Badgers Cricket Club – Season 2020 Match Results


This page contains the full results from season 2020, along with links to the match report for each game. The above links, and the navigation bar at the top of the screen, also make it possible to get at the running results and match reports for the other seasons since this web site has been in existence, as well as the results for the seasons back to 1959. Seasons prior to 1984 do not include information about individual performances since full scorebook details have not (yet??) been input to the database for those years.

The entries on this page, and the other running results pages, are in reverse chronological order. This obviously made sense whilst the season was in progress, and I see no good reason to reorder everything now that this page is historical.

Season 2020 Results

Final record: 3 wins, 5 losses, 0 draws

20 Sep vs.Stoke D'Abernon (H) Lost by 22 runs
Stoke 189 all out (J Gordon 5-27)
Badgers 167 for 9 (DJ Pitts 48)
13 Sep vs. Horsley & Send (A) Won by 5 wickets
Horsley 180 for 6 (D Glover 3-40)
Badgers 181 for 5 (DJ Pitts 59 no., J Gordon 53)
6 Sep vs. Ottershaw (H) Won by 3 wickets
Ottershaw 96 all out (A Gordon 4-38, V Cibardo 3-24, RD Knew 3-11, J Gordon 3 ct.)
Badgers 98 for 7  
30 Aug vs. Blindley Heath (A) Won by 1 run
Badgers 130 for 5 (DJ Pitts 56)
Blindley Heath 129 for 5  
23 Aug vs. Woodmansterne (A) Lost by 8 runs
Woodmansterne 108 all out (V Cibardo 4-18)
Badgers 100 all out (J Gordon 48)
16 Aug vs. Old Wimbledonians (A) Lost by 116 runs
Wimbledonians 211 for 4  
Badgers 95 all out  
15 Aug vs. Tadworth (A) Lost by 26 runs
Tadworth 142 for 6 (B Jenkins 3-13)
Badgers 116 all out (B Jenkins 42)
26 Jul vs. Newdigate (A) Lost by 32 runs
Newdigate 171 all out (M Gordon 3-17)
Badgers 139 all out (J Gordon 49)