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This page contains the scorecards for season 2018. The links below provide a direct route to the card for each game plus access to the cards for seasons from 1985 to the present. For seasons 2000 onwards it is also possible to link to them from the associated results page entries or match reports, and I hope to extend that facility to include all of the historical results pages, once I’ve figured out the best method of doing so.

All of the useful information that I have for each game is presented here, but I am still not entirely happy with the layout and would welcome any suggestions as to how it could be made clearer. Most of the abbreviations used here should be familiar to cricket lovers everywhere, but just in case:

Byes (listed against Extras)
Caught (in the How Out column) or outfield catches made
Did Not Bat
Leg byes (listed against Extras)
Leg Before Wicket
No balls (listed against Extras)
Penalty runs (listed against Extras)
ret. no.
Retired not out (usually a batter who retired hurt and did not resume their innings)
ret. out
Retired (for reasons that obviate a retired not out)
Stumped (in the How Out column) or stumpings made
Wides (listed against Extras)
Catches made by a wicket keeper
Wicket keeper

13 May 2018: Badgers at Old Wimbledonians   (Won by 6 wickets)

Innings of Old Wimbledonians – 69 all out (23 overs)

1Jake Gordon6.0371
2Rob Knew8.00294
3Vinny Cibardo6.00243
4Ian Waldron3.0290
 Extras  (4 w)0 

Innings of Badgers – 72 for 4 (22.2 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Ricky Cibardoct.0(1 ct.)1010
2Darrell Pittsnot out28234334
3Rod SmithLBW1133642
4Danny Gloverst.0(1 ct.)43650
5Mark Gordon *b.0 
6Jake Gordonnot out20(2 ct.) 
7Ian WaldronDNB (1 ct.) 
8Rob KnewDNB  
9Steve Pitts +DNB  
10Vinny CibardoDNB  
11Andy CurtisDNB  
 Extras  (2 b, 1 lb, 10 w)13
 Total 72 for 4

20 May 2018: Badgers at Dormansland   (Lost by 8 runs)

Innings of Dormansland – 173 for 9 (40 overs)

1Matt Smith8.05191
2Rob Knew8.00491
3Ned Rowland6.02161
4Jake Gordon8.00291
5Darrell Pitts6.00542
6Bill Jenkins4.0232
 Extras  (3 lb, 1 w, 3 nb)3 

Innings of Badgers – 165 for 8 (40 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pitts +b.26140240
2Graham Wardct.2024131
3Bill JenkinsLBW0(1 ct.)391150
4Rod Smithct.534132441
5Danny Gloverct.235145613
6Ned Rowlandrun out2(1 ct.)614752
7Jake Gordonb.9(2 ct.)7163716
8Darrell Pittsnot out6816592
9Mark Gordon *b.1(1 ct.) 
10Matt SmithDNB  
11Rob KnewDNB  
 Extras  (10 b, 5 lb, 6 w, 4 nb)25
 Total 165 for 8

27 May 2018: Badgers at Banstead   (Won by 32 runs)

Innings of Badgers – 185 for 8 (40 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Darrell Pittsct.14125125
2Graham Ward +ct.15(2 WKc, 1 st.)22934
3Danny Gloverct.233243
4Rod Smithct.043321
5Ian Waldronst.11557624
6Jake Gordonb.236107550
7Rob Knewst.56(1 ct.)7139732
8Matt Smithct.208150811
9Mark Gordon *not out18 
10Bill Jenkinsnot out15 
11Vinny CibardoDNB  
 Extras  (3 b, 6 w, 2 nb)11
 Total 185 for 8

Innings of Banstead – 153 for 6 (40 overs)

1Bill Jenkins8.01191
2Matt Smith6.02131
3Rob Knew8.02321
4Darrell Pitts6.01242
5Mark Gordon8.01231
6Jake Gordon4.00290
 Extras  (12 b, 1 lb)13 

10 Jun 2018: Badgers at Newdigate   (Lost by 29 runs)

Innings of Newdigate – 270 for 9 (40 overs)

1Bill Jenkins6.01191
2Jake Gordon8.01481
3Rob Knew8.01341
4Vinny Cibardo6.02351
5Daniel Allen4.00481
6Ian Gregg4.01300
7Mark Gordon4.00433
 Extras  (12 b, 1 lb, 16 w, 4 nb)13 

Innings of Badgers – 241 for 9 (40 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Daniel Allenct.19(1 ct.)125125
2Darrell Pittsct.52(1 ct.)286361
3Ricky Cibardoct.213106420
4Alec Cochranect.6411529
5Jake Gordonct.54(1 ct.)5159644
6Steve Pitts +ct.14(1 st.)6201742
7Mark Gordon *ct.277217516
8Vinny Cibardob.8822689
9Ian Greggb.1922690
10Rob Knewnot out10 
11Bill Jenkinsnot out5 
 Extras  (8 b, 3 lb, 11 w, 2 nb)24
 Total 241 for 9

17 Jun 2018: Badgers at Ottershaw   (Won by 32 runs)

Innings of Badgers – 165 all out (36 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Daniel Allenct.12110210
2Darrell Pittsb.021313
3Jake Gordonb.0(2 ct.)32138
4Rod Smithct.8436415
5Daniel Pischeddact.67(1 ct.)51505114
6Rob Knewct.52615666
7Mark Gordon *+ct.4(4 WKc, 1 st.)716175
8Matt Smithct.1(1 ct.)816180
9Matthew Mannb.0916594
10Vinny Cibardonot out410165110
11Ian Greggb.0 
 Extras  (5 b, 6 lb, 2 w, 4 nb)17
 Total 165 for 10

Innings of Ottershaw – 133 all out (35.3 overs)

1Matt Smith7.04300
2Jake Gordon12.01555
3Vinny Cibardo10.34193
4Rob Knew0.3020
5Darrell Pitts5.31222
 Extras  (2 b, 3 lb, 6 w)5 

24 Jun 2018: Badgers at Whiteley Village   (Won by 4 wickets)

Innings of Whiteley Village – 153 for 9 (20.4 overs)

1Bill Jenkins3.0302
2Daniel Allen3.00163
3Vinny Cibardo7.40573
4Allan Butt3.00201
5Ian Gregg2.00330
6Darrell Pitts2.00230
 Extras  (4 b, 8 w)4 

Innings of Badgers – 155 for 5 (29.5 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Ricky Cibardob.21323
2Darrell Pitts *b.02310
3Matthew Mann +b.13348345
4Daniel Allennot out54(2 ct.)4135587
5Daniel Pischeddact.43513964
6Vinny Cibardob.0 
7Allan Buttnot out2 
8Ian GreggDNB  
9Bill JenkinsDNB  
10Andy CurtisDNB  
 Extras  (23 b, 3 lb, 13 w, 2 nb)41
 Total 155 for 5

1 Jul 2018: Badgers at Ewell   (Won by 1 wicket)

Innings of Ewell – 198 for 4 (40 overs)

1Daniel Allen5.01300
2Vinny Cibardo8.01340
3Bill Jenkins5.01261
4Jake Gordon8.01260
5Darrell Pitts8.00462
6Danny Glover4.00271
7Mark Gordon2.0070
 Extras  (1 b, 1 lb, 6 w, 1 nb)2 

Innings of Badgers – 199 for 9 (36.4 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Daniel Allenct.24127227
2Darrell Pittsb.723518
3Jake Gordonct.54(1 ct.)394459
4Ricky Cibardoct.949652
5Bill Jenkinsct.0510337
6Danny Gloverct.10610764
7Mark Gordon *not out547159852
8Steve Montebello +b.25(2 st.)8175916
9Rod Smithct.19176101
10Ian GreggLBW1 
11Vinny Cibardonot out0 
 Extras  (4 lb, 10 w)14
 Total 199 for 9

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