Badgers Cricket Club – Full Batting Averages 2019 to present

Affiliated to the CCC

These pages contain the full batting average tables going all the way back to the club’s first season in 1959. See the other links below, or the menus at the top of the page, for the other averages tables that you can view.

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2021
Jake Gordon15148820137 no.136.7
Amy Gordon74110682 no.35.3
Mark Gordon17841373834.3
Darrell Pitts151223198431.9
Dean Wilson9529344 no.31.0
Bill Jenkins11621185329.5
Mark Goldfinch331491924.5
Matthew Mann531452322.5
Daniel Ward101011494916.6
Total Extras171702232513.1
Max Rayner310111111.0
Steve Pitts158259269.8
Rob Knew85139219.8
Graham Ward98162278.9
Vinny Cibardo104215137.5
Rod Smith138056227.0
Ben Valentine310777.0
Wides Extras16160103156.4
Andy Curtis52011105.5
Jon Stokes86127165.4
Byes Extras1414072165.1
Jack Lamb110333.0
Nathaniel Cibardo620552.5
Ricky Cibardo430772.3
Leg Byes Extras111102352.1
No Balls Extras131302551.9
Danny Glover220110.5
James Fair11177 no.0.0
Tristram Clucas210000.0
Tom Mann310000.0
Daniel Pischedda110000.0
Alex Smith110000.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2020
Darrell Pitts88123459 no.33.4
Jake Gordon8812235331.9
Amy Gordon331552927.5
Bill Jenkins761884217.6
Mark Gordon882952415.8
Total Extras8801202815.0
Ian Gregg110121212.0
Rod Smith55046159.2
Vinny Cibardo85134208.5
Wides Extras88066198.3
Matthew Mann431148 no.7.0
Danny Glover88331146.2
Ricky Cibardo55026145.2
Steve Pitts74115115.0
Rob Knew4301063.3
Byes Extras7702283.1
Leg Byes Extras5501553.0
Daniel Ward330993.0
Adam Smith220653.0
No Balls Extras7701742.4
Tom Mann220422.0
Graham Ward220442.0
Nathaniel Cibardo430000.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2019
Amy Gordon2201458672.5
Bill Jenkins107226861 no.53.6
Jake Gordon6612295745.8
Ben Valentine6521225840.7
Daniel Allen4317246 no.36.0
Vinny Cibardo1814818637 no.31.0
Darrell Pitts202034247224.9
Andy Curtis121012115423.4
Matthew Mann101031584022.6
Rod Smith181613004920.0
Total Extras212103953818.8
Daniel Ward1615222453 no.17.2
Vicky Howard110171717.0
Lucy Allen2211614 no.16.0
Mark Gordon1916416842 no.14.0
Steve Pitts1471762512.7
Sahil Dawar2201899.0
Byes Extras20200159198.0
Ricky Cibardo128155257.9
Matt Smith32015127.5
Mark Elliott110777.0
Wides Extras21210144176.9
Graham Ward1312074156.2
Nathaniel Cibardo521646.0
Rob Knew1311246135.1
Alec Cochrane110555.0
Tom Mann420844.0
Ian Gregg7511563.8
No Balls Extras151505183.4
Danny Glover43010103.3
Claudie Cooper110333.0
Leg Byes Extras191904152.2
Steve Montebello110111.0
Giles Baker1117272 no.0.0
Rakesh Dawar110000.0
Daniel Pischedda110000.0