Badgers Cricket Club – Full Batting Averages 1989 to 1998


These pages contain the full batting average tables going all the way back to the club’s first season in 1959. See the other links below, or the menus at the top of the page, for the other averages tables that you can view.

Complete Batting Averages For Season 1998
David Aldwinckle65217489 no.58.0
Alan Tickner1715737881 no.47.3
Mike Jenkins110434343.0
Darren Hanley8812556836.4
Mark Gordon1514330554 no.27.7
Allan Butt8611313826.2
Dave Tickner14131278103 no.23.2
N Harris110232323.0
Justin Ducker8801627820.3
Steve Pitts1312121541 no.19.5
Steve Ducker110171717.0
David Jones660843714.0
Alan Wilkes1064281214.0
Total Extras181802462813.7
Richard Kemp660783713.0
Barry Davenport1411098218.9
Robert Condie3311577.5
Paul Wilson6512710 no.6.8
John Rourke127138146.3
Greg Noble441116 no.3.7
Mick Willmott1410130213.3
Keith Miller11702193.0
Jeremy Clayton22132 no.3.0
Brent Noble220110.5
Phil Smith320110.5
Roger Brown11199 no.0.0
Huw Campbell110000.0
Ian Gregg220000.0
Tony Shirley110000.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 1997
Mark Gordon131233186635.3
Justin Ducker9912827635.3
David Jones7711506725.0
Alan Tickner131222265422.6
Dave Tickner121212177719.7
Jeremy Clayton330514617.0
Richard Jones320322216.0
Total Extras141402052714.6
Allan Butt752392413.0
Richard Kemp770893912.7
Simon Fox110121212.0
Steve Pitts1091844010.5
Keith Miller64129169.7
Barry Davenport55138319.5
Martin Walker22015107.5
Mick Willmott10742112 no.7.0
Barry Forrester22014107.0
Alan Wilkes12732712 no.6.8
Graham Davenport110555.0
Paul Wilson117120103.3
Mark Johnson110222.0
Brent Noble330331.0
Neil Davenport210111.0
John McCann110000.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 1996
Andy Parker110757575.0
David Aldwinckle11114494107 no.70.6
Mark Gordon19195440103 no.31.4
Allan Butt10821465824.3
Dave Tickner9911913823.9
Brent Noble6527033 no.23.3
Alan Tickner171422614421.8
David Jones8801633920.4
Steve Pitts171532304019.2
Simon Fox220373418.5
Total Extras212103753717.9
Mick Willmott1595661816.5
Mike Percy110161616.0
John Rourke1272631512.6
Barry Forrester1312113639 no.12.4
Suresh Jha11935922 no.9.8
Jeremy Clayton55043268.6
Alan Wilkes151246612 no.8.3
Justin Ducker33024208.0
John McCann54031277.8
Lee Chipsmith110777.0
Richard Kemp87045286.4
Jules Lyon171215538 no.5.0
Lee Foster4301384.3
Martin Walker320442.0
Roy Gordon110222.0
Keith Miller9801361.6

Complete Batting Averages For Season 1995
Mark Gordon1818363210542.1
Jeremy Clayton44111766 no.39.0
Andrew Baird220645932.0
Justin Ducker441754925.0
Darren Hanley440907422.5
Steve Pitts1514226077 no.21.7
Dave Tickner101031392519.9
David Jones101011764219.6
John Rourke10737735 no.19.3
Allan Butt101021484618.5
David Aldwinckle8801413917.6
Alan Wilkes131031222817.4
Suresh Jha6321515 no.15.0
Alan Tickner171421754814.6
Dave Jenkins110141414.0
Roy Gordon663371712.3
Total Extras202002422412.1
Dave Pitts110121212.0
Neal Gordon110111111.0
Keith Miller551412010.3
Andy Ducker660603510.0
Brent Noble75139219.8
Mick Willmott126147189.4
Barry Forrester1411178247.8
Jules Lyon33021147.0
Darrell Williams43020116.7
Richard Kemp1110048184.8
David Bolton110444.0
G Messenger110444.0
Greg Noble331773.5
Lee Foster5401263.0
Andrew Parker210333.0
Julian Eade110111.0
The above table includes performances from the match against Vampire Bats (17 Jun)

Complete Batting Averages For Season 1994
David Aldwinckle9814069558.0
Darren Hanley13133523108 no.52.3
Paul Vernon110323232.0
Robin Suggate210292929.0
Mark Gordon18163350114 no.26.9
Peter Carter3313725 no.18.5
Allan Butt8811294918.4
Brent Noble5533222 no.16.0
Robert Parker110151515.0
Alan Wilkes131001485414.8
Dave Tickner650722214.4
Suresh Jha1293802313.3
Total Extras181702054112.1
Alan Tickner109176309.5
Richard Kemp88075409.4
Steve Pitts14131106248.8
Barry Forrester139066467.3
Martin Walker42014147.0
Lee Foster8612711 no.5.4
John Rourke85026115.2
Roy Gordon110555.0
Keith Miller44017104.3
Mick Willmott159229134.1
Neil McCann110444.0
Jeff Stoker210444.0
Jeremy Clayton320552.5
Richard Chignell320331.5
Andrew Baird1113636 no.0.0
Gary Cann11166 no.0.0
Simon Fox11100 no.0.0
Neal Gordon22200 no.0.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 1993
Darren Hanley19196687104 no.52.8
Jeremy Clayton55112475 no.31.0
David Aldwinckle1111226849 no.29.8
Steve Pitts171633686728.3
Mark Gordon201442316223.1
Alan Tickner161432516122.8
Andy Parker761972719.4
Andrew Baird220373418.5
Lee Foster961732414.6
Roy Gordon5312721 no.13.5
Robin Suggate320271913.5
Total Extras222202852513.0
Dave Tickner1080922711.5
Richard Kemp75049239.8
John Rourke138165269.3
Andrew Hodgson22018109.0
Tony Shirley110999.0
Martin Walker1311178207.8
Mick Willmott2014377167.0
Justin Ducker77048126.9
Karl Roach3311366.5
Peter Carter43019136.3
Barry Forrester161225922 no.5.9
Keith Miller77134135.7
Dave Pitts2201095.0
Allan Butt8612064.0
Cliff Roberts110444.0
Alan Wilkes110444.0
Steve Ducker110222.0
Robert Parker220321.5
Richard Chignell110111.0
Todd Benson1111111 no.0.0
Mark Miller11155 no.0.0
Alan Carter110000.0
Darrell Williams220000.0
The above table includes performances from the match against Ebrington (25 Jun)

Complete Batting Averages For Season 1992
Andy Parker1514540810245.3
David Aldwinckle7702876941.0
Darren Hanley111023045838.0
Alan Tickner141142395734.1
Robert Parker330736524.3
Roy Gordon3212216 no.22.0
Alan Wilkes1210216055 no.20.0
Edmund Byers110202020.0
Lee Foster431391519.5
Jeremy Clayton440744118.5
Andrew Baird420323116.0
Justin Ducker440624915.5
Simon Roughley110151515.0
Steve Pitts151211503713.6
Huw Campbell2211310 no.13.0
Mark Gordon11955121 no.12.8
Total Extras171701912411.2
Dave Tickner330332711.0
Mick Willmott14624323 no.10.8
Brent Noble54129179.7
K Hamilton110999.0
Allan Butt74034268.5
Richard Kemp1110074177.4
Dave Pitts210777.0
Keith Miller5301484.7
Martin Walker13621253.0
A Panton110111.0
Ben ?110000.0
Alan Carter11100 no.0.0
Alan Miller210000.0
The above table includes performances from the match against Ebrington (26 Jun)

Complete Batting Averages For Season 1991
Darren Hanley1393435107 no.72.5
Andy Ducker1413233186 no.30.1
Andy Parker1510221558 no.26.9
Alan Wilkes151232223524.7
Jeremy Clayton9811706324.3
Brian Moore321221222.0
Steve Pitts1411121357 no.21.3
Dave Tickner131001797217.9
Nick Williams121021253715.6
Alan Tickner1482842314.0
Total Extras181702263413.3
Richard Kemp1061612112.2
Keith Miller430352511.7
Justin Ducker76052158.7
Mark Gordon12742611 no.8.7
Roy Gordon310555.0
Huw Campbell106118183.6
Mick Willmott14401293.0
Dave Harris210222.0
Ian Hanley1111414 no.0.0
Brent Noble222139 no.0.0
G Fraser11100 no.0.0
John McCann110000.0
Martin Walker41100 no.0.0
Phil Walters110000.0
The above table includes performances from the match against Churchill (29 Jun)

Complete Batting Averages For Season 1990
Darren Hanley75119090 no.47.5
Robin Suggate101023029137.8
Andy Ducker12123330100 no.36.7
Alan Wilkes111042058034.2
Steve Pitts1413324452 no.24.4
Gareth Limpenny9911885923.5
Alan Tickner1311316028 no.20.0
Adrian Cowell110181818.0
Simon Fox320342317.0
Brian Moore541442614.7
Justin Ducker550642312.8
Total Extras201902272911.9
Jeremy Clayton850582211.6
Andy Parker121001115411.1
Lee Foster5422111 no.10.5
Nick Williams131138234 no.10.3
Peter Legge22019119.5
Dave Tickner1312190228.2
Huw Campbell54123197.7
Dave Pitts3311514 no.7.5
Richard Kemp98150277.1
Steve Ducker1410164197.1
Keith Miller4412119 no.7.0
Mick Willmott1371157 no.2.5
Mark Gordon6401052.5
Karl Roach210222.0
Richard Wesley110222.0
Steve Card210111.0
Martin Walker110111.0
John Reynolds2111818 no.0.0
Dave Harris110000.0
Yohan Samarasingh110000.0
The above table includes performances from the matches against Ebrington (29 Jun) and G.A.M. (9 Sep)

Complete Batting Averages For Season 1989
Simon Fox1311914433 no.72.0
Robin Suggate8802857735.6
Steve Pitts1918249880 no.31.1
Andy Parker151442904829.0
Dave Tickner161332559125.5
Adrian Cowell161503717124.7
Darren Hanley110222222.0
John Reynolds110202020.0
Steve Ducker12801506418.8
Alan Wilkes107110226 no.17.0
Keith Miller9625525 no.13.8
Total Extras191802472813.7
Alan Tickner1612115037 no.13.6
Peter Legge520241612.0
Huw Campbell852269 no.8.7
Nick Williams126050208.3
Andy Ducker210888.0
Richard Kemp76137237.4
Jeremy Clayton873255 no.6.3
Steve Card32165 no.6.0
Dave Pitts320653.0
Mick Willmott1141321.0
Stuart Gambel110111.0
John Costello1111818 no.0.0
Steve Goldman11133 no.0.0
Ian Anstey210000.0
Mark Boyle110000.0