve its original purpose as a recognition of the most significant contribution, on or off the field, to each season’s tour. In those recent seasons when no tour took place it was used to recognise contributions to the spirit and general ethos of the club.

1959Brian MooreBrian Moore  
1960Brian MooreBrian Moore  
1961Brian MoorePeter Legge  
1962Albert BriscoeLaurence Pitts  
1963Brian MooreBob Edwards  
1964Albert BriscoeBob Edwards Brent Noble
1965Brent NobleBob Edwards Peter Legge
1966Brian MooreBrian Moore Brent Noble
1967Peter LeggeBrian Moore Albert Briscoe
1968Brian MooreBrian Moore John Bailey & Steve Goldman
1969Brent NobleBrian Moore Dave Tickner
1970Brent NobleBrian Moore Peter Legge & Brent Noble
1971Brian MooreBrian Moore Dave Tickner
1972Albert BriscoeBrian Moore Brian Moore
1973Brian MooreBrian Moore Alan Tickner
1974Brent NobleBrian Moore Steve Goldman
1975Brent NobleBrian Moore Dave Tickner
1976Brian MooreBrian Moore Alan Tickner
1977Brent NobleBrent Noble Alan Tickner & Phil Walters
1978Brent NobleBrian Moore Phil Walters
1979Brent NobleBrian Moore Chris Morgan
1980Chris MorganBrian Moore Dave Clark
1981Brian MooreBrian Moore Alan Tickner
1982Chris MorganSteve Card Steve Card
1983Greg PyntBrian Moore Steve Card
1984Chris MorganDave Clark Dave Tickner & Alan Tickner
1985Chris MorganBrian Moore Alan Tickner & Dave Tickner
1986Chris MorganAlan Tickner Adrian Cowell & Huw Campbell
1987Alan TicknerAlan Tickner Simon Fox
1988Brian MooreBrian Moore Alan Tickner
1989Simon FoxAlan Tickner Adrian Cowell
1990Darren HanleySteve Ducker Mick Willmott & Andy Parker
1991Darren HanleyAlan Tickner Mark Gordon
1992Andy ParkerDavid Aldwinckle Mark Gordon
1993Darren HanleyDavid Aldwinckle Darren Hanley
1994David AldwinckleAllan Butt Mark Gordon
1995Mark GordonSteve Pitts Mark Gordon
1996David AldwinckleAlan Tickner Mark Gordon
1997Mark GordonMick Willmott Mark Gordon
1998David AldwinckleDavid Aldwinckle Mark Gordon
1999David AldwinckleAllan Butt Mark Gordon & Barry Davenport
2000David AldwinckleAlan Wilkes Mark Gordon
2001David AldwinckleDavid Aldwinckle Mark Gordon
2002Alan TicknerAlan Tickner Mark Gordon
2003Mark GordonAlan Tickner Mark Gordon
2004Patrick ReddingAlan Tickner Mark Gordon
2005Mark GordonAllan Butt Mark Gordon
2006Patrick ReddingIan Gregg Mark Gordon
2007Patrick ReddingDarrell Pitts Mark Gordon
2008Patrick ReddingGraham Ward Mark Gordon
2009Patrick ReddingIan Gregg Mark Gordon
2010Patrick ReddingBen Valentine Mark Gordon
2011Mark GordonMark Gordon Mark Gordon
2012Mark GordonMark Gordon Mark Gordon
2013Mark GordonBill Jenkins Mark Gordon
2014Mark GordonBill Jenkins Mark Gordon
2015Bill JenkinsRob Knew Mark Gordon
2016Amy GordonBill Jenkins Jake Gordon
2017Mark GordonIan Waldron Jake Gordon
2018Jake GordonMark Gordon Jake Gordon
2019Bill JenkinsMark Gordon Mark Gordon
2020Darrell PittsJake Gordon Jake Gordon
2021Jake GordonMark Gordon Darrell Pitts

Captain’s Cup 
1961Laurence Pitts 1992Lee Foster
1962Allan Butt 1993Mick Willmott
1963Brian Moore 1994Richard Kemp & Lee Foster
1964Peter Ward 1995Barry Forrester
1965John Bailey 1996Mark Gordon
1966Barry Passmore 1997Paul Wilson
1967Roy Gordon 1998Alan Tickner
1968Chris Preston 1999Keith Miller
1969Roy Gordon 2000Ian Gregg
1970Mike Law 2001Steve Pitts
1971Dave Tickner 2002Graham Davenport
1972Alan Tickner 2003Steve Pitts
1973Chris Preston 2004Mick Willmott
1974Alan Tickner 2005Graham Ward
1975Richard Kemp 2006David Aldwinckle
1976Denis Hopkins 2007Kay Ward & Ray Ward
1977James Chignell 2008Simon Fox
1978Roy Gordon 2009Allan Butt
1979Dave Tickner 2010Dawn Gordon
1980Roger Phipps 2011Pat Redding
1981Steve Card 2012Graham Ward
1982Richard Kemp & Chris Morgan 2013Steve Pitts
1983Barry Passmore 2014Jake Gordon
1984Alan Tickner 2015Mark Gordon
1985Simon Fox 2016Rob Knew
1986Simon Fox? 2017Jake Gordon
1987Keith Miller? 2018Vinny Cibardo
1988Brian Moore? 2019Vinny Cibardo
1989Steve Pitts 2020the whole club
1990Richard Kemp 2021Jacqueline Pitts
1991Mick Willmott   

Brian Pitts Cup 
1965Brian Moore 1978Brian Moore
1966Brian Moore 1979Phil Walters
1967Albert Briscoe 1980Steve Card
1968Peter Ward 1981Dave Tickner
1969Brian Moore 1982Dave Clark
1970Allan Butt 1983Greg Pynt
1971Peter Legge 1984Chris Morgan
1972Dave Tickner 1987Adrian Cowell
1973Albert Briscoe 1988Steve Card & Dave Bowerman
1974Brent Noble 1989Robin Suggate & Jeremy Clayton
1975Dave Tickner 1995Andrew Baird & Alan Tickner
1976Dave Tickner 2000David Aldwinckle & Barry Davenport
1977Barry Passmore   

Frank Butt Cup 
1976Brian Moore 1999Ian Gregg
1977Phil Walters 2000Graham Davenport
1978Steve Card 2001Graham Davenport
1979Steve Card 2002Ian Gregg
1980Richard Kemp 2003Paul Little
1981Roy Gordon 2004Graham Ward
1982Dave Pitts 2005John Larkin
1983Dave Pitts 2006Darrell Pitts
1984Simon Fox 2007Graham Davenport & Graham Ward
1985Keith Miller 2008Matt Mann
1986Huw Campbell 2009Jake Gordon
1987Keith Miller 2010Ben Valentine
1988Andy Parker 2011Darrell Pitts
1989Alan Wilkes 2012Peter Snook & Jake Gordon
1990Mark Gordon 2013Ian Gregg
1991Brent Noble & Nick Williams 2014Rob Knew & Jake Gordon
1992Mick Willmott 2015Matt Smith
1993Mark Gordon 2016Darrell Pitts
1994Barry Forrester 2017Ricky Cibardo
1995Alan Wilkes 2018Rod Smith
1996Jules Lyon 2019Tom Mann
1997Barry Davenport 2020Nat Cibardo
1998John Rourke 2021Jon Stokes

Mike Law Trophy 
1984Allan Butt 1993Mike Jenkins
1985Adrian Cowell 1995John Rourke
1986Alan Tickner 1998Nick Gregg
1987Terry Faires & Mick Willmott 2015Alec Cochrane?
1988Keith Miller 2016Matt Mann
1989Steve Card 2017Bill Jenkins
1990Robin Suggate 2018Ian Gregg
1991Brent Noble 2019Daniel Ward
1992David Aldwinckle 2021Daniel Ward

‘Wang Fu’ 
1990Steve Pitts 2005Ian Gregg
1991Darren Hanley 2006Simon Fox
1992Richard & Ann Kemp 2007John Larkin
1993Richard Kemp 2008Richard Ward
1994Brent Noble 2009Paul Wilson
1995Dave Tickner 2010Andy Iwanoczko
1996Lynne Noble 2011Katy & Rob Knew
1997Alan Wilkes 2012Rob Knew
1998?? not recorded  2013Jake Gordon
1999David Aldwinckle 2014Steve Pitts
2000David Aldwinckle 2015Lauren & Ben Valentine
2001Steve Pitts 2016Darrell Pitts
2002Barry Davenport 2017Andy Curtis
2003Alan Tickner 2018Graham Ward
2004Graham Ward 2019Rob Knew