Badgers Cricket Club – Season 2012 Scorecards


This page contains the scorecards for season 2012. The links below provide a direct route to the card for each game plus access to the cards for seasons from 1984 to the present. For seasons 2000 onwards it is also possible to link to them from the associated results page entries or match reports, and I hope to extend that facility to include all of the historical results pages, once I’ve figured out the best method of doing so.

All of the useful information that I have for each game is presented here, but I am still not entirely happy with the layout and would welcome any suggestions as to how it could be made clearer. Most of the abbreviations used here should be familiar to cricket lovers everywhere, but just in case:

Byes (listed against Extras)
Caught (in the How Out column) or outfield catches made
Did Not Bat
Leg byes (listed against Extras)
Leg Before Wicket
No balls (listed against Extras)
Penalty runs (listed against Extras)
ret. no.
Retired not out (usually a batter who retired hurt and did not resume their innings)
ret. out
Retired (for reasons that obviate a retired not out)
Stumped (in the How Out column) or stumpings made
Wides (listed against Extras)
Catches made by a wicket keeper
Wicket keeper

20 May 2012: Badgers at Stoke D'Abernon   (Lost by 89 runs)

Innings of Stoke D'Abernon – 212 all out (39.2 overs)

1Rob Knew6.00430
2Ben Valentine4.00150
3Mark Gordon4.00310
4Jake Gordon8.00352
5Darrell Pitts4.00321
6Allan Butt7.22172
7Guy Walker6.00255
 Extras  (13 b, 1 lb)14 

Innings of Badgers – 123 all out (35.2 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pitts +b.12(2 st.)119119
2Darrell Pittsb.10(1 ct.)22334
3Patrick Reddingb.032724
4Rob Knewb.542750
5Alec Cochraneb.053164
6Peter Snookb.2(1 ct.)63443
7Ben Valentineb.7792858
8Mark Gordon *ct.35(2 ct.)89775
9Guy Walkerct.22997100
10Jake Gordonb.010123926
11Allan Buttnot out0 
 Extras  (14 b, 1 lb, 15 w)30 
 Total123 for 10

27 May 2012: Badgers at Dormansland   (Won by 3 wickets)

Innings of Dormansland – 163 all out (41.3 overs)

1Ian Gregg6.03150
2Ben Valentine5.00240
3Graham Ward7.02210
4Daniel Ward6.00410
5Matthew Mann4.00220
6Mark Gordon8.34197
7Allan Butt5.01180
 Extras  (2 b, 1 lb, 4 w, 4 nb)3 

Innings of Badgers – 167 for 7 (36.5 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pitts +ct.31(1 WKc, 1 st.)116216
2Darrell Pittsb.7276160
3Patrick Reddingct.6138044
4Alec Cochranect.14112532
5Graham Wardb.245137325
6Allan Buttct.4614467
7Ben Valentinenot out6714682
8Ian Greggb.1(1 ct.) 
9Mark Gordon *not out9(1 ct.) 
10Matthew MannDNB  
11Daniel WardDNB  
 Extras  (10 b, 5 lb, 4 w, 6 nb)25 
 Total*169* for 7

10 Jun 2012: Badgers at Roehampton   (Won by 5 wickets)

Innings of Roehampton – 165 all out (43 overs)

1Ben Valentine11.02443
2Rob Knew13.02451
3Ian Gregg9.03291
4Darrell Pitts8.01363
5Mark Gordon2.0031
 Extras  (8 b, 13 w, 2 nb)8 

Innings of Badgers – 166 for 5 (36 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Matthew Mannb.25119219
2Allan Buttb.7(1 ct.)240121
3Peter Snookb.934636
4Graham Wardnot out59(1 ct.)456510
5Ian Greggb.356468
6Darrell Pittsct.7 
7Mark Gordon *not out50(1 ct.) 
8Ben ValentineDNB  
9Steve Pitts +DNB  
10Rob KnewDNB (1 ct.) 
11Alec CochraneDNB  
 Extras  (1 b, 4 w, 1 nb)6 
 Total166 for 5

17 Jun 2012: Badgers at Leigh   (Lost by 5 wickets)

Innings of Badgers – 171 all out (36.5 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pitts +b.21164264
2Ian Greggct.3827016
3Patrick Reddingct.36(1 ct.)37242
4Peter SnookLBW04107535
5Graham Wardb.85123316
6Rob Knewst.8612663
7Mark Gordon *ct.20(1 ct.)7149823
8Ben ValentineLBW128170921
9Guy Walkerb.14917171
10Darrell Pittsb.110171100
11Allan Buttnot out0 
 Extras  (4 b, 2 lb, 6 w, 1 nb)13 
 Total171 for 10

Innings of Leigh – 172 for 5 (37 overs)

1Ben Valentine2.00180
2Darrell Pitts6.01290
3Rob Knew8.01451
4Guy Walker8.02281
5Allan Butt6.02131
6Ian Gregg4.00230
7Mark Gordon3.00151
 Extras  (1 lb, 4 w)1 

24 Jun 2012: Badgers at Weybridge Vandals   (Lost by 106 runs)

Innings of Weybridge Vandals – 192 for 7 (30 overs)

1Ian Gregg6.01241
2Darrell Pitts6.00222
3Jake Gordon3.00320
4Daniel Ward3.00320
5Rob Knew6.00393
6Mark Gordon4.00310
7Ben Valentine2.0041
 Extras  (8 b, 1 w, 1 nb)8 

Innings of Badgers – 86 for 7 (30 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Mark Gordon *b.0(1 ct.)1414
2Graham Wardct.26246242
3Peter Snookct.1934630
4Ben Valentinect.8(2 ct.)44751
5Rob Knewb.1564617
6Ian Greggct.6(1 ct.)66440
7Jake Gordonnot out1774810
8Darrell Pittsst.8(1 ct.) 
9Steve Pitts +not out12 
10Simon FoxDNB  
11Daniel WardDNB  
 Extras  (1 lb, 4 w)5 
 Total86 for 7

1 Jul 2012: Badgers at Wallington   (Lost by 31 runs)

Innings of Wallington – 225 for 6 (40 overs)

1Ben Valentine5.00190
2Ian Gregg5.01310
3Rob Knew8.00510
4Jake Gordon8.00641
5Mark Gordon8.00384
6Darrell Pitts6.01191
 Extras  (2 b, 1 lb, 7 w, 2 nb)3 

Innings of Badgers – 194 all out (38.2 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pitts +LBW30149249
2Graham Wardb.32265116
3Simon Foxb.736641
4Peter Snookb.047337
5Ben Valentineb.457350
6Darrell Pittsb.067360
7Mark Gordon *not out88(2 ct.)7109836
8Ian Greggb.13(1 ct.)8139930
9Alec Cochranest.491641025
10Jake Gordonb.3101941130
11Rob Knewb.5 
 Extras  (4 lb, 4 w)8 
 Total194 for 10

22 Jul 2012: Badgers at Malpas   (Won by 7 wickets)

Innings of Malpas – 161 for 9 (40 overs)

1Simon Fox2.0080
2Patrick Redding2.00110
3Andy Iwanoczko4.00250
4Rob Knew6.01120
5Matthew Mann2.00140
6Guy Walker4.0260
7Ian Gregg6.00221
8Simon Walker2.00190
9Mark Gordon8.03184
10Ben Valentine4.00212
 Extras  (4 b, 1 lb, 8 w)5 

Innings of Badgers – 165 for 3 (32 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Simon Walkerct.21(1 ct.)135135
2Guy Walkerret.522128393
3Mark Gordon *ret.55(2 ct.)3143215
4Graham Ward +not out10(1 st.) 
5Patrick Reddingnot out10 
6Simon FoxDNB  
7Ben ValentineDNB (1 ct.) 
8Matthew MannDNB  
9Rob KnewDNB  
10Ian GreggDNB (1 ct.) 
11Andy IwanoczkoDNB (1 ct.) 
 Extras  (10 b, 1 lb, 4 w, 2 nb)17 
 Total165 for 3

12 Aug 2012: Badgers at Reigate Cavaliers   (Match Drawn)

Innings of Reigate Cavaliers – 217 for 9 dec. (48 overs)

1Ben Valentine5.00270
2Rob Knew6.00250
3Ian Gregg14.00564
4Mark Gordon14.01484
5Allan Butt5.00281
6Daniel Ward3.00190
7Guy Walker1.0050
 Extras  (6 b, 3 lb, 4 w, 1 nb)9 

Innings of Badgers – 158 for 8 (40 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Graham Wardct.17142142
2Guy Walkerct.592111369
3Patrick Reddingct.26311120
4Rob Knewb.17(1 ct.)4130519
5Alec Cochraneb.55155425
6Ben Valentineb.18615873
7Allan Buttb.1715880
8Daniel Wardb.0815860
9Mark Gordon *not out0(3 ct.) 
10Ian Greggnot out0(1 ct.) 
11Steve Pitts +DNB (1 st.) 
 Extras  (5 b, 1 lb, 9 w)15 
 Total158 for 8

19 Aug 2012: Badgers at Ripley   (Won by 8 wickets)

Innings of Ripley – 26 all out (16.3 overs)

1Rob Knew8.01124
2Darrell Pitts8.03143
3Jake Gordon0.3001
 Extras  (1 w)0 

Innings of Badgers – 29 for 2 (2.5 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Alec CochraneLBW01010
2Jake Gordonnot out4220320
3Ben Valentineb.16(1 ct.) 
4Allan Buttnot out8 
5Guy WalkerDNB (1 ct.) 
6Darrell PittsDNB  
7Steve Pitts +DNB (1 st.) 
8Mark Gordon *DNB (1 ct.) 
9Rob KnewDNB  
10Simon FoxDNB  
11Patrick ReddingDNB  
 Extras  (1 nb)1 
 Total29 for 2

26 Aug 2012: Badgers at Beechwood   (Lost by 7 wickets)

Innings of Badgers – 121 all out (35.1 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Ian Greggct.01010
2Jake Gordonct.52828
3Allan Buttb.11319311
4Peter Snookct.241940
5Alec Cochranect.051960
6Ben Valentineb.0(1 ct.)61950
7Mark Gordon *ct.50(1 ct.)7104785
8Patrick Reddingct.498121817
9Simon Foxct.1912190
10Darrell Pittsnot out010121110
11Steve Pitts +ct.0 
 Extras  (2 lb, 1 w)3 
 Total121 for 10

Innings of Beechwood – 122 for 3 (23.4 overs)

1Ian Gregg5.01320
2Ben Valentine4.00250
3Darrell Pitts3.00161
4Allan Butt2.00130
5Jake Gordon5.01121
6Mark Gordon4.40191
 Extras  (4 b, 1 lb, 4 w)5 

2 Sep 2012: Badgers at Blindley Heath   (Won by 5 wickets)

Innings of Blindley Heath – 159 for 6 dec. (48 overs)

1Rob Knew11.06161
2Jake Gordon24.06654
3Ben Valentine8.00430
4Matthew Mann5.00331
 Extras  (1 b, 1 lb, 9 w)2 

Innings of Badgers – 160 for 5 (30.1 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pitts +LBW34(1 st.)129229
2Darrell Pittsb.7254125
3Graham Wardct.43(1 ct.)36147
4Simon Foxct.04140579
5Peter Snookct.445155315
6Patrick Reddingnot out7 
7Mark Gordon *not out5 
8Ben ValentineDNB  
9Matthew MannDNB (3 ct.) 
10Rob KnewDNB (1 ct.) 
11Jake GordonDNB  
 Extras  (6 b, 2 lb, 12 w)20 
 Total160 for 5

9 Sep 2012: Badgers at South Park Manor   (Won by 72 runs)

Innings of Badgers – 150 for 8 (40 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Graham Wardct.14113213
2Jake Gordonct.3(1 ct.)233120
3Rob Knewb.29350417
4Ben Valentineb.745555
5Steve Pitts +b.0(1 WKc)56368
6Alec Cochraneb.3(1 ct.)67138
7Mark Gordon *ct.16785714
8Guy Walkernot out27897912
9Ian Greggb.5(1 ct.) 
10Darrell Pittsnot out31 
11Daniel WardDNB  
 Extras  (5 b, 9 w, 1 nb)15 
 Total150 for 8

Innings of South Park Manor – 78 all out (27.5 overs)

1Ian Gregg8.02212
2Darrell Pitts8.03123
3Daniel Ward6.01394
4Jake Gordon5.5231
 Extras  (3 b, 6 w, 6 nb)3 

16 Sep 2012: Badgers at Tadworth   (Won by 4 wickets)

Innings of Tadworth – 94 all out (30.4 overs)

1Allan Butt8.03192
2Darrell Pitts6.01250
3Rob Knew8.0392
4Matthew Mann5.00393
5Mark Gordon2.4122
6Jake Gordon1.0101
 Extras  (6 w, 1 nb)0 

Innings of Badgers – 96 for 6 (26.3 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Graham Wardct.20(1 ct.)126226
2Ben Valentinect.822933
3Peter Snookrun out233617
4Matthew Mannb.8(1 ct.)44347
5Patrick ReddingLBW854865
6Allan Buttct.2682534
7Rob Knewnot out37 
8Jake Gordonnot out4(1 ct.) 
9Darrell PittsDNB  
10Steve Pitts +DNB (1 WKc, 2 st.) 
11Mark Gordon *DNB (2 ct.) 
 Extras  (1 b, 1 lb, 1 w, 4 nb)7 
 Total96 for 6

30 Sep 2012: Badgers at Merrow   (Lost by 175 runs)

Innings of Merrow – 260 for 4 dec. (38 overs)

1Rob Knew14.00620
2Darrell Pitts6.00430
3Allan Butt8.00702
4Jake Gordon2.00220
5Ian Gregg5.00331
6Ben Valentine3.00191
 Extras  (2 b, 1 lb, 4 w)3 

Innings of Badgers – 85 all out (26.5 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pitts *+ct.6(1 WKc, 1 st.)1919
2Simon FoxLBW221334
3Ben Valentinest.4(1 ct.)31320
4Guy Walkerb.141451
5Peter Snookb.1(1 ct.)51460
6Mark Gordonb.061571
7Darrell Pittsct.071540
8Jake GordonLBW5832817
9Allan Buttnot out289651033
10Rob Knewb.1410851120
11Ian Greggst.15 
 Extras  (3 b, 4 w, 2 nb)9 
 Total85 for 10