Badgers Cricket Club – News Archive Page – Season 2006


This page provides a repository of all the archived news items for 2006, in reverse chronological order. If you really have a desire for the older or newer entries, then the links below will get you access to all those that I’ve saved over the twenty-four years that the site has been in existence.

Badgers’ dinner – another season in the book

A fourth visit to Betchworth Park Golf Club, where Alan Tickner has been so wrapped up in his role as club captain that he didn’t manage a single game of cricket for the Badgers this year, and another season ended in fine style. For the record, the various bits of silverware found their way to:

BattingPat Redding521 runs @ 57.9
BowlingIan Gregg29 wickets @ 9.9
FieldingMark Gordon17 catches
Fantasy PointsSteve Pitts(behind the three cup winners above)
CaptainsDavid Aldwinckle
Frank ButtDarrell Pitts
‘Wang Fu’Simon Fox
Shower Cap AwardSteve Pitts

The season saw three record breaking partnerships, two of them in one game and all of them in a losing cause, plus some of the most variable performances you could ever wish to see from one team – something that has become a bit of a Badgers hallmark in recent seasons, brilliant one week, execrable the next.

Indoor Nets Season 2006

This season’s indoor nets will, in common with the last several years, be held in the sports hall at Nescot College, Reigate Road, Ewell, Surrey (Tel no. 020 8394 3133). A big thank you to Ian Gregg for arranging these, even if he wasn’t quite as early in doing so this year :))

View a map of the area around the college

There will be five sessions, on the following dates:

Thursday6th April7-8PM
Wednesday12th April8-10PM
Thursday20th April7-8PM
Wednesday26th April8-10PM
Thursday4th May7-8PM

AGM – 22 Feb 2006

My usual disorganisation has made this more difficult, trying to remember what happened nearly three months ago from only a handful of scribbled notes, but I do recall visiting Mark Gordon’s new gaff along with nine or ten other Badgers, sitting there reading out potential changes to the club rules whilst nearly everyone else tucked into a takeaway curry, and that it ended up being one of the longest running meetings in recent memory.

Mark’s season report was easy again, not much to say after such a successful stanza, and I have no memory of there being any excitement surrounding the team secretary’s report or my own webmaster segment. The existing officers were returned unopposed and David Aldwinckle walked us through the new fixture list, which is now up on the fixtures page here, including the move of the tour from the Cotswolds to Dorset, with a base near Blandform Forum (of Badgers brewery fame, for those old and long serving enough to remember the trips in the early eighties). It was announced that the dinner and dance would be at Betchworth Park Golf Club on the 11th November 2006, so add that date to your diaries if it isn’t there already, and that Dave Tickner would be having a sixtieth birthday bash after the Woldingham game on the 8th July.

Treasurer Keith Miller, in absentia as ever these days, had recommended a change to match fees and the introduction of different subscription and match fees for juniors, and these evinced considerable discussion especially surrounding the subs vs. match fee balance and the desirability of collecting an odd figure like seven pounds on a weekly basis. Eventually the match fee was agreed at that level, with subs to remain at twenty-five, and there was also agreement on the figure for juniors (but I can’t remember the exact figures – anyone??).

Two other items took up considerable chunks of time – the proposed modernisation of the club rules and the awarding of caps (or their equivalent) to bowlers as well as to batsmen (who get them for hundreds). I shan’t bore you with any details on the rules discussion, suffice to say that David Aldwinckle took away some suggestions for change with a promise to present a formal change at next year’s AGM, but the ‘caps for bowlers’ issue ended up in my lap as a request for information on the relative numbers of seven-fers as against tons.

A review of the performances since the beginning of the 1988 season (the first for which I have full data) provides us with the following facts:

4 or more wickets taken 130by 21 different players
5 or more wickets taken 56 
6 or more wickets taken 18by 9 different players
7 or more wickets taken 6by 5 different players
50 or more runs scored 211by 26 different players
100 or more runs scored 24by 9 different players

Further more detailed analyses of runs scored suggests that a (very) rough rule of thumb would be that one wicket taken is roughly analogous to sixteen runs scored and that therefore a reasonable equivalent of a century would be six wickets (at least as far as the last eighteen years of Badgers’ history are concerned). However, I would caution that this ratio is very much dependent on the quality of batters versus bowlers, and that my own personal opinion is that our batting has been a little stronger than our bowling over that time. In fact, to provide a counterpoint, if caps had been awarded for seven wickets then Brian Moore would have been awarded a cap on 26 occasions during the first twenty years of Badgers’ history (in addition to the three that he received for scoring centuries), so we do need to exercise some caution.

I’m sure there was more, but that’s all I can remember at this distance. If anyone feels that I’ve forgotten anything important then please let me know and I’ll update this section accordingly.