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Match Results – Season 2018

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This page provides immediate access to the latest results for season 2018. The above links, and the navigation bar to the left of the screen, also make it possible to get at the running results and match reports for the other seasons since this web site has been in existence, as well as the results for the seasons back to 1959. Seasons prior to 1985 do not include information about individual performances since full scorebook details have not (yet??) been input to the database for those years.

The match reports page makes it possible to see the reports from all games in the current season, not just the current one in the section below. To get at the reports you can either select the link in the menu to the left, or indeed in the text above, or click on the date and opponent details in the results table below, which should be a hyperlink directly to the report for that game.

Latest Match Report

16th September – Horsley & Send: 181 for 9   Badgers: 154 all out

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My apologies for the lack of a report for this game, but nothing was written at the time and there is only an outside chance that anything will be

Statistical Notes: Darrell batted in this one for the 150th time for the club which also happens to take him into a tie for 16th place on the all-time innings list with Albert Briscoe. By the end of his seventh over bowling he had also passed Steve Card into ninth place on the lifetime overs bowled list, thirty-five and a half away from the one thousand but more than 320 behind Alan Wilkes who is next on the list. His 4 for 41 were his best bowling figures since taking five at Tadworth last year and his tenth haul of four wickets or more.

Daniel Ward’s 3 for 28 were his best figures for over four years, almost exactly matching his performance against South Park Manor in 2014. Matt Mann’s 39 was his best batting performance since falling one run shy of a half-century on Ham Common in 2015.

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Season 2018 Results

Current record: 8 wins, 8 losses, 0 draws

The current season’s results are arranged in reverse chronological order, to make it easier to find the most recent games.

16 Sep vs. Horsley & Send (A) Lost by 27 runs
Horsley & Send 181 for 9 (D Ward 3-28, DJ Pitts 4-41)
Badgers 154 all out (R Smith 36, M Mann 39)
9 Sep vs. Smallfield Manor (A) Lost by 92 runs
Smallfield 162 for 8 (V Cibardo 4-9, M Gordon 3-3)
Badgers 70 all out  
2 Sep vs. Blindley Heath (A) Won by 5 runs
Badgers 172 for 6 (D Ward 45, R Smith 32, G Ward 44)
Blindley Heath 167 for 8 (V Cibardo 5-25)
19 Aug vs. Leigh (A) Lost by 108 runs
Leigh 262 for 4 dec.  
Badgers 154 all out (DJ Pitts 70)
12 Aug vs. Old Whitgiftians (A) Lost by 12 runs
Whitgiftians 114 for 8 (D Allen 3-11)
Badgers 102 for 6 (A Curtis 37)
5 Aug vs. West Monkton (A) Lost by 10 runs
West Monkton 248 for 8 (M Gordon 4-52)
Badgers 238 for 7 (R Cibardo 37, S Pitts 35, J Gordon 67, Extras 40)
4 Aug vs. South Brent (A) Won by 75 runs
Badgers 235 for 6 (G Ward 54, B Valentine 33, V Cibardo 32, M Gordon 57 no.)
South Brent 160 all out (RD Knew 3-26)
3 Aug vs. Upottery (A) Lost by 9 runs
Upottery 122 for 8  
Badgers 113 for 6 (J Gordon 31 no.)
1 Jul vs. Ewell (A) Won by 1 wicket
Ewell 198 for 4  
Badgers 199 for 9 (J Gordon 54, M Gordon 54 no.)
24 Jun vs. Whiteley Village (A) Won by 4 wickets
Whiteley 153 all out (D Allen 3-16, V Cibardo 3-57)
Badgers 155 for 5 (D Allen 54 no., D Pischedda 43)
17 Jun vs. Ottershaw & Hamm Moor (A) Won by 32 runs
Badgers 165 all out (D Pischedda 67, RD Knew 52)
Ottershaw 133 all out (J Gordon 5-55, V Cibardo 3-19, M Gordon 4 ct. & 1 st.)
10 Jun vs. Newdigate (A) Lost by 30 runs
Newdigate 270 for 9 (M Gordon 3-43)
Badgers 241 for 9 (DJ Pitts 52, J Gordon 54)
3 Jun vs. Teddington Town (A) Won by 51 runs
Badgers 200 all out (DJ Pitts 59, J Gordon 49, M Gordon 34)
Teddington 149 all out (J Gordon 3-10)
27 May vs. Banstead (A) Won by 32 runs
Badgers 185 for 8 (RD Knew 56)
Banstead 153 for 6  
20 May vs. Dormansland (A) Lost by 8 runs
Dormansland 173 for 9  
Badgers 165 for 8 (R Smith 53)
13 May vs. Old Wimbledonians (A) Won by 6 wickets
Wimbledonians 69 all out (RD Knew 4-29, V Cibardo 3-24)
Badgers 72 for 4 (DJ Pitts 28 no.)
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