Badgers Cricket Club – Season 1994 Scorecards


This page contains the scorecards for season 1994. The links below provide a direct route to the card for each game plus access to the cards for seasons from 1984 to the present. For seasons 2000 onwards it is also possible to link to them from the associated results page entries or match reports and I hope to extend that facility to include all of the historical results pages, once I’ve figured out the best method of doing so.

All of the useful information that I have for each game is presented here, but I am still not entirely happy with the layout and would welcome any suggestions as to how it could be made clearer. Most of the abbreviations used here should be familiar to cricket lovers everywhere, but just in case:

Byes (listed against Extras)
Caught (in the How Out column) or outfield catches made
Did Not Bat
Leg byes (listed against Extras)
Leg Before Wicket
No balls (listed against Extras)
Penalty runs (listed against Extras)
ret. no.
Retired not out (usually a batter who retired hurt and did not resume their innings)
ret. out
Retired (for reasons that obviate a retired not out)
Stumped (in the How Out column) or stumpings made
Wides (listed against Extras)
Catches made by a wicket keeper
Wicket keeper

30 Apr 1994: Badgers at Pearl Assurance   (Lost by 7 wickets)

Innings of Badgers – 183 for 6 dec.

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pittsct.14128128
2Martin Walkerrun out1423325
3Darren Hanleynot out108351418
4Neil McCannct.4490539
5Suresh JhaLBW165128638
6Peter Carterb.46149721
7Robert Parkerct.15 
8Mark Gordonnot out1(1 ct.) 
9Mick WillmottDNB  
10M ThomasDNB  
11John McCannDNB  
 Extras  4 
 Total*180* for 6

Innings of Pearl Assurance – 185 for 3 (39.5 overs)

1Suresh Jha12.02491
2Mark Gordon6.51220
3Mick Willmott7.00461
4Martin Walker11.00391
5Neil McCann3.00260
 Extras  5 

28 May 1994: Badgers at Newchapel & Horne   (Won by 4 wickets)

Innings of Newchapel & Horne – 79 all out (51.3 overs)

1David Aldwinckle10.0491
2Suresh Jha5.0330
3Alan Tickner9.03151
4Alan Wilkes6.0180
5Martin Walker11.01254
6Mick Willmott10.32212
 Extras  1 
 Totals51.314* 82*8

Innings of Badgers – 81 for 6

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pittsb.24(3 st.)128128
2Dave Ticknerct.423133
3Darren Hanleyct.333120
4Mark Gordonct.19467536
5David Aldwincklect.1957346
6Alan Wilkesb.367562
7Suresh Jhanot out6 
8Alan Ticknernot out0(1 ct.) 
9Barry ForresterDNB  
10Martin WalkerDNB  
11Mick WillmottDNB (1 ct.) 
 Extras  3 
 Total81 for 6

11 Jun 1994: Reigate Cavaliers at Badgers   (Won by 2 wickets)

Innings of Reigate Cavaliers – 162 all out (55.1 overs)

1David Aldwinckle11.11311
2Suresh Jha7.00111
3Alan Wilkes8.01232
4Alan Tickner8.02231
5Mick Willmott8.02282
6Allan Butt7.02191
7Martin Walker6.01222
 Extras  3 

Innings of Badgers – 164 for 8

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Alan Ticknerb.301121
2Martin Walkerb.0(1 ct.)226325
3Darren Hanleyct.4348122
4Mark Gordonct.15(3 WKc)462414
5Lee Fosterb.356654
6David Aldwincklenot out596123757
7Alan Wilkesb.247135812
8Barry Forresterb.4814499
9Allan Buttct.3(1 ct.) 
10Suresh Jhanot out3 
11Mick WillmottDNB  
 Extras  19 
 Total164 for 8

24 Jun 1994: Badgers at Ebrington   (Won by 34 runs)

Innings of Badgers – 177 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Dave Ticknerct.7113113
2Brent Noblect.621522
3Richard Kempct.15(1 ct.)344429
4Darren Hanleyct.12(1 ct.)456312
5Jeremy Claytonb.056155
6Steve Pittsct.466665
7Alan Wilkesct.547131865
8Allan Buttb.338173942
9Mick Willmottct.13917774
10Mark Gordonnot out0(2 ct.) 
 Extras  33 
 Total177 for 9

Innings of Ebrington – 143 all out (24.3 overs)

1Allan Butt8.02213
2Mick Willmott11.30934
3Mark Gordon5.01161
 Extras  1 

25 Jun 1994: Badgers at Heythrop Park (Nat West)   (Won by 10 runs)

Innings of Badgers – 145 for 7 (35 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pittsb.5(2 st.)115115
2Mark GordonLBW31(1 ct.)248233
3Barry Forresterct.4634840
4Richard Kempct.0499551
5Suresh Jhact.235118619
6Allan Buttct.116130312
7Darren Hanleynot out18(1 ct.)713181
8Mick Willmottct.1(1 ct.) 
9Brent Noblenot out4 
10Alan CarterDNB  
11Alan WilkesDNB  
 Extras  6 
 Total145 for 7

Innings of Heythrop Park (Nat West) – 135 for 9 (35 overs)

1Mark Gordon7.01242
2Suresh Jha7.00240
3Mick Willmott7.00271
4Alan Wilkes7.01201
5Allan Butt7.00373
 Extras  3 

26 Jun 1994: Badgers at Hook Norton   (Won by 100 runs)

Innings of Badgers – 178 for 7 dec.

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pittsct.8(1 WKc)111111
2Allan Buttct.492109398
3Darren Hanleyct.47(1 ct.)311728
4Keith Millerct.2412548
5Richard Kempct.4512560
6Alan Wilkesb.0612651
7Brent Noblenot out22(2 ct.)7169843
8Mark Gordonct.22(1 ct.) 
9Suresh Jhanot out5 
10Mick WillmottDNB (1 ct.) 
11Jeremy ClaytonDNB  
 Extras  19 
 Total178 for 7

Innings of Hook Norton – 78 all out (26 overs)

1Suresh Jha7.01152
2Mark Gordon5.00161
3Mick Willmott8.00275
4Brent Noble6.02202
 Extras  0 

3 Jul 1994: Badgers at Crondall   (Match Drawn)

Innings of Badgers – 170 for 5 dec.

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve PittsLBW11(1 WKc)150150
2Mark Gordonb.60(2 ct.)2117367
3Darren Hanleyct.343138221
4Peter Carterrun out8(1 ct.)4148410
5Alan Ticknerct.105169521
6Gary Cannnot out6 
7Brent Noblenot out0 
8Suresh JhaDNB  
9Martin WalkerDNB  
10Barry ForresterDNB  
11John RourkeDNB (1 ct.) 
 Extras  41 
 Total170 for 5

Innings of Crondall – 128 for 8 (40 overs)

1Suresh Jha5.02140
2John Rourke5.01121
3Martin Walker11.00423
4Alan Tickner5.0190
5Peter Carter4.00150
6Gary Cann6.01101
7Brent Noble4.02102
 Extras  16 

9 Jul 1994: Badgers at Nat West   (Won by 81 runs)

Innings of Badgers – 157 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pittsb.3(1 WKc, 1 st.)1515
2Mark Gordonb.1(2 ct.)2520
3Keith Millerb.4316311
4Darren Hanleyct.71431515
5Barry Forresterb.6(1 ct.)548617
6Richard ChignellLBW36122474
7Paul Vernonb.32712280
8Alan Wilkesb.0812876
9Allan Buttnot out1791471019
10Mick Willmottb.6(1 ct.)101571110
11Suresh Jhab.5 
 Extras  9 
 Total157 for 10

Innings of Nat West – 76 all out (38.5 overs)

1Suresh Jha6.0261
2Mick Willmott11.50214
3Mark Gordon6.02152
4Allan Butt4.0171
5Alan Wilkes4.0070
6Richard Chignell4.01100
7Paul Vernon3.0141
 Extras  6 

16 Jul 1994: Badgers at Dormansland   (Lost by 7 wickets)

Innings of Badgers – 143 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Mark Gordonb.181424
2Alan Ticknerrun out2(1 ct.)239135
3David Aldwincklect.37366427
4Lee Fosterb.247034
5Dave Ticknerst.225120650
6Alan Wilkesst.38612373
7John Rourkect.3712885
8Jeff Stokerb.48139511
9Barry Forresterct.49142103
10Mick Willmottb.11014391
11Neal Gordonnot out0 
 Extras  12 
 Total143 for 10

Innings of Dormansland – 144 for 3 (44 overs)

1John Rourke10.01270
2Alan Wilkes12.02390
3Alan Tickner11.03341
4Mick Willmott11.01370
 Extras  6 

23 Jul 1994: Badgers at Old Alleynians   (Lost by 32 runs)

Innings of Old Alleynians – 194 all out (56.4 overs)

1Suresh Jha12.05182
2John Rourke12.05272
3Mark Gordon7.0280
4Mick Willmott8.01420
5David Aldwinckle10.01274
6Richard Chignell4.00210
7Barry Forrester3.00291
8Steve Pitts0.4081
 Extras  15 

Innings of Badgers – 162 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Aldwincklerun out78127227
2Steve Pittsct.23(2 WKc)22932
3Keith Millerct.1339410
4Mark Gordonct.2(1 ct., 1 WKc)41505111
5Richard Kempb.40515212
6Suresh Jhab.1615270
7Richard Chignellct.0715664
8John Rourkeb.6816094
9Barry Forresterb.0916181
10Mick Willmottct.110162101
11Neal Gordonnot out0 
 Extras  8 
 Total*160* for 10

30 Jul 1994: Badgers at Lingfield   (Won by 7 wickets)

Innings of Lingfield – 104 all out (39 overs)

1John Rourke7.01201
2Alan Tickner6.0462
3Mark Gordon6.00230
4Alan Wilkes13.01374
5Andrew Baird7.01182
 Extras  0 

Innings of Badgers – 105 for 3

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Jeremy Claytonct.51515
2Alan Ticknerct.02732
3Richard Kempct.0(1 ct.)3720
4Darren Hanleynot out64(2 WKc) 
5Andrew Bairdnot out36 
6Jeff StokerDNB  
7Lee FosterDNB (1 ct.) 
8Robin SuggateDNB (1 ct.) 
9Alan WilkesDNB  
10Mark GordonDNB (1 ct.) 
11John RourkeDNB  
 Extras  4 
 Total*109* for 3

6 Aug 1994: Badgers at American Express   (Won by 39 runs)

Innings of Badgers – 156 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Aldwincklect.95(1 ct.)117217
2Lee Fosterb.6264347
3Dave Ticknerb.18(1 ct.)36844
4Richard Kempct.1494526
5Allan Buttb.1059965
6Barry Forresterb.26112713
7Alan Wilkesct.87152140
8Alan Ticknerct.9815290
9Mark Gordonct.0(1 ct.)915381
10Mick Willmottnot out2(1 ct.)10156113
11Steve Pittsb.0(1 WKc, 3 st.) 
 Extras  5 
 Total156 for 10

Innings of American Express – 117 all out (36 overs)

1Mark Gordon4.01160
2Alan Wilkes6.01160
3Mick Willmott14.04494
4Allan Butt5.02172
5Alan Tickner6.01134
6David Aldwinckle1.0040
 Extras  2 

20 Aug 1994: Badgers at Queen Mary's Hospital   (Lost by 6 wickets)

Innings of Badgers – 120 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Aldwincklect.10(1 ct.)120120
2Steve Pittsct.9(1 WKc, 1 st.)22020
3Darren Hanleyct.10335315
4Lee Fosterb.443540
5Mark Gordonct.453560
6Brent Nobleb.064156
7Peter Carternot out25769828
8Alan Ticknerct.20884915
9John Rourkect.11991107
10Mick Willmottb.3101201129
11Barry Forresterct.4 
 Extras  20 
 Total120 for 10

Innings of Queen Mary's Hospital – 121 for 4 (36 overs)

1John Rourke5.01200
2Alan Tickner11.03193
3David Aldwinckle9.04151
4Mick Willmott4.00300
5Mark Gordon5.00200
6Peter Carter2.0080
 Extras  9 

28 Aug 1994: Badgers at Blindley Heath   (Won by 41 runs)

Innings of Badgers – 171 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pittsb.0(1 ct.)1010
2Dave Ticknerct.21248248
3Robin Suggatect.29360312
4Darren Hanleyct.57486526
5Richard Kempct.12598612
6Barry Forresterb.06123725
7Alan Wilkesct.137151428
8Mark GordonLBW10(2 ct.)815180
9Suresh Jhab.159171920
10Roy Gordonst.5(1 WKc)10171100
11Simon Foxnot out0(2 ct.) 
 Extras  9 
 Total171 for 10

Innings of Blindley Heath – 130 all out (35.3 overs)

1Suresh Jha8.32232
2Mark Gordon7.01272
3Darren Hanley5.01142
4Robin Suggate7.01423
5Barry Forrester3.01120
6Steve Pitts5.0260
 Extras  7 

3 Sep 1994: Sunnyside at Badgers   (Lost by 4 wickets)

Innings of Badgers – 192 for 2 dec.

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Alan Ticknerb.5114114
2Mark Gordonnot out114(1 ct.)21223108
3Darren Hanleyb.60(1 ct.) 
4Lee Fosternot out11 
5Steve PittsDNB (2 WKc) 
6Alan WilkesDNB  
7Barry ForresterDNB  
8Steve PerryDNB  
9Suresh JhaDNB  
10Mick WillmottDNB  
11Richard ChignellDNB  
 Extras  2 
 Total192 for 2

Innings of Sunnyside – 194 for 6 (34.3 overs)

1Suresh Jha4.00320
2Alan Wilkes10.00460
3Alan Tickner10.01463
4Mick Willmott7.01392
5Richard Chignell3.00191
6Mark Gordon0.3080
 Extras  6 

10 Sep 1994: Badgers at Leigh   (Match Abandoned)

Innings of Leigh – 71 for 7 (24.4 overs)

1Alan Tickner7.01212
2Suresh Jha10.02224
3David Aldwinckle5.41141
4John Rourke2.0050
 Extras  9 

Innings of Badgers – did not bat

No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)    
 Alan Tickner   
 Suresh Jha   
 David Aldwinckle   
 John Rourke  (2 ct.) 
 Dave Tickner  (2 WKc) 
 Mark Gordon   
 Barry Forrester   
 Brian Edwards   
 Lee Foster   
 Mick Willmott   

17 Sep 1994: Badgers at Valley End   (Lost by 62 runs)

Innings of Valley End – 188 for 5 dec. (50 overs)

1Alan Tickner12.04341
2Mark Gordon5.01160
3David Aldwinckle6.02261
4Mick Willmott6.00400
5Alan Wilkes6.02190
6John Rourke7.03261
7Allan Butt8.04222
 Extras  5 

Innings of Badgers – 126 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Aldwinckleb.43110210
2Alan Ticknerb.0277167
3Darren Hanleyct.35(1 ct.)396319
4Mark Gordonb.24(1 ct.)4108512
5Lee Fosterb.1510840
6Alan Wilkesb.2611072
7Barry Forresterrun out0711686
8Allan Buttb.6811660
9Steve Pittsnot out4(3 WKc)9116100
10Mick Willmottct.0101261110
11John Rourkect.6 
 Extras  5 
 Total126 for 10

24 Sep 1994: Badgers at Egham   (Lost by 137 runs)

Innings of Egham – 265 for 8 (40 overs)

1Suresh Jha6.00501
2Alan Wilkes12.01663
3David Aldwinckle7.00311
4Mick Willmott4.00410
5John Rourke4.00220
6Allan Butt7.00432
 Extras  12 

Innings of Badgers – 128 all out (25.2 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Aldwincklect.651222
2Steve Pittsb.1(1 WKc)252350
3Mark Gordonb.29(2 ct.)367415
4Richard Kempct.34107540
5Keith Millerct.10510760
6Allan Buttb.0(2 ct.)6120713
7Alan Wilkesct.6712010
8Suresh Jhab.6812686
9John Rourkeb.0912892
10Mick Willmottnot out2(1 ct.) 
 Extras  6 
 Total128 for 9