Badgers Cricket Club – News Archive Page – Season 2011


This page provides a repository of all the archived news items for 2011, in reverse chronological order. If you really have a desire for the older or newer entries, then the links below will get you access to all those that I’ve saved over the twenty-four years that the site has been in existence.

Badgers’ dinner – trophies don’t leave their Mark

A third visit to the South Hatch Restaurant on Epsom Downs for the Badgers’ presentation dinner, minus the disco for the third time too. The food was good, a slight improvement on past visits in the opinion of your correspondent, and a good time seemed to be had by all. The skipper did come up with a novel way of concluding his speech, with the usual humorous whirlwind tour of the season being followed up, after a break for the chairman to present him with all of the season’s silverware, by his berating, also humorously, the other members of the team in attendance for their various inadequacies throughout the season. For the record, the trophies and a new style of memento (rather more individual to each award than the traditional shields), found their way to:

BattingMark Gordon801 runs @ 53.4
BowlingMark Gordon13 wickets @ 16.5
FieldingMark Gordon18 catches
Fantasy Pointsnobody(Wardy had not had time to calculate the ‘scores on the doors’ this year, but I suspect that someone as high as second would win it, which makes a change)
CaptainsPat Redding
Frank ButtDarrell Pitts(for his 70 at Blindley Heath)
‘Wang Fu’Katy & Rob Knew
‘Weakest Link T-Shirt’ Awardthe whole team, other than the skipper

There were a fair few milestones mentioned during the speeches, with Allan especially trying to cover off most of the significant ones, but I offer up my own list of the notable statistical achievements during the 2011 season:

Presentation Dinner details

The annual presentation dinner will take the same format and be in the same location as the last two years, the South Hatch Restaurant, which can be found on Burgh Heath Road in Epsom. The event will take place on Saturday 19th November, with the bar open from 18:30 (6.30pm), dinner at 19:30 (7.30pm) and carriages at midnight. The cost per head is £25 and once again there will not be a disco so that those of us that prefer to talk at such events have the chance to do so.

I have added the exact location of the restaurant to the Google Map showing the grounds we play on or you can use this one from Streetmap if you prefer a more traditional map.

AGM – 17 Mar 2011

Your webmaster was unable to attend this year’s AGM due to other commitments, but club chairman Allan Butt provided me with the following information regarding what happened during the evening. No doubt Pat will be providing us all with copies of the minutes at some point too.

Condolences were expressed to Andy Iwanoczko, in his absence, for the death of his father, which had necessitated his return to Australia for a while. He expects to be available for the start of the new season.

Simon Fox having resigned as Treasurer, Patrick Redding was appointed in his place, and having previously confirmed that he would like to take it on, Andy was elected as Hon. Sec. after a waiver of the rule relating to years of membership. All other officers were re-elected.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted and accounts passed, with no change in subscriptions or match fees.

The fixtures list was finalised – the game at Leigh to start at 2pm and that at Blindley Heath at 1.30pm. The start time of the Friday game on tour will be confirmed in due course, Rob Knew having been asked to see if he could get a Saturday fixture, and this may determine whether the Friday game is an afternoon fixture or an evening T20.

Discussion took place about the Play-Cricket website, and it was thought that posting of match data could probably be organised amongst three or four parties, with photos of the scorebook being sent to Steve Pitts for checking. It was agreed that there needed to be talks with Steve to decide how this could best be organised.

The meeting closed with thanks to Rakesh Dawar and his family for their hospitality and a splendid dinner.

Notice of AGM – 17 Mar 2011

This year’s AGM will take place on Thursday 17th March at 20:00 (or eight o’clock if you prefer). We have another new venue this year, with Rakesh Dawar kindly offering his new abode at 1 Oakdene, Copleigh Drive, Kingswood, Surrey, KT20 6BN. All members should have received written notification via email, along with the 2010 accounts. Please make every effort to attend and contribute to the running of our club.

I have included the exact location of Rako’s gaff on the Google Map showing the grounds we play on or for those that prefer more traditional maps you can use this one of the area in Streetmap.

For those of you that have lost or not received the letter in whatever form, the agenda for the meeting will be:

1Apologies for absence 6Fixtures
2Minutes of AGM 2010 7Tour 2011
3Election of Officers 8Bonus Ball 2011
4Treasurer’s report 9Presentation Dinner
5Membership 10Any other business

Indoor Nets Season 2011

After the success of last season’s winter nets, which started in January for the first time in living memory, similar arrangements have been made for this season. Sessions start on Thursday 27th January and will once again be held at Aberdour School on the Brighton Road in Burgh Heath with a start time of 19:00 (seven o’clock). At the moment I’ve not had any confirmation of finish time or when the last session will be, but I think we can safely assume that they will be at least an hour long and run until the start of the season proper (which will in all probability be either the last weekend in April or the first weekend in May). When I find out more I will update this entry.

I have included the exact location of the school on the Google Map showing the grounds we play on or for those that prefer more traditional maps you can use this one of the area in Streetmap.