Badgers Cricket Club – News Archive Page – Season 2000


This page provides a repository of all the archived news items for 2000, in reverse chronological order. If you really have a desire for other old entries, then the links below will get you access to all those that I’ve saved over the twenty-four years that the site has been in existence.

Silverware galore at Badgers dinner

For those of you unable to attend the season 2000 dinner and dance, the trophies were distributed as follows:

BattingDavid Aldwinckle277 runs @ 69.3
BowlingAlan Wilkes14 wickets @ 7.9
FieldingMark Gordon17 catches
Double WicketDavid Aldwinckle & Barry Davenport
CaptainsIan Gregg
Frank ButtGraham Davenport
Wang FuDavid Aldwinckle

Team Secretary Ups Sticks

Mark Gordon and family moved house on 19th August 2000, upping sticks to move to the sticks :) This means that Mark has a new phone number – 01342 835710 – as well as a new address (which you can find on the club officers page) and that he’ll be a lot closer to all those fixtures in the Lingfield area.

Dinner dance on 14 October

All members should have received a letter from Dave Tickner in respect of this year’s club Dinner, which will be held at Leatherhead Golf Club on Saturday 14th October 2000. Proceedings will start at 18:00, with the meal at 19:00 and carriages at 00:30 the following morning.

View a map of the area around the golf club

Web Site leads new Badger to us

John Minnett was browsing the web looking for a team in Surrey when he came across this site. On reviewing the club officers he discovered a familiar name, that of Mark Gordon, since the pair went to the same school!! A quick phone call later and John was making his debut appearance for the Badgers at Stoke D'Abernon, where he made a name for himself by taking a wicket with his very first delivery. Hopefully John will make many more appearances for the club, and this web site will have fulfilled one of the main roles for which it was set up.

Badgers resort to child labour

Whilst I cannot ascertain for certain whether this is a record, my son Darrell Pitts played his first ever game for the Badgers at Ewhurst on 22nd July, six days after his tenth birthday. Mark Gordon is the most likely candidate to deny him this record, although neither Mark, nor his Dad – Roy Gordon, the club’s president – nor my perusal of the old scorebooks can confirm for definite when Mark played his first game for the club. One thing is for certain, though – Darrell is the first ever third-generation Badger :)

Wilko does it again!!

Some folk are lucky, and others aren’t. Alan Wilkes has contrived to severely injure himself, again, by dropping a sheet of glass onto his heel, thus ruining his Achilles tendon for the second time in recent years. Alan will be out for the rest of the year, but hopefully he’ll have fully recovered once the 2001 season rolls around.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the title on the link to this section, those are Alan’s words, not mine. He took me to task at the Ewhurst game for not documenting his injury here on the news page, so I’m happy to rectify that omission. However, I couldn’t find a suitable definition for ‘star’ in the dictionary, with ‘heavenly body’ being the least likely of the possible meanings (gd&r)

Club Captain’s New Phone Number

As of 5th July 2000 I, Steve Pitts, have a new phone number – 01923 400403. There is still a phone attached to the old number, and will be for the next few weeks, so hopefully no one will be unable to contact me because of this. However, the answerphone is on the new number only, so no messages via BT!!

New Record Second Wicket Partnership

David Aldwinckle and Steve Pitts shared a second wicket stand of 168 runs against National Physical Laboratory on 17th June 2000. This is a record for the second wicket, surpassing the previous best of 135 that had stood since 1973. It also represents the third best partnership, for any wicket, in the club’s history, falling just four runs short of equalling the best ever.

Who’s That Skinny Guy That Looks Like Steve?

Since 29th April 2000 was officially the start of the new season, my sponsored weight loss is now over. When I started dieting on the 28th June last year, the day after tour, I weighed in at 19st 11lbs and the official final weight was ... wait for it ... 14st 2lbs!! This makes a total loss of 5st 9lbs (or 79 pounds for those of you that sponsored me by the pound) which should raise a fair wedge of the folding stuff for Cancer Research.

Currently the total stands at well over £530, but it is still rising, especially since Lynda at work has been doing a fantastic job of press-ganging innocent bystanders into contributing to the cause!!

AGM – 29 Mar 2000

A dozen stalwart members attended this year’s AGM at the Sutton Highfield Lawn Tennis Club, for whose hospitality the club is most grateful. You will all no doubt be delighted to learn that the club made a modest profit last year, and that match fees and subscriptions will (for about the sixth year running) remain the same at five pounds and twenty pounds respectively.

This year’s tour is already well-subscribed, and given the change in accommodation arrangements I suggest that those who have not yet sent their cheques to Alan Tickner do so ASAP

There were a couple of changes to the officers of the club, starting with Dave Tickner standing down as Chairman, after nine year’s sterling service, and handing over the role, and ‘control’ of the meeting, to Mick Willmott. Skipper Steve Pitts (yeah, I know that’s me but it just seemed wrong typing ‘I’ there) had decided to withdraw his resignation and Mark Gordon took on the job of vice-captain, and hopefully as captain-elect. Alan Tickner was voted in as the fourth committee member, replacing Mick.

Dave Tickner will be organising a pre-season lunch, the availability of a suitable venue permitting, and hopefully one or two other social occasions as the season progresses since he is now the ‘entertainment committee’. The date and location of the dinner and dance will be confirmed as soon as possible, but probably not until Keith Miller returns to the country.

New Badger enters a cruel world

Mark and Dawn Gordon are delighted to announce the arrival of a future third generation Badger in the shape of a 9lb 9oz (it’s OK ladies, she had a Caesarean!!) baby boy, whom they have christened Jake. The delivery took place at Epsom Hospital on the 8th February 2000 and grandfather Roy was heard across most of Surrey exclaiming ‘Howzat’!!

2000 Tour News

Due to unforeseen circumstances there have been a few changes to the normal arrangements for this year’s tour. Read all about it in the original format letter sent out to all members, which will open in a separate browser window since it has no navigation elements and is that horrible corruption of HTML produced by Microsoft Word.

View a map of the area around the Crown and Cushion Hotel

Indoor Nets Season 2000

This year’s indoor nets will be held in the sports hall at Nescot College, Reigate Road, Ewell, Epsom, Surrey.
Tel no. 020 8394 1731. Due to the wash out of the first game of the season nets have been extended by another week, as below

View a map of the area around the college

There will be four sessions on the following dates:

Monday 3rd April7-8PM
Wednesday12th April7-8PM
Wednesday19th April7-8PM
Wednesday26th April7-8PM
Wednesday 3rd May7-8PM

For full details read the original letter, which will open in a separate browser window since it has no navigation elements and is that nasty variant of HTML generated by Microsoft Word.

AGM – 29 Mar 2000

This year’s AGM will take place on Wednesday 29th March at 19:30. The venue, as last year, is the Sutton Highfield Lawn Tennis Club, in Mayfield Road, Sutton, Surrey.

View a map of the area around the tennis club

Please note, that due to a problem with the tennis club’s postcode this link is the closest that I can get. The club is just NNW of the red circle that Multimap uses to indicate the location.

You can view the full text of the meeting notice, which will open in a separate browser window since it has no navigation elements and is that awful mess that Microsoft Word produces instead of HTML.