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Match Results – Season 2018

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This page provides immediate access to the latest results for season 2018. The above links, and the navigation bar to the left of the screen, also make it possible to get at the running results and match reports for the other seasons since this web site has been in existence, as well as the results for the seasons back to 1959. Seasons prior to 1985 do not include information about individual performances since full scorebook details have not (yet??) been input to the database for those years.

The match reports page makes it possible to see the reports from all games in the current season, not just the current one in the section below. To get at the reports you can either select the link in the menu to the left, or indeed in the text above, or click on the date and opponent details in the results table below, which should be a hyperlink directly to the report for that game.

Latest Match Report

10th June – Newdigate: 270 for 9   Badgers: 241 for 9

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My apologies for the lack of a report for this game, but nothing was written at the time and there is only an outside chance that anything will be

Statistical Notes: This was the fourth time we’ve allowed 270 or more runs in an innings, all of them fielding first unsurprisingly, but we took more wickets in this one than across the other three combined and came far closer than ever before to matching such a total. For the strong of stomach the offending matches were against Blindley Heath in 2007, Maori Oxshott in 2009 and Wallington in 2013.

The Badgers have scored more than 240 only nine times, this being the fifth time batting second with the previous four instances yielding two wins, a loss and a drawn game. Our only previous loss scoring that many runs was against Hook Norton on the 2003 Tour.

Whilst changing after the game, the last one in the changing rooms as usual, I overheard a conversation on the verandah outside about the confusion between Greggy’s wickets taken on his personal page and on the lifetime averages page. We had all forgotten about it by the time I emerged, but I thought it best to explain it here rather than have the conversation recur until I was able to recall all of the details. Darrell did a good job explaining the whys and wherefores, which were already covered off on the Q&A page, but the current confusion has led me to add a table to that entry of all games that exist in the database but do not count towards the official averages and if one were to track back it would become apparent that Greggy played in the last three games in that table and took three wickets in the Tadworth T20, three more at Martinstown and one at Cholmondley, accounting for the seven wicket difference between the two sets of figures.

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Season 2018 Results

Current record: 3 wins, 2 losses, 0 draws

The current season’s results are arranged in reverse chronological order, to make it easier to find the most recent games.

10 Jun vs. Newdigate (A) Lost by 30 runs
Newdigate 270 for 9 (M Gordon 3-43)
Badgers 241 for 9 (D Pitts 52, J Gordon 54)
3 Jun vs. Teddington Town (A) Won by 51 runs
Badgers 200 all out (D Pitts 59, J Gordon 49, M Gordon 32)
Teddington 149 all out (J Gordon 3-10)
27 May vs. Banstead (A) Won by 32 runs
Badgers 185 for 8 (RD Knew 56)
Banstead 153 for 6  
20 May vs. Dormansland (A) Lost by 8 runs
Dormansland 173 for 9  
Badgers 165 for 8 (R Smith 53)
13 May vs. Old Wimbledonians (A) Won by 6 wickets
Wimbledonians 69 all out (RD Knew 4-29, V Cibardo 3-24)
Badgers 72 for 4 (DJ Pitts 28 no.)
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