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These pages contain the full batting average tables going all the way back to the club’s first season in 1959. See the other links below, or the menus in the left hand column for the other averages tables that you can view.

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2016

Amy Gordon118421359 no.53.3
Bill Jenkins181573248340.5
Mark Gordon2116637377 no.37.3
Graham Ward330985432.7
Jake Gordon212035207930.6
Ben Valentine98313343 no.26.6
Darrell Pitts20162354115 no.25.3
Rob Knew171321865016.9
Total Extras222203272714.9
Rod Smith181812474014.5
Paul Reeve640493112.3
Steve Pitts1170803311.4
Matt Smith1291862710.8
Ian Waldron43029269.7
Ricky Cibardo65041268.2
Matthew Mann55040218.0
Vinny Cibardo179532148.0
Guy Walker55129147.3
Peter Snook88056287.0
Wides Extras20200113135.7
Byes Extras21210111125.3
Allan Butt421555.0
Penalty Runs Extras110555.0
Ian Gregg149234154.9
Alec Cochrane66029124.8
Richard Ward110444.0
Chris Coomber110333.0
No Balls Extras171704772.8
Leg Byes Extras191905162.7

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2015

Bill Jenkins149722058110.0
Mark Gordon191485889598.0
Matthew Mann5421054952.5
Jake Gordon171645748947.8
Guy Walker420875043.5
Mayank Vakharia110313131.0
Matt Smith8611359527.0
Graham Ward1111217341 no.19.2
Ricky Cibardo8801485418.5
Tom Pitchley110181818.0
Total Extras191902912815.3
Amy Gordon8617422 no.14.8
Steve Pitts181021183714.8
Ben Valentine1181804311.4
Rod Smith1311092238.4
Rob Knew171054019 no.8.0
Wides Extras19190141187.4
Peter Snook98055286.9
Allan Butt7411795.7
Ian Gregg85024174.8
Alec Cochrane10913519 no.4.4
Byes Extras1717074114.4
No Balls Extras1616044102.8
Daniel Ward331532.5
Leg Byes Extras141403262.3
Vinny Cibardo1140651.5
Andy Iwanoczko110111.0
Mark Newman110000.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2014

Mark Gordon22151052091 no.104.0
Jake Gordon211935597834.9
Matt Smith864693434.5
Ian Estall110333333.0
Darrell Pitts1913620431 no.29.1
Rob Knew171022338929.1
Graham Ward2119436363 no.24.2
Steve Pitts2113418051 ret.20.0
Ben Valentine201612484916.5
Total Extras222203023213.7
Peter Snook131311613713.4
Bill Jenkins17911074113.4
Ricky Cibardo650562311.2
Ian Gregg191321153010.5
Guy Walker430301410.0
Matthew Mann66141178.2
Byes Extras18180137257.6
Simon Fox110666.0
Simon Walker110666.0
Wides Extras2020085144.3
Leg Byes Extras181804752.6
Alec Cochrane8501182.2
No Balls Extras161603352.1
Vinny Cibardo32122 no.2.0
Daniel Ward831221.0
Amy Gordon110111.0
Calum Estall1113737 no.0.0
Paul Saunders1111111 no.0.0
Mark Newman110000.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2013

Richard Ward2201158157.5
Mark Gordon22195556124 no.39.7
Bill Jenkins129319148 no.31.8
Vinny Cibardo111079336 no.31.0
Patrick Redding330755325.0
Guy Walker6601469024.3
Graham Ward77114365 no.23.8
Ben Valentine191733287223.4
Sahil Dawar110202020.0
Darrell Pitts201732754919.6
Steve Pitts181632484519.1
Allan Butt1612611425 no.19.0
Ian Gregg1715221055 no.16.2
Total Extras232303523415.3
Rob Knew171211345712.2
Peter Snook212002414112.1
Matthew Mann66056179.3
Jake Gordon19152111288.5
Richard Knew110888.0
Byes Extras19190118186.2
Wides Extras22220133156.0
Rakesh Dawar110555.0
Penalty Runs Extras110555.0
Ray Ward110444.0
Leg Byes Extras161605573.4
Amy Gordon441108 no.3.3
Alec Cochrane1313132132.7
No Balls Extras161604162.6
Andy Iwanoczko220442.0
Daniel Ward850861.6
Simon Fox3111313 no.0.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2012

Mark Gordon1412532888 no.46.9
Guy Walker7611755935.0
Patrick Redding9821976132.8
Graham Ward1010225359 no.31.6
Simon Walker110212121.0
Steve Pitts13911463418.3
Rob Knew128111637 no.16.6
Matthew Mann520332516.5
Total Extras141401743012.4
Allan Butt9946128 no.12.2
Ian Gregg1091813810.1
Ben Valentine1411190189.0
Darrell Pitts121027131 no.8.9
Peter Snook99079448.8
Wides Extras1313077155.9
Byes Extras1010059145.9
Jake Gordon9832555.0
Simon Fox7401072.5
No Balls Extras8801862.3
Leg Byes Extras101002052.0
Alec Cochrane8701351.9
Daniel Ward410000.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2011

Mark Gordon201728019453.4
Simon Walker3324927 no.49.0
Patrick Redding131124388548.7
Bill Jenkins110373737.0
Simon Fox7611374427.4
Guy Walker972913418.2
Sahil Dawar310181818.0
Allan Butt181532144117.8
Darrell Pitts13911387017.3
Total Extras212003423217.1
Steve Pitts1713414045 no.15.6
Graham Ward1918420559 no.14.6
Rob Knew181511923213.7
Tom Wortley110121212.0
Matthew Mann860702711.7
Ben Valentine201611733211.5
Ian Gregg191411432511.0
Wides Extras20200154217.7
Andy Iwanoczko1010261147.6
Byes Extras19190112115.9
Richard Knew110444.0
No Balls Extras1414046103.3
Rakesh Dawar430983.0
Jake Gordon131012042.2
Leg Byes Extras141403052.1
Phil Smith110222.0
Scott Conway3111717 no.0.0
Amy Gordon22100 no.0.0
Daniel Ward84100 no.0.0
The above table includes performances from the match against Cholmondeley (29 Jul)

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2010

Patrick Redding1312347811953.1
Mark Gordon181856528550.2
Simon Fox10859025 no.30.0
Richard Ward5401134628.3
Chris Byrne65110275 no.25.5
Bill Jenkins221191019.0
Graham Ward161512094714.9
Steve Pitts171622044314.6
Total Extras191902602313.7
Rob Knew1092824211.7
Allan Butt161111174111.7
Guy Walker5514434 no.11.0
Andy Iwanoczko139176299.5
Sahil Dawar7724322 no.8.6
Darrell Pitts119349258.2
Ben Valentine16150112557.5
Matthew Mann55028175.6
Byes Extras1515083135.5
Wides Extras19190101135.3
Ian Gregg1413063194.8
Jake Gordon852146 no.4.7
Leg Byes Extras161604772.9
No Balls Extras141402952.1
Rakesh Dawar33142 no.2.0
Daniel Ward85143 no.1.0
Paul Little11122 no.0.0
Will Harvey110000.0
Keith Miller210000.0
Ray Ward110000.0

Complete Batting Averages For Season 2009

Patrick Redding181535699147.4
Mark Gordon2116549560 no.45.0
Richard Ward131313867732.2
Steve Pitts201924528926.6
Bill Jenkins110232323.0
Graham Ward2019332557 no.20.3
Darrell Pitts161075922 no.19.7
Chris Byrne12911403117.5
Graham Davenport111001644516.4
Total Extras212103193815.2
Matthew Mann330373412.3
Allan Butt1610458159.7
Andy Iwanoczko44125248.3
Ian Gregg161337723 no.7.7
Simon Fox1210075197.5
Ben Valentine1615195236.8
Byes Extras20200128156.4
Rakesh Dawar33019106.3
Wides Extras20200105155.3
Paul Wilson9932474.0
No Balls Extras131304283.2
Anthony Lamb220663.0
Leg Byes Extras161604472.8
Guy Walker43155 no.2.5
Paul Little1112222 no.0.0
Keith Miller11144 no.0.0
Sahil Dawar42100 no.0.0
John Larkin110000.0
Chris Turner210000.0
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