Badgers Cricket Club – Best Individual Performances


These pages contain the best individual performances for each season all the way back to the club’s first in 1959, with the usual provisos around 1981. The qualification criteria for these lists are 50 runs for batting and four wickets for bowling plus they will always include the best three performances of each season (if available). See the other links below, or the menus at the top of the page, for the other averages tables that you can view.

Best Performances Of Season 2008
Bill Jenkins103 no. 28 September vs. Chiltern Gypsies
Patrick Redding99 15 June vs. East Horsley
Patrick Redding85 22 June vs. Tadworth
Graham Ward74 27 April vs. Beechwood
Mark Gordon69 5 July vs. Morden Parish
Graham Ward66 14 September vs. Headley
John Larkin65 no. 11 May vs. Sutton
Patrick Redding65 7 June vs. Epsom Methodists
Patrick Redding63 no. 5 July vs. Morden Parish
Mark Gordon62 22 June vs. Tadworth
Simon Fox58 no. 11 May vs. Sutton
Barry Davenport55 27 July vs. Ham & Petersham
Patrick Redding55 no. 17 August vs. Maori-Oxshott
Simon Fox53 31 May vs. Leigh
Steve Pitts52 no. 23 August vs. Morden Corinthians
Steve Pitts51 11 May vs. Sutton
Steve Pitts50 7 June vs. Epsom Methodists
Simon Fox50 28 September vs. Chiltern Gypsies
Graham Ward8 for 65 28 September vs. Chiltern Gypsies
Chris Turner5 for 25 7 June vs. Epsom Methodists
Darrell Pitts5 for 31 13 July vs. Ockham
Chris Turner5 for 64 4 May vs. Broadbridge Heath
Graham Ward4 for 20 31 August vs. Blindley Heath
Chris Turner4 for 28 27 April vs. Beechwood
Mark Gordon4 for 43 5 July vs. Morden Parish
Darrell Pitts4 for 45 25 May vs. Dormansland
Graham Ward4 for 53 27 July vs. Ham & Petersham
Ian Gregg4 for 58 14 September vs. Headley

Best Performances Of Season 2007
Mark Gordon94 no. 5 August vs. Englefield Green
Simon Fox83 25 August vs. Morden Corinthians
Richard Ward80 no. 22 July vs. Seven Sports
Patrick Redding78 no. 12 August vs. Reigate Cavaliers
Alan Tickner74 no. 23 September vs. Ockley
Patrick Redding73 16 September vs. Headley
Paul Little70 no. 29 July vs. Ham & Petersham
Patrick Redding67 15 July vs. Ockham
Graham Davenport64 17 June vs. East Horsley
Patrick Redding62 no. 10 June vs. Tadworth
Patrick Redding62 no. 25 August vs. Morden Corinthians
Graham Ward60 no. 6 May vs. Broadbridge Heath
Patrick Redding60 #22 June vs. Martinstown
Patrick Redding57 22 July vs. Seven Sports
Simon Clementson57 29 July vs. Ham & Petersham
Steve Pitts53 23 September vs. Ockley
 #  this performance was recorded in a game that did not count towards the official averages
Ian Gregg6 for 47 7 July vs. Woldingham Village
Darrell Pitts5 for 12 23 September vs. Ockley
Ian Gregg5 for 29 25 August vs. Morden Corinthians
Graham Ward4 for 13 2 June vs. Leigh
Graham Ward4 for 33 5 August vs. Englefield Green

Best Performances Of Season 2006
Patrick Redding103 no. 30 July vs. Ham & Petersham
Mark Gordon91 no. 23 July vs. Seven Sports
Patrick Redding85 #11 July vs. Tadworth
Patrick Redding64 no. 3 September vs. Blindley Heath
Richard Ward60 no. 24 September vs. Ockley
John Larkin56 no. 6 August vs. Englefield Green
Patrick Redding56 17 September vs. Headley
Patrick Redding51 13 May vs. Surrey Seamers
 #  this performance was recorded in a game that did not count towards the official averages
Ian Gregg5 for 26 17 September vs. Headley
Ian Gregg5 for 50 8 July vs. Woldingham Village
Darrell Pitts4 for 10 28 May vs. Dormansland
Mark Gordon4 for 17 28 May vs. Dormansland
Mark Gordon4 for 30 6 August vs. Englefield Green
Mick Willmott4 for 43 6 August vs. Englefield Green

Best Performances Of Season 2005
Patrick Redding122 no. 2 July vs. Woldingham Village
Mark Gordon100 26 June vs. Milton
Mark Gordon94 no. 31 July vs. East Horsley
Patrick Redding85 1 May vs. Broadbridge Heath
Richard Ward83 no. 22 May vs. Dormansland
Patrick Redding81 14 August vs. Streatham & Marlborough
Andy Parker74 11 June vs. NPL Teddington
Alan Tickner73 11 September vs. Headley
Steve Pitts70 23 July vs. Edward Alleyn & Honor Oak
Simon Fox69 28 May vs. Epsom Methodists
Patrick Redding60 no. 28 May vs. Epsom Methodists
Mark Gordon60 no. 10 July vs. Eden Park
Paul Little58 14 August vs. Streatham & Marlborough
Steve Pitts54 21 August vs. Maori-Oxshott
John Larkin54 28 August vs. Blindley Heath
Graham Davenport7 for 51 23 July vs. Edward Alleyn & Honor Oak
Graham Davenport6 for 26 28 May vs. Epsom Methodists
Graham Ward6 for 41 28 August vs. Blindley Heath
Mark Gordon5 for 14 5 June vs. Stoke D'Abernon
Mick Willmott5 for 19 14 May vs. Leigh
Allan Butt4 for 24 21 August vs. Maori-Oxshott
Alan Tickner4 for 31 11 September vs. Headley
Mick Willmott4 for 57 24 September vs. Merrow

Best Performances Of Season 2004
Patrick Redding111 no. 29 May vs. Epsom Methodists
Patrick Redding106 no. 3 July vs. Woldingham Village
Patrick Redding103 no. 24 July vs. Old Alleynians
Paul Little76 15 August vs. Newchapel & Horne
Alan Tickner74 no. 29 May vs. Epsom Methodists
Patrick Redding72 19 September vs. Ockley
Mark Gordon69 22 August vs. Maori-Oxshott
Mark Gordon66 1 August vs. Ham & Petersham
Richard Ward64 no. 25 September vs. Merrow
Patrick Redding55 10 July vs. Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Barry Davenport54 6 June vs. Stoke D'Abernon
Steve Pitts51 22 August vs. Maori-Oxshott
Ian Gregg6 for 25 15 May vs. Leigh
Mark Gordon5 for 21 22 August vs. Maori-Oxshott
Ian Gregg5 for 32 12 September vs. Crondall
Alan Tickner5 for 33 25 September vs. Merrow
Mick Willmott5 for 52 6 June vs. Stoke D'Abernon
Alan Tickner4 for 22 10 July vs. Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Best Performances Of Season 2003
Patrick Redding106 14 September vs. Crondall
Patrick Redding103 no. 8 June vs. Stoke D'Abernon
Patrick Redding95 26 July vs. Old Alleynians
Paul Little90 no. 17 August vs. Newchapel & Horne
Alan Tickner82 no. 8 June vs. Stoke D'Abernon
Patrick Redding80 no. 3 August vs. Rowan
Mark Gordon78 no. 5 July vs. Woldingham Village
Mark Gordon70 no. 11 May vs. Caterham
Alan Tickner67 28 June vs. Hook Norton
Simon Fox67 no. 6 September vs. Burgh Heath
Simon Fox66 no. 14 June vs. NPL Lensbury
Mark Gordon66 13 July vs. Clapham Nomads
Mark Gordon65 no. 31 August vs. Blindley Heath
Alan Tickner64 no. 31 May vs. Epsom Methodists
David Aldwinckle64 no. 5 July vs. Woldingham Village
Patrick Redding64 31 August vs. Blindley Heath
Steve Pitts63 26 July vs. Old Alleynians
Mark Gordon60 10 August vs. Reigate Cavaliers
Alan Tickner59 11 May vs. Caterham
Steve Pitts59 no. 14 June vs. NPL Lensbury
Andy Parker56 24 August vs. Maori-Oxshott
Patrick Redding51 19 July vs. Ewhurst
Alan Tickner8 for 28 27 September vs. Merrow
Marc Robson4 for 28 19 July vs. Ewhurst
Graham Davenport4 for 29 21 September vs. Ockley

Best Performances Of Season 2002
Alan Tickner100 no. 1 June vs. Epsom Methodists
Barry Davenport72 30 June vs. Milton
Alan Tickner69 27 July vs. Old Alleynians
Steve Pitts66 1 September vs. Blindley Heath
Barry Davenport64 22 June vs. Merrow
Alan Tickner60 21 September vs. Beddington
Alan Tickner57 7 September vs. Epsom Liberals
Mark Gordon56 1 September vs. Blindley Heath
Mark Gordon53 no. 29 June vs. Hook Norton
David Aldwinckle53 21 September vs. Beddington
Simon Fox52 7 September vs. Epsom Liberals
Alan Tickner5 for 5 13 July vs. South Beckenham
Mark Gordon5 for 9 18 August vs. Deando (formerly Ceraf)
Mark Gordon5 for 16 9 June vs. Stoke D'Abernon
Ian Gregg5 for 20 9 June vs. Stoke D'Abernon
Graham Davenport4 for 20 18 May vs. Leigh
Graham Davenport4 for 37 11 August vs. Reigate Cavaliers

Best Performances Of Season 2001
Alan Tickner102 4 August vs. Wimbledon Village
David Aldwinckle66 no. 28 July vs. Old Alleynians
David Aldwinckle61 no. 9 June vs. Ockley
David Aldwinckle60 27 May vs. Wallington
Mark Gordon60 12 August vs. Reigate Cavaliers
Simon Fox56 no. 4 August vs. Wimbledon Village
Barry Davenport55 no. 2 June vs. Epsom Methodists
Mick Willmott5 for 12 30 June vs. Hook Norton
David Aldwinckle4 for 15 21 July vs. Ewhurst
Mark Gordon4 for 19 1 July vs. Milton
Allan Butt4 for 27 29 June vs. Windrush Valley
Graham Davenport4 for 46 19 May vs. Leigh
Mick Willmott4 for 60 28 July vs. Old Alleynians

Best Performances Of Season 2000
Steve Pitts97 3 September vs. Blindley Heath
Dave Tickner86 13 August vs. Reigate Cavaliers
David Aldwinckle81 17 June vs. National Physical Laboratory
Steve Pitts74 17 June vs. National Physical Laboratory
David Aldwinckle65 2 July vs. Hook Norton
Justin Ducker62 9 September vs. Horsley & Send
Mark Gordon61 no. 6 August vs. Stoke D'Abernon
Barry Davenport60 11 June vs. Nutfield
Alan Tickner56 6 August vs. Stoke D'Abernon
David Aldwinckle56 no. 20 August vs. Ceraf
Steve Pitts51 15 July vs. Seveno
Mark Gordon51 9 September vs. Horsley & Send
Alan Wilkes7 for 38 7 May vs. Banstead
Mark Gordon5 for 37 22 July vs. Ewhurst
Allan Butt4 for 13 17 September vs. Crondall
Mark Gordon4 for 13 30 September vs. Merrow
Alan Tickner4 for 25 17 September vs. Crondall
Mick Willmott4 for 35 29 July vs. Old Alleynians
Alan Tickner4 for 44 25 June vs. Loose
Alan Tickner4 for 55 27 August vs. Oxshott
Mick Willmott4 for 76 13 August vs. Reigate Cavaliers

Best Performances Of Season 1999
David Aldwinckle119 no. 22 August vs. Ewhurst
Darren Hanley113 no. 30 May vs. Valley End
Alan Tickner102 no. 15 August vs. Ceraf
Dave Tickner101 12 September vs. Epsom
David Aldwinckle83 15 May vs. Leigh
Darren Hanley76 8 May vs. Rowan
David Aldwinckle75 27 June vs. Hook Norton
David Aldwinckle69 no. 6 June vs. Crondall
Mark Gordon64 27 June vs. Hook Norton
Darren Hanley64 29 August vs. Blindley Heath
David Aldwinckle60 no. 26 June vs. Heythrop Park (Nat West)
Darren Hanley59 2 May vs. Nutfield
David Jones54 22 August vs. Ewhurst
Dave Tickner54 29 August vs. Blindley Heath
Allan Butt6 for 14 12 June vs. National Physical Laboratory
Mick Willmott5 for 21 26 June vs. Heythrop Park (Nat West)
Alan Wilkes4 for 13 23 May vs. Dormansland
John Rourke4 for 15 15 August vs. Ceraf
Justin Ducker4 for 42 20 June vs. Loose
John Rourke4 for 54 30 May vs. Valley End
Mick Willmott4 for 65 27 June vs. Hook Norton