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This page provides a repository of all the old What’s New entries for 2018, in reverse chronological order. If you really have a desire for the older entries, then the links below will get you access to all those that I’ve saved. They are unlikely to be of any great interest, but do provide a picture of how the site has developed over the nearly eighteen and a half years it has been here.

17 Jun 2018

The last two weeks have seen the slated games replaced by different opposition, with a tidy win at new opponents Teddington Town in the confines of Bushy Park and a hard-fought loss in a game of well over 500 runs on our return for the first time in 34 years to Newdigate village. The usual summarised details of the games can be found on the results page along with statistical notes only match reports, the traditional pertinent elements from the latter scorecard and the associated new-fangled full fat scorecard which have been expanded to include notes about various in-game milestones.

PLEASE NOTE that due to problems with the Teddington Town scorebook and what they have uploaded to Play-Cricket, compounded by a lack of time on my side, you will not find scorecard data here nor has the lifetime average data been updated yet. Rather than get into the state of paralysis that I did last year I’ve decided to park that game for now and keep up-to-date with subsequent games whilst working on an understanding and resolution for the problem game.

31 May 2018

A beautfiul sunny day at Banstead last Sunday, a plethora of Badgers past and present in attendance to chew the fat, celebrate sixty seasons of the club’s existence and watch their team eke out a comfortable enough win. The usual summarised details of the game can be found on the results page along with a statistical notes only match report, the traditional pertinent elements from the scorecard and the new-fangled full fat scorecard.

27 May 2018

A first defeat of the season in the sunshine at longest running opponents Dormansland. The usual summarised details of the game can be found on the results page along with a statistical notes only match report, the traditional pertinent elements from the scorecard and the new-fangled full fat scorecard.

19 May 2018

The new season finally got underway at a new opponent in Old Wimbledonians who were welcoming but perhaps a little too giving on the field of play. The usual summarised details of the game can be found on the results page along with a statistical notes only match report, the traditional pertinent elements from the scorecard and the new-fangled full fat scorecard. I would be astonished but surprisingly grateful to receive any comments on the latter, or indeed on the new layout and navigation that it and the dynamic averages page display.

Rolling the site over to the new season involves regenerating every page and tweaking some of the background plumbing, although nearly all of it is automated in some way, so if you find any errors do please let me know.

12 May 2018

PLEASE NOTE that our scheduled opposition for this coming Sunday were unable to put out a team and thus we have our first fixture change of the season, with an inaugural visit to Old Wimbledonians. PLEASE ALSO NOTE the slightly earlier start time of one thirty and that there are two sports grounds on Coombe Lane so use the house number to identify exactly where the ground is since the postcode falls between the two. Both the Google Map with the locations of our opponents and the fixtures page have updated accordingly.

Sadly the 2018 season has not yet got underway, with the weather causing the cancellation of the Beechwood game and a scheduling cock-up resulting in no game in the glorious sunshine last weekend. Darrell convinced me at the barbecue that I should spend the time freed up by the loss of the first game to complete the missing statistical notes only match reports rather than spending it on a couple of technical pieces of work that I would much rather have concentrated on.

A couple of errors in the last update to report in that I forgot to update the list of trophy winners to add the 2017 recipients (although at this remove neither Mark nor I can remember who received the Frank Butt Cup, so if you have it in your possession then please shout) and at some point over the winter I introduced an error in the season averages that meant that anyone who scored a fifty or hundred, or took a five wicket haul, prior to 1984 got triple credit for it. The latter issue will only have surfaced when displaying the Batting table in the dynamic averages page since that information is not (yet) included in any of the static tables on the site and I have not tried to squeeze the five wicket details onto the already busy display of the lifetime Bowling statistics.

27 Apr 2018

With the new season just around the corner I have finally managed to get the fixtures page up to date, replete with map links, and I’ve created the now usual Google map with the locations of our 2018 opposition. Hopefully see most of you either at the BBQ tomorrow or the match on Sunday (weather permitting).

22 Apr 2018

Bursts of activity around the awards dinner, the AGM and the Easter break were insufficient for me to get things back in order, but the looming 2018 season has provided just enough impetus for me to get some sort of update out of the door. The guilt I felt over the fact that the site lay dormant for the last three months of the 2017 season because I couldn’t find the time to get caught up after a variety of issues put me behind the curve wasn’t quite enough to get the site to a point where I felt happy to publish what I had achieved in the interim.

The major fruit of the recent efforts is the season report for 2017 and there are also statistical notes only match reports up to and including the Ham & Petersham game at the end of August. Whether the September games will end up with their details completed before the new season starts has to be in serious doubt now.

The whole of the site has been updated with the 2017 figures, including all decade by decade averages pages, the personal pages and the individual records page. In addition those efforts mean that you can now find historical results for 2017 along with the performances and partnerships.

Because of the way I process the scorebook data these days there were no changes made as a result of the collation of the data for the season, but you can find all of the week-by-week queries that I have documented (which like the Statistical Notes are missing or incomplete for the last month or so of the season) in the Statistical Sett.

In the early part of last summer I had been hammering away in the background working on one or two new elements for the site, and the first fruit of one element of those labours can be seen in a new full scorecards page. This is still very much a work in progress, so all comments welcome, but once the new format has been ironed out I am in a position to produce the same information for all seasons from 2014 onwards.

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