Badgers Cricket Club – Official Catching Leaders 1999 to 2008

Affiliated to the CCC

These pages contain the official catching leader details going all the way back to the club’s first season in 1959, although due to a missing scorebook we do not have complete data for the 1981 season. See the other links below, or the menus at the top of the page, for the other averages tables that you can view.

Catching Leaders For Season 2008
Mark Gordon1515
Patrick Redding139
Graham Ward169
Ian Gregg145

Catching Leaders For Season 2007
Mark Gordon1413
Graham Ward158
Darrell Pitts97
Simon Fox135
The above list excludes performances from the match against Martinstown (22 Jun)

Catching Leaders For Season 2006
Mark Gordon1617
Patrick Redding148
Graham Ward158
Richard Ward125
Ian Gregg125
The above list excludes performances from the match against Tadworth (11 Jul)

Catching Leaders For Season 2005
Mark Gordon1819
Patrick Redding159
Simon Fox117
Alan Tickner105
Graham Davenport155
Graham Ward165

Catching Leaders For Season 2004
Mark Gordon1925
Graham Ward199
Alan Tickner176
Ian Gregg175

Catching Leaders For Season 2003
Mark Gordon2019
Graham Ward1610
Alan Tickner197
Barry Davenport156

Catching Leaders For Season 2002
Mark Gordon2011
Ian Gregg168
Simon Fox135
Barry Davenport145

Catching Leaders For Season 2001
Mark Gordon1710
David Aldwinckle125
Barry Davenport145
Alan Tickner165

Catching Leaders For Season 2000
Mark Gordon1817
Barry Davenport135
Dave Tickner145
Ian Gregg165
Graham Davenport175

Catching Leaders For Season 1999
Mark Gordon148
Barry Davenport168
Allan Butt55
Graham Bird44
David Aldwinckle84
Graham Davenport94