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This page contains nothing more than links to the personal statistical pages for all those Badgers who meet the criteria. Anyone who has (or had) played for more than seven seasons, in five of which they qualified for the averages, whilst meeting the criteria for the lifetime averages in either batting or bowling, or has played in all of the past five years, qualifying for the averages in at least three of them, whilst meeting the criteria for the five year averages in either batting or bowling, should appear here. So if you think that applies to you, or to someone whose figures you’d like to reference, and you don’t see the name here then feel free to enquire as to what is going on.

  David Aldwinckle    Matthew Mann  
  John Bailey    Keith Miller  
  Dave Bowerman    John Moffatt  
  Albert Briscoe    Brian Moore  
  Allan Butt    Chris Morgan  
  Huw Campbell    Brent Noble  
  Steve Card    Andy Parker  
  James Chignell    Barry Passmore  
  Ricky Cibardo    Darrell Pitts  
  Vinny Cibardo    Dave Pitts  
  Jeremy Clayton    Laurence Pitts  
  Alec Cochrane    Steve Pitts  
  Adrian Cowell    Alan Preston  
  Barry Davenport    Chris Preston  
  Graham Davenport    Michael Preston  
  Justin Ducker    Patrick Redding  
  Lee Foster    John Rourke  
  Simon Fox    Matt Smith  
  Steve Goldman    Alan Tickner  
  Amy Gordon    Dave Tickner  
  Jake Gordon    Ben Valentine  
  Mark Gordon    Guy Walker  
  Roy Gordon    Martin Walker  
  Ian Gregg    Phil Walters  
  Darren Hanley    Graham Ward  
  Bill Jenkins    Peter Ward  
  David Jones    Richard Ward  
  Richard Kemp    Alan Wilkes  
  Rob Knew    Mick Willmott  
  Mike Law    Paul Wilson  
  Peter Legge    David Winter  
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