Badgers Cricket Club – Official Bowling Averages 2019 to present

Affiliated to the CCC

These pages contain the official bowling average tables going all the way back to the club’s first season in 1959. See the other links below, or the menus at the top of the page, for the other averages tables that you can view.

Official Bowling Averages For Season 2020
Jake Gordon636.02162918.05 for 27
Vinny Cibardo854.013165918.34 for 18
Mark Gordon728.37109521.83 for 17
Bill Jenkins744.011184823.03 for 13
Danny Glover726.20171534.23 for 40
Also bowled:Nathaniel Cibardo, Ricky Cibardo, Amy Gordon, Rob Knew, Matthew Mann, Tom Mann, Darrell Pitts, Daniel Ward
Minimum qualification: 15 overs in at least 5 games

Official Bowling Averages For Season 2019
Mark Gordon1899.5154022714.96 for 13
Bill Jenkins967.5182021315.53 for 7
Vinny Cibardo18127.3215192917.95 for 14
Darrell Pitts1470.264082020.45 for 25
Rob Knew1387.0143561720.93 for 35
Jake Gordon625.40159722.73 for 40
Andy Curtis744.56176629.32 for 17
Ricky Cibardo525.01183630.54 for 45
Daniel Ward1255.36311562.23 for 33
Also bowled:Daniel Allen, Lucy Allen, Giles Baker, Allan Butt, Nathaniel Cibardo, Claudie Cooper, Sahil Dawar, Mark Elliott, Danny Glover, Amy Gordon, Ian Gregg, Sid Hussain, Matthew Mann, Tom Mann, Matt Smith, Rod Smith, Ben Valentine, Graham Ward
Minimum qualification: 15 overs in at least 5 games