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I’ve been guilty of serious neglect as far as this photographic area of the web site is concerned (it is currently May 2006, and the last update to the content of these pages was back in September 2002) but a rainy Sunday afternoon in May, with the match against Merrow cancelled by midday, seems like as good a time as any to resurrect my interest and try and post a few new (and old, come to that) pictures. My thanks to Allan Butt, who sent me the tour 2005 group photo less than a fortnight after the event – it has been on my to-do list ever since – and to Simon Fox (I think, it has been so long since I was given the two photos that I’m no longer certain) for the pictures of the 1989 President’s game teams.

Of the items that have been here a little longer, we have several from Ewhurst in 2000, a dinner dance some time in the mid 70s, Dormansland in the early 80s, group photos from the 1983 and 1984 President’s games, the 1982 Spetisbury team photo, two B&W photos of the Tickner brothers from the early 70s, a team photo from the boiling hot summer of ’76, a piece of ancient history from 1966, some shots taken by Keith Miller during the 2000 tour, a couple more by Keith of Darren Hanley’s wedding, and three shots of my badly damaged visage, along with some happier looking fellows, taken by Janet on the Sunday of the 2001 tour. Many of the historical photographs are from Alan Tickner’s collection, although I believe that some of those were originally taken by Dave Tickner, and there are many more to come (should I ever manage to pull my finger out).

If anyone has any Badgers related photos that they can either get scanned in and emailed to me, or better still don’t mind parting with temporarily so that I can scan them in and touch them up, then please let me know. I would be especially interested in any old photos from the 1960s (although I have tracked down the other one that appeared in the 21st anniversary booklet that Dave Tickner produced, it just needs a little tidying up) and anything from the last fifteen years or so!!

Use the links below to jump directly to the pictures for a given year:

The thumbnails for this page were produced using the freeware image viewer IrfanView. It has my wholehearted recommendation.

As always with images on the net there is a trade-off between image quality, visibility and file size. I’ve taken the mostly arbitrary decision to limit all pictures to 800 by 600 or less, and this has often involved both cropping and re-sizing of the original images. In some cases, especially where the JPG files were supplied to me by other people, that has resulted in a loss of clarity of the image, but I think these pictures represent a reasonable compromise.

Tour 2005
Group photo
Warriner School, Milton
108K, 800 by 599

Tour 2001
Group photo 1
Crown &Cushion
106K, 800 by 568
Group photo 2
Crown &Cushion
106K, 745 by 600
Steve Pitts
Not a pretty sight
89K, 653 by 600

Ewhurst 2000
  Leaving the field
81K, 800 by 600
Three generations
50K, 479 by 600

Tour 2000
Team photo 1
Hook Norton
74K, 800 by 600
Team photo 2
Hook Norton
75K, 703 by 600
Team close-up
Hook Norton
86K, 800 by 600
Messing around
Hook Norton
80K, 800 by 555
Barry at bat
Double wicket
59K, 800 by 597

Darren & Louise’s Wedding
  The happy couple
at the altar
114K, 800 by 600
Group photo
outside the church
96K, 536 by 600

President’s Game 1989
  President’s team
Seeboard, Burford Bridge
78K, 800 by 525
‘Current’ team
Seeboard, Burford Bridge
82K, 800 by 535

President’s Game 1984
Group photo
Seeboard, Burford Bridge
102K, 800 by 647

President’s Game 1983
Group photo
Seeboard, Burford Bridge
94K, 800 by 453

Dorset Tour 1982
Team photo
Spetisbury, Dorset
88K, 746 by 521

1980 or so
Fall of wicket
46K, 715 by 600

Team photo
Beddington Park
66K, 800 by 505

Dinner Dance 1976 or 1975
Dinner table
Venue unknown
65K, 800 by 535

1970 (or thereabouts)
  Alan Tickner
Rose Hill
77K, 658 by 600
Dave Tickner
Rose Hill
59K, 498 by 600

Group photo
Rose Hill, Sutton
75K, 800 by 576