Badgers Cricket Club – What’s New Archive 2000


This page provides a repository of all the What’s New entries for 2000, or at least all those that I had stashed away when I separated the What’s New entries from the home page in March 2002, in reverse chronological order. If you really have a desire for other old entries, then the links below will get you access to all those that I’ve saved. They are unlikely to be of any great interest, but do provide a picture of how the site has developed over the twenty-four years it has been here. Please bear in mind that links to external sites may have atrophied over time and thus you may see ‘not found’ or similar errors when trying to follow them, especially the further back in time the link was first created.

13 Oct 2000

The dinner and dance is tomorrow night, and the season has been finished for nearly two weeks, so I thought it time to post the final result and match report on the results page. That’s all for the time being, but expect to see the season 2000 averages appear here in the not too distant future (honest!!)

29 Sep 2000

The site has undergone a major revamp internally, the fruits of which are unlikely to be visible to the visitor until after the dinner and dance. Suffice to say that I’ve made things easier for me to manage locally, made it easier for search engine bots to process the site, and made the underlying HTML as standards compliant as I can, bearing in mind that the layout of the site does make use of one or two features that are specific to the two main browsers.

More usefully to you the reader I’ve also added details of the most recent game to the results page, along with a new link to a printer-friendly version of the 1999 results (which is actually the first fruit of the labours mentioned in the paragraph above), and added a couple more new links to the links page.

13 Sep 2000

Latest results and match reports have been added to the results page, but again I’ve not had the time to do anything else :(

3 Sep 2000

Latest results, and match reports this time, have been added to the results page, but I haven’t had the time to do anything else :(

20 Aug 2000

(sigh) I really need to get my act together on updating these pages immediately after each match. I currently have a backlog of four weeks, and that has been compounded by my failure to realise that I’d forgotten to upload the last set of changes that I did to the site.

Anyway, enough breast-beating. You can find all the latest scores on the results page, but there aren’t any match reports for the last few weeks, nor have I managed to put together a page of all the past reports.

I have added several items to the news page as well as updating Mark’s details on the club officers page, adding a couple of new links to the links page and changing the fixture list to reflect the change of venue for this weekend’s game, albeit rather too late for anyone doing anything other than a last minute check.

23 Jul 2000

Still catching up, so the results page now has information up to and including last weekend (16 July). I’ll update again in the middle of the coming week with this weekend’s game.

15 Jul 2000

As ever my apologies for the backlog of results and news that has built up over the past month. A combination of working away from home during the week, ferrying the children to and from sundry events (especially cricket matches!!) at the weekends and our summer holiday have meant that I’ve been very lax in my duties. Hopefully I’ve bought things near enough up-to-date to satisfy everyone, and since I should be back to working from the office for the foreseeable future, I hope to keep things under control.

Changes this time out include a couple of items of interest added to the news page and the results up to and including tour weekend (see the results page for details). I hope to add a separate match reports page, to hold all the historical reports, plus some photographs taken on tour, as time permits.

11 Jun 2000

Apologies for the delay in reporting the fact, but we fashioned our second win of the season last weekend. See the results page for details.

14 May 2000

Our second game proved no more productive than the first, but you can find the gory details on the results page.

A minor adjustment has been made to the fixture list with the Nutfield game, which had to be rearranged to accommodate a postponed Village knockout tie on the original May date, now slated for the 11th June, which was previously an open date in the calendar.

Oh, and I’ve added details of the current running total from my sponsored weight loss to the relevant section of the news page.

9 May 2000

Our season is finally underway, albeit with a whimper. See the results page for further details.

30 Apr 2000

Sadly yesterday’s match was called off several days in advance, so I can’t announce the posting of the first result of the season just yet. However, once results do start to go up I hope to be adding match reports as well, since the Dorking Advertiser have expressed an interest in that area.

As a result of the wash out we’ve extended indoor nets by a week, see the Nets section of the news page for a little more detail. I’ve also added details of my weight at the start of the season to the self-same news page so that you can all work out how much money you owe!!

The only other significant change this time out is a number of updates to the links page, mainly to sites that have been kind enough to add a link to this one, but also to the Club Cricket Conference web site so that you can check out what our annual subscription goes on :) Oh, and I’ve started dropping stale items from this What’s New section.

21 Apr 2000

I’ve added content ratings meta tags to all pages on this site so that it should be visible to everyone, however they’ve set up their browsers to filter unsuitable content. No visible indication of this has yet been added, but will be once I’m satisfied that it all works as intended and once I’ve had the ratings confirmed by the organisations concerned. I’ve also done some minor tidying up, including correcting the UK Directory link.

15 Apr 2000

Following on from the AGM I’ve added details of the new officers to the club officers page; updated the news items to reflect the passing of the AGM; added a news archive for news items past their sell-by date; added most of the missing detail to the fixture list; and added the 1999 results to the results page.

28 Mar 2000

The first stirrings of life have been seen on the links page, along with further news items, a better layout for the fixtures, and a brand new clubhouse page. Check ’em out.

25 Mar 2000

This web site!! Merely a first effort, so currently only this page, the fixtures page and the news page are active. Once the AGM has been and gone (29th March) I expect the content to expand even further and it is possible that the presentation may change somewhat as more interested parties comment on what has been done so far