Badgers Cricket Club – News Page


With the advent of social media and the increasing use of WhatsApp for club communications the idea of news entries on a web page managed by a single webmaster has become increasingly anachronistic to the extent that it was agreed that this page would be phased out and replaced by announcements via those other channels. The archive below has been kept for historical purposes but this section of the Badgers web site is effectively defunct and no longer even has a menu entry in the new navigation approach.

News Archive

If you have a need to view out-of-date news items you may well be able to find them somewhere amongst the pages linked to below, as I’ve currently no intention of throwing anything away – after all, I may need to reuse it!!

To save the pain and heartache of waiting for an ever-growing page of historical news items to load, I will be archiving them by the original year of publication, so choose from the list below: