Badgers Cricket Club – Averages 2000


This page contains, for season 2000, all of the average tables that have historically appeared in the annual ‘Facts And Figures’ report, itself now an historical artefact – full and official batting and bowling averages, best performances and partnerships, catching leaders and miscellaneous statistics – along with one or two others that have appeared from time-to-time, like five year and lifetime tables. In addition, there are links to the other top level pages, which you can also reach from the drop down menus at the top of the page.

Season analysis for 2000
Runs scored:2735 for 147 wickets(at 18.61 per wicket
 and 136.75 per game)
Runs allowed:2822 for 160 wickets(at 17.64 per wicket
 and 141.10 per game)
Match Record At End Season 2000
Seasons 1959-1999714316214181357.1
Season 20002096557.5
BATTINGTotal runs scored88453
Total wickets lost5342
Average per wicket16.56
Average per game120.51
BOWLINGTotal runs allowed82257
Total wickets taken5803
Average per wicket14.17
Average per game112.07

Official Batting Averages For Season 2000
David Aldwinckle6622778169.3
Mark Gordon1818633061 no.27.5
Steve Pitts151403649726.0
Alan Tickner161451795619.9
David Jones8701384219.7
Dave Tickner141412378618.2
Barry Davenport131301816013.9
John Rourke1383581811.6
Graham Davenport17170167319.8
Richard Kemp9933512 no.5.8
Ian Gregg161125114 no.5.7
Keith Miller118139185.6
Mick Willmott1610231183.9
Also batted:Shayne Barge, Allan Butt, Chris Byrne, Jeremy Clayton, Justin Ducker, Bob Emmett, Richard Emmett, Nick Gregg, Darren Hanley, John Minnett, Darrell Pitts, Justin Rookard, Phil Smith, Martin Walker, Alan Wilkes, Luke Worthington
Minimum qualification: 5 innings

Official Bowling Averages For Season 2000
Alan Wilkes552.015111147.97 for 38
David Aldwinckle537.51082711.73 for 4
Alan Tickner12133.2353302712.24 for 25
Mark Gordon17119.0263472613.35 for 37
Ian Gregg16146.4284392319.13 for 26
Mick Willmott1374.264071921.44 for 35
John Rourke13148.0334391333.82 for 19
Also bowled:Allan Butt, Barry Davenport, Graham Davenport, Justin Ducker, Darren Hanley, Keith Miller, John Minnett, Darrell Pitts, Steve Pitts, Martin Walker, Luke Worthington
Minimum qualification: 15 overs in at least 5 games

Catching Leaders For Season 2000
Mark Gordon1817
Barry Davenport135
Dave Tickner145
Ian Gregg165
Graham Davenport175

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2000
David Aldwinckle6622778169.3
Allan Butt5428644 no.43.0
Darren Hanley110424242.0
Mark Gordon1818633061 no.27.5
Steve Pitts151403649726.0
Justin Ducker430766225.3
Luke Worthington4416742 no.22.3
Alan Tickner161451795619.9
David Jones8701384219.7
Dave Tickner141412378618.2
Total Extras202003173215.9
Barry Davenport131301816013.9
John Rourke1383581811.6
Graham Davenport17170167319.8
Nick Gregg42018169.0
Bob Emmett210888.0
Richard Kemp9933512 no.5.8
Ian Gregg161125114 no.5.7
Keith Miller118139185.6
Mick Willmott1610231183.9
Darrell Pitts321333.0
Martin Walker530642.0
Alan Wilkes630321.0
Chris Byrne2111111 no.0.0
Justin Rookard11166 no.0.0
Shayne Barge21155 no.0.0
Jeremy Clayton110000.0
Richard Emmett110000.0
John Minnett32100 no.0.0
Phil Smith110000.0

Complete Bowling Averages For Season 2000
Darren Hanley13.01431.33 for 4
Alan Wilkes552.015111147.97 for 38
Luke Worthington13.00818.01 for 8
David Aldwinckle537.51082711.73 for 4
Alan Tickner12133.2353302712.24 for 25
Allan Butt417.0274612.34 for 13
Mark Gordon17119.0263472613.35 for 37
Steve Pitts310.4227213.51 for 6
Ian Gregg16146.4284392319.13 for 26
John Minnett321.00121620.23 for 31
Mick Willmott1374.264071921.44 for 35
Barry Davenport412.0244222.01 for 1
Justin Ducker317.0170323.32 for 31
John Rourke13148.0334391333.82 for 19
Darrell Pitts11.00200.00 for 2
Keith Miller12.00500.00 for 5
Graham Davenport310.004900.00 for 8
Martin Walker417.018300.00 for 8

Best Performances Of Season 2000
Steve Pitts97 3 September vs. Blindley Heath
Dave Tickner86 13 August vs. Reigate Cavaliers
David Aldwinckle81 17 June vs. National Physical Laboratory
Steve Pitts74 17 June vs. National Physical Laboratory
David Aldwinckle65 2 July vs. Hook Norton
Justin Ducker62 9 September vs. Horsley & Send
Mark Gordon61 no. 6 August vs. Stoke D'Abernon
Barry Davenport60 11 June vs. Nutfield
Alan Tickner56 6 August vs. Stoke D'Abernon
David Aldwinckle56 no. 20 August vs. Ceraf
Steve Pitts51 15 July vs. Seveno
Mark Gordon51 9 September vs. Horsley & Send
Alan Wilkes7 for 38 7 May vs. Banstead
Mark Gordon5 for 37 22 July vs. Ewhurst
Allan Butt4 for 13 17 September vs. Crondall
Mark Gordon4 for 13 30 September vs. Merrow
Alan Tickner4 for 25 17 September vs. Crondall
Mick Willmott4 for 35 29 July vs. Old Alleynians
Alan Tickner4 for 44 25 June vs. Loose
Alan Tickner4 for 55 27 August vs. Oxshott
Mick Willmott4 for 76 13 August vs. Reigate Cavaliers

Best Partnerships Of Season 2000
1st wicket67Steve Pitts & Dave Tickner3 Sep vs. Blindley Heath
2nd wicket168  !Steve Pitts & David Aldwinckle17 Jun vs. NPL
97Steve Pitts & David Jones3 Sep vs. Blindley Heath
86David Aldwinckle & Darren Hanley2 Jul vs. Hook Norton
3rd wicket108Justin Ducker & Mark Gordon9 Sep vs. Horsley & Send
92Steve Pitts & Barry Davenport11 Jun vs. Nutfield
4th wicket132Mark Gordon & Alan Tickner6 Aug vs. Stoke
96Dave Tickner & Luke Worthington13 Aug vs. Reigate Cav.
5th wicket36Mark Gordon & Nick Gregg8 Jul vs. Rowan
6th wicket39*Allan Butt & Ian Gregg22 Jul vs. Ewhurst
7th wicket43Steve Pitts & Mark Gordon15 Jul vs. Seveno
8th wicket39David Aldwinckle & Graham Davenport25 Jun vs. Loose
9th wicket30Mark Gordon & Dave Tickner17 Sep vs. Crondall
10th wicket24Allan Butt & Darrell Pitts30 Sep vs. Merrow
 *  this partnership was unbroken
 !  this partnership is a record for the wicket concerned

Miscellaneous Statistics For Season 2000
Wicket KeepingBowling
David Aldwinckle62.323.12.2
Shayne Barge27.0
Allan Butt56.85.94.4
Chris Byrne27.03
Jeremy Clayton15.01
Barry Davenport134.552.83.7
Graham Davenport174.053030.04.9
Justin Ducker43.022.94.1
Bob Emmett23.0
Richard Emmett111.0
Mark Gordon184.9173.62.9
Roy Gordon1
Ian Gregg167.752.63.0
Nick Gregg46.5
Darren Hanley13.016.71.3
David Jones82.02
Richard Kemp95.01
Keith Miller118.021120.02.5
John Minnett36.014.85.8
A Newnham1
Darrell Pitts311.00.02.0
Steve Pitts151.4475123.12.5
Justin Rookard19.0
John Rourke139.511.53.0
Phil Smith110.0
Alan Tickner166.243.42.5
Dave Tickner143.05
Martin Walker57.30.04.9
Alan Wilkes69.724.52.1
Mick Willmott167.644.35.5
Luke Worthington43.325.62.7

Lifetime Batting Averages At End Season 2000
David Aldwinckle862132492119 no.50.86
Darren Hanley1082163002113 no.45.48
Chris Morgan1087142924140 no.40.05
Brent Noble2921345463212127.57
Mark Gordon13145382886114 no.26.97
Brian Moore30271545827131 no.26.85
Andy Parker97713167710226.20
Simon Fox107727122968 no.24.58
Andy Ducker5354707100 no.22.81
Adrian Cowell99642004100 no.21.78
Dave Tickner3239347740210621.39
Alan Tickner32430787458102 no.21.19
David Jones64338216720.53
Albert Briscoe201502125829720.02
Steve Pitts242593342369718.74
Justin Ducker105128527817.39
Jeremy Clayton15641186975 no.16.40
Allan Butt1911818152178 no.15.21
Alan Wilkes12942310598014.92
Dave Pitts1273118459513.63
David Clark64384735113.51
Steve Ducker53114026413.40
Steve Goldman1688129377912.33
Phil Walters101112111087112.31
Mike Law151324148513011.60
Peter Legge3018916182811810.57
Steve Card1391266863910.55
Richard Kemp30208291724839.63
John Rourke7471035435 no.9.57
Peter Ward117817583409.56
Lee Foster13799634409.06
Roy Gordon35231661461418.85
Barry Forrester5454349468.51
Keith Miller1810314757638.51
Barry Passmore22204241530448.50
David Winter141229950658.41
Michael Preston11611934753 no.8.26
John Bailey118030409258.18
Alan Preston8439266307.82
Dave Bowerman148830390256.72
Mick Willmott181153450923 no.6.28
Huw Campbell8441417421 no.5.80
Kevin Unwin742818923 no.5.56
Laurence Pitts1913526591225.42
Martin Walker8284130205.42
John Moffatt17848401265.28
Jimmy Burke9358121264.48
James Chignell167118182163.43
Chris Preston178932192233.37
Keith Partlett633676132.81
Minimum qualification: 25 innings over 5 seasons

Lifetime Bowling Averages At End Season 2000
Brian Moore313353.4106666899656.9310 for 2
David Aldwinckle8411.010310488911.785 for 22
Peter Legge18562.492175714811.877 for 13
Albert Briscoe15653.3138180415012.036 for 15
David Clark6540.1137127010312.337 for 13
Steve Card10963.1204274821113.029 for 27
Alan Tickner323946.48601120885713.088 for 24
Allan Butt18947.2220288721413.496 for 14
Laurence Pitts18390.534158711713.566 for 25
Steve Ducker5349.08110207214.174 for 16
John Bailey7193.4356134314.265 for 13
Steve Pitts10120.3164883414.354 for 46
David Winter14530.4108172512014.386 for 15
Dave Tickner221487.5308439230214.546 for 18
Andy Parker8666.3153196013114.967 for 14
Brent Noble23311.23612628315.205 for 35
Peter Ward11312.0619596315.225 for 11
Phil Walters9509.511814049115.436 for 25
Keith Partlett7187.5306663917.085 for 37
Charles Lakeman6133.0324442617.085 for 20
Steve Goldman1086.063772217.144 for 24
Mick Willmott141054.182487128017.409 for 41
Dave Bowerman12874.2175264615017.645 for 21
Huw Campbell9554.212915238517.925 for 26
Alan Wilkes121102.3245324518018.037 for 38
Mike Law1096.3103791919.955 for 23
Lee Foster11165.2137183520.513 for 14
Martin Walker7285.5469524521.165 for 42
Simon Fox7505.55719739121.686 for 41
Mark Gordon10714.4137240610522.915 for 37
Chris Preston11112.495152223.413 for 42
Justin Ducker9138.1205472224.864 for 42
John Rourke7673.515020077925.416 for 12
Minimum qualification: 75 overs over 5 seasons

Lifetime Miscellaneous Statistics At End Season 2000
Wicket KeepingBowling
David Aldwinckle652.6243.62.5
John Bailey104383033.73.2
Dave Bowerman152?372.93.0
Albert Briscoe160463.82.8
Jimmy Burke57140.012.0
Allan Butt135443.83.0
Huw Campbell728.5252.62.7
Steve Card123?343.72.9
James Chignell117?414.25.4
David Clark59?213.22.4
Jeremy Clayton702.5150.03.0
Adrian Cowell101?353033.05.3
Andy Ducker371.913516
Justin Ducker533.2172.74.0
Steve Ducker415.6193.42.9
Barry Forrester576.5163.65.4
Lee Foster101?183.54.3
Simon Fox976.1443.03.9
Steve Goldman109?44122144.34.4
Mark Gordon1725.11457072.43.4
Roy Gordon329?3021723240
Darren Hanley883.5352024.84.2
David Jones442.88
Richard Kemp241?4815015
Charles Lakeman177.213.33.3
Mike Law136332517423.33.9
Peter Legge211574.43.1
Keith Miller1326.2203414480.02.5
John Moffatt11215
Brian Moore284?894.82.0
Chris Morgan88?375162.44.4
Brent Noble218?891014.44.1
Andy Parker893.92583113.32.9
Keith Partlett59113.53.5
Barry Passmore242?435.05.3
Dave Pitts80?113.86.0
Laurence Pitts178271235.04.1
Steve Pitts288?38113861994.74.0
Alan Preston6563.74.5
Chris Preston127?113.34.6
Michael Preston6485.43.5
John Rourke808.2252.03.0
Alan Tickner489?1693.62.8
Dave Tickner433?144100103.43.0
Kevin Unwin5873.43.8
Martin Walker456.4132.63.3
Phil Walters126393253.02.8
Peter Ward96403.43.1
Alan Wilkes1287.3212.72.9
Mick Willmott1898.5511014.44.6
David Winter143233.83.3
Minimum qualification: 25 innings or 75 overs over 5 seasons

Lifetime Record Partnerships At End Season 2000
1st wicket172Adrian Cowell & Andy Parker30 May 1987 vs. Sunnyside
2nd wicket168Steve Pitts & David Aldwinckle17 Jun 2000 vs. NPL
3rd wicket139David Aldwinckle & David Jones22 Aug 1999 vs. Ewhurst
4th wicket171Brent Noble & Albert Briscoe1 Aug 1970 vs. Dormansland
5th wicket128Justin Ducker & Alan Tickner31 May 1997 vs. Leigh
6th wicket97*Brian Moore & Simon Fox1 Sep 1984 vs. S. Beckenham
7th wicket97Alan Tickner & Jimmy Burke28 Jul 1974 vs. Northcliffe
8th wicket61Brian Pitts & Laurence Pitts24 May 1959 vs. Wakefield
9th wicket63Alan Tickner & Mick Willmott24 Sep 1988 vs. Newchapel
10th wicket49Alan Tickner & Steve Pitts30 Aug 1998 vs. Blindley Heath
 *  this partnership was unbroken

Batting Averages For Seasons 1996 to 2000
David Aldwinckle43129111411119 no.78.39
Darren Hanley322222810113 no.40.50
Alan Tickner57970211441102 no.29.41
Mark Gordon57975171592103 no.27.45
Justin Ducker5262515517822.96
Allan Butt5352674235822.26
Dave Tickner5616041182103 no.21.11
David Jones5353426606720.63
Steve Pitts5676069889718.30
Barry Davenport4484534656011.07
Richard Kemp5353453063910.55
John Rourke450287187188.90
Graham Davenport327231177318.05
Mick Willmott5654316200217.41
Ian Gregg332226115337.19
Alan Wilkes556371214712 no.5.88
Keith Miller544304104184.00
Minimum qualification: 15 innings over 2 seasons

Bowling Averages For Seasons 1996 to 2000
David Aldwinckle428196.1455444113.274 for 17
Steve Pitts51878.543402414.174 for 46
Alan Tickner569658.1151188813014.526 for 25
Alan Wilkes555516.312015109316.247 for 38
Mick Willmott560476.237215611518.756 for 64
Allan Butt530197.3387723621.446 for 14
Mark Gordon568463.29315257121.485 for 37
Ian Gregg330236.4367963522.743 for 14
Justin Ducker51267.463061323.544 for 42
John Rourke449461.59814375824.786 for 12
Martin Walker3950.06208541.603 for 12
Minimum qualification: 45 overs over 2 seasons

Miscellaneous Statistics For Seasons 1996 to 2000
Wicket KeepingBowling
David Aldwinckle312.2123.52.8
Allan Butt356.7113.03.9
Barry Davenport485.3222.34.6
Graham Davenport274.993030.04.4
Justin Ducker262.0103.24.5
Mark Gordon794.8683032.63.3
Ian Gregg327.982.53.4
Darren Hanley223.066.53.7
David Jones352.78
Richard Kemp354.67
Keith Miller447.12198270.02.5
Steve Pitts672.8131829475.14.3
John Rourke507.9152.13.1
Alan Tickner795.3223.32.9
Dave Tickner612.5154044.54.9
Martin Walker108.731.74.2
Alan Wilkes568.4113.02.9
Mick Willmott658.3174.04.5
Minimum qualification: 15 innings or 45 overs over 2 seasons