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Match Results – Season 2019

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This page provides immediate access to the latest results for season 2019. The above links, and the navigation bar to the left of the screen, also make it possible to get at the running results and match reports for the other seasons since this web site has been in existence, as well as the results for the seasons back to 1959. Seasons prior to 1985 do not include information about individual performances since full scorebook details have not (yet??) been input to the database for those years.

The match reports page makes it possible to see the reports from all games in the current season, not just the current one in the section below. To get at the reports you can either select the link in the menu to the left, or indeed in the text above, or click on the date and opponent details in the results table below, which should be a hyperlink directly to the report for that game.

Latest Match Report

19th May – Dormansland: 152 all oout   Badgers: 106 all out

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My apologies for the lack of a report for this game, but nothing was written at the time and there is only an outside chance that anything will be

Statistical Notes: The 6 for 13 that Mark recorded were his second best bowling figures for the club, against the same opposition as were on the receiving end of his 7 for 19 back in 2012, and also the best figures by anyone since then. In taking those six wickets in just 3.5 overs he also recorded the fewest number of total overs for a five-fer or better in the past 35 years, which is as far back as the database holds bowling figures. The last three wickets fell from the last three balls of the innings, meaning that Mark recorded that rarest of beasts (and least documented) the hat-trick. Best as I can tell he is the first to do that since Alan Tickner against the FCO in 2004 and quite possibly the first to finish an innings that way since Brian Moore’s 10 for 2 performance against Montrose in 1966.

This was Darrell’s 200th appearance, the sixteenth Badger to play that many games for the club, and his first two scoring shots tied and then took him past Andy Parker into 17th place on the all-time runs scored list. Rob also passed Andy when adding three maidens to his tally moved him into 12th place in that category whilst Ben turned out for the 150th time, making him the 23rd Badger to notch that many games, and played his 128th innings which ties him with Keith Miller in 20th on that list. The five runs that Greggy scored were enough to squeak him past Barry Passmore into 22nd on the gamut of run scorers.

We (especially yours truly) contributed a phenomenal quantity of free runs to the Dormansland cause, in the shape of 2 no balls, 30 wides (which included 12 runs as well as 18 free deliveries), a single leg bye and 26 byes for a grand total of 59 extras. In discussion whilst watching our innings I told Matt Smith that I had the data going back to at least 1985 to see whether that was some sort of record but it turns out that that is not really the case. Historically, when the information was entered by hand at the end of each season, all I stored was a single eXtras record in the batting and bowling data (the total extras for our innings and the fielding extras for the other side’s innings) that enabled the total score to be cross-checked.

Even when I started scraping the data entered into Play-Cricket rather than typing it by hand, back in September 2010, I carried on simply totalling the appropriate extras numbers and recording a single database record. That changed in late 2013 when I made the belated decision to extend the Badgers database to record all of the information kept by Play-Cricket, which also added boundaries hit, balls faced and individual bowler wides and no balls, and at some point over the next year or so I updated those details to record the individual extras totals of all games recorded on Play-Cricket (which you can see on the scorecards pages).

So, the long and the short of it is that I only have full extras details for 1985 to 1987, 2004 and 2008 onwards (if anyone is willing to undertake the fairly tedious chore of filling in those gaps, working backwards from 2007, then please shout as there are other advantages to having the full information recorded in Play-Cricket) and thus can only tell you that the highest wides figure we have recorded in those seasons was 22 at Beechwood in 2013 and the highest byes conceded was also 22, at Leigh last year. Aside from those two games there is only one other game with a total fielding extras of more than 25, covering the whole period from 1985 to today, which was the 2003 visit to Maori-Oxshott where the combined 29 comprised 16 byes and 13 leg byes (although the total total was only 31 because there were single wides and no balls).

By contrast, the highest wides total recorded by our opponents in the seasons for which we have that data was 23 by Old Alleynians in 2004 and the biggest byes allowed was the 25 by Westcott in 2014. The highest total extras on any of our batting slates from 1985 onwards was the 41 recorded by both Crondall in 1994 and Whiteley Village last season.

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Season 2019 Results

Current record: 0 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw

The current season’s results are arranged in reverse chronological order, to make it easier to find the most recent games.

19 May vs. Dormansland (A) Lost by 46 runs
Dormansland 152 all out (M Gordon 6-13)
Badgers 106 all out  
12 May vs. Ham & Petersham (A) Lost by 23 runs
Ham 225 for 8 (M Gordon 3-41, RD Knew 3 ct.)
Badgers 202 all out (DJ Pitts 33, A Curtis 54)
28 Apr vs. Beechwood (A) Match Drawn
Beechwood 189 for 8 dec. (DJ Pitts 5-25)
Badgers 147 for 5 (M Mann 40)
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