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Rather than force you to view these pages from only one perspective, I’ve added this page, and those indexed by it, to enable the data for the more recent seasons to be viewed one season at a time, much as it would be in the ‘Facts & Figures’ document that I (normally) distribute at the dinner and dance. Since I’ve produced that document every year from 1988 onwards, that is how far back this view of the data used to extend. Now that I have found the time and energy to enter all of the data for some of the seasons prior to 1988 then I have similarly extended these views, which now stretch back to 1985 and will expand further as additional seasons are entered over time.

If you prefer to view the tables by category (ie. all the official batting averages together) then either use the links below, the entries in the menu to the left, or the standard averages page which organises things that way by default.

The rest of this page consists of links to other pages that contain the actual average tables. The underlying pages are organised by season so it may take a while for the whole season’s details to load, but you should be able to read the early tables on the page whilst the rest downloads!!

If you don’t like this layout, and have ideas for something better, then please let me know.

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