Badgers Cricket Club – Decade By Decade


This page contains a variation of the averages and best partnerships tables that can be found in the season reports, broken down into decade by decade rather than lifetime or rolling five years. Only completed decades are included.

Batting Averages For Seasons 1959 to 1968
Brian Moore983132084109 no.29.77
Brent Noble7636118588 no.20.79
Albert Briscoe86689596516.53
Allan Butt962675878 no.13.54
Bob Edwards43413975112.03
Peter Legge974680411811.82
Mike Law101054109213010.81
Peter Ward1075175804010.00
David Winter9826662658.71
Brian Hodges333326045 no.8.67
Brian Pitts3332253438.16
Alan Preston8439266307.82
Roy Gordon108119439377.08
John Bailey86220297207.07
John Moffatt10573323265.98
Barry Passmore7511022219 no.5.41
Laurence Pitts10859411225.41
Michael Preston7381412518 no.5.21
Minimum qualification: 25 innings over 3 seasons

Bowling Averages For Seasons 1959 to 1968
Bob Edwards376.26241376.516 for 20
Brian Moore9915.327719102667.1810 for 2
Allan Butt8575.1143150714710.256 for 15
Peter Legge9401.576118910311.547 for 13
Laurence Pitts10225.2188877312.156 for 25
David Winter9448.490142210114.086 for 15
John Bailey5178.4355303714.325 for 13
Peter Ward10297.0619036214.565 for 11
Albert Briscoe5178.5265883815.475 for 19
Brent Noble7122.2135503117.745 for 55
Mike Law994.3103681721.655 for 23
Minimum qualification: 75 overs over 3 seasons

Miscellaneous Statistics For Seasons 1959 to 1968
Wicket KeepingBowling
John Bailey80303033.53.0
Albert Briscoe67223.53.3
Allan Butt67244.32.6
Bob Edwards34+58.13.2
Roy Gordon942618119
Brian Hodges33+64.64.4
Mike Law109292014343.03.9
Peter Legge79244.33.0
John Moffatt6911
Brian Moore84244.82.1
Brent Noble63344.24.5
Barry Passmore708
Brian Pitts33+93.63.7
Laurence Pitts93141235.43.9
Alan Preston6563.74.5
Michael Preston4065.43.5
Peter Ward93403.53.0
David Winter90163.83.2
Minimum qualification: 25 innings or 75 overs over 3 seasons

Best Partnerships For Seasons 1959 to 1968
1st wicket109Mike Law & Brent Noble30 Jun 1962 vs. Century
91Bob Edwards & Brent Noble3 Jul 1965 vs. Montrose
90Albert Briscoe & Brent Noble12 Aug 1967 vs. Walcountians
2nd wicket110Mike Law & Brian Moore13 May 1961 vs. St. Johns
98Brent Noble & Bob Edwards21 Jun 1963 vs. Warlingham
98Brent Noble & Brian Moore27 Aug 1966 vs. Barnes A.C.
3rd wicket112*Brian Moore & Allan Butt10 Jun 1961 vs. Addiscombe Meth
110Brent Noble & Albert Briscoe4 Jul 1964 vs. Ealing
102Bob Edwards & Allan Butt29 Jun 1963 vs. S. Godstone
4th wicket61Brent Noble & Allan Butt29 May 1965 vs. Beddington
59Brent Noble & T Martin23 Jul 1966 vs. Warlingham
58Brian Moore & Allan Butt16 Jul 1966 vs. B.B.C.
5th wicket78Allan Butt & Bob Edwards17 Jul 1965 vs. B.B.C.
56Brian Moore & Laurence Pitts27 Jul 1963 vs. Montrose
50Brian Moore & R Rawlence15 Jun 1963 vs. Century
6th wicket82Peter Legge & Barry Passmore29 Jul 1967 vs. Warlingham
57Mike Law & Peter Ward15 Jul 1967 vs. Walcountians
56Roy Gordon & David Winter25 Jun 1961 vs. Castrol
7th wicket46David Winter & John Moffatt11 Jul 1964 vs. S. Godstone
42Brian Moore & John Bailey9 Jul 1966 vs. S. Godstone
27A Mumford & David Winter15 Jul 1961 vs. Castrol
8th wicket61Brian Pitts & Laurence Pitts24 May 1959 vs. Wakefield
42Brent Noble & Alan Preston3 Jun 1962 vs. St. Johns
37*Albert Briscoe & John Bailey3 Aug 1968 vs. Dormansland
9th wicket52*Dennis Adams & Roy Gordon4 Jul 1959 vs. Montrose
34Peter Ward & John Bailey19 Jun 1965 vs. St. Johns
31*Brian Hodges & Peter Ward6 Jun 1960 vs. Banstead Meth.
10th wicket37Alan Preston & B Danby27 Aug 1960 vs. Cheam Baptists
21M Hunt & Roy Gordon6 Jun 1959 vs. Addiscombe Meth
21Roy Gordon & Jimmy Burke25 Jul 1964 vs. Warlingham
 *  this partnership was unbroken

Batting Averages For Seasons 1969 to 1978
Brent Noble109422241312133.51
Brian Moore10129222531131 no.23.65
Albert Briscoe10821215339721.90
Dave Tickner1011919194510619.45
Alan Tickner101361822539719.09
Mike Law52703937614.56
Steve Goldman94855416812.58
Peter Legge107768025111.30
Phil Walters7781371061 no.10.92
Barry Passmore101029850449.14
David Winter5403288317.78
Roy Gordon107418425357.59
Richard Kemp8559310346.74
Kevin Unwin532615323 no.5.88
Laurence Pitts9501718018 no.5.45
Jimmy Burke627680263.81
John Moffatt727578163.55
Chris Preston105816132233.14
James Chignell839889142.87
Minimum qualification: 25 innings over 3 seasons

Bowling Averages For Seasons 1969 to 1978
Brian Moore101715.257931855156.189 for 12
Albert Briscoe9473.4112120411210.756 for 15
Brent Noble1093.083392911.695 for 35
Alan Tickner101120.4242313826611.807 for 7
Peter Legge8158.5155634512.515 for 10
Dave Tickner9518.495167310815.495 for 28
Phil Walters5310.5708605515.646 for 25
Laurence Pitts8165.3167004415.914 for 6
David Winter582.0183031915.953 for 18
Terry Faires3198.5564932817.616 for 23
Chris Preston679.063241719.062 for 7
Minimum qualification: 75 overs over 3 seasons

Miscellaneous Statistics For Seasons 1969 to 1978
Wicket KeepingBowling
Albert Briscoe91243.92.5
Jimmy Burke4380.012.0
James Chignell6411
Terry Faires22+92.32.5
Steve Goldman59265273.94.7
Roy Gordon11818912101
Richard Kemp661115015
Mike Law27453816.75.5
Peter Legge82264.73.5
John Moffatt434
Brian Moore133435.01.9
Brent Noble94381015.23.6
Barry Passmore115255.05.3
Laurence Pitts85134.44.2
Chris Preston8283.64.1
Alan Tickner147544.02.8
Dave Tickner135561013.53.2
Kevin Unwin4454.54.7
Phil Walters87281122.92.8
David Winter5373.93.7
Minimum qualification: 25 innings or 75 overs over 3 seasons

Best Partnerships For Seasons 1969 to 1978
1st wicket140Steve Goldman & Dave Tickner5 Jul 1975 vs. Cheam Parish
116*Brent Noble & Michael Preston20 Jun 1970 vs. Whitgiftians
98Brent Noble & Albert Briscoe19 Jul 1969 vs. Pergamon Press
2nd wicket135*Brent Noble & Brian Moore14 Jul 1973 vs. Sutton P.O.
106*Brent Noble & Brian Moore19 Jul 1969 vs. Pergamon Press
100Phil Walters & Brian Moore9 Aug 1975 vs. Grindlays
3rd wicket115Phil Walters & Brian Moore9 Jul 1977 vs. Montrose
114Brian Moore & Alan Tickner29 May 1971 vs. Metal Box
92Albert Briscoe & Dave Tickner27 May 1972 vs. Clifton
4th wicket171Brent Noble & Albert Briscoe1 Aug 1970 vs. Dormansland
137Brian Moore & Dave Tickner16 Jun 1973 vs. Bromley Common
95Brian Moore & Albert Briscoe9 Aug 1969 vs. N. Holmwood
95Alan Tickner & Brian Moore4 Aug 1973 vs. Clifton
5th wicket97Brian Moore & Steve Goldman27 Apr 1974 vs. Sunbury
77Brent Noble & Alan Tickner2 Aug 1975 vs. Buckingham
70Alan Tickner & Albert Briscoe18 Jul 1970 vs. Cheam Parish
6th wicket69Dave Tickner & Richard Kemp5 Aug 1972 vs. Knights O.B.
58*Alan Tickner & A Cherniovsky4 May 1974 vs. Sherwood Park
58Brent Noble & Steve Goldman25 Jun 1977 vs. Stoneleigh
7th wicket97Alan Tickner & Jimmy Burke28 Jul 1974 vs. Northcliffe
57Albert Briscoe & Chris Preston22 Jun 1974 vs. Stoneleigh
53Albert Briscoe & Phil Walters12 May 1973 vs. Englefield
8th wicket57Alan Tickner & J Lording7 Jun 1975 vs. New Eltham
44*John Bailey & Dave Tickner7 Jun 1970 vs. Hilton
34*Colin Marriott & John Bailey28 Jun 1969 vs. Montrose
9th wicket46Brian Moore & Kevin Unwin14 Aug 1976 vs. Northcliffe
33Steve Goldman & Roy Gordon7 Aug 1971 vs. St. Barnabas
31Brian Moore & Richard Kemp9 Jun 1973 vs. Streatham
10th wicket47*Dave Tickner & Roy Gordon12 Jul 1969 vs. Walcountians
45*Dave Tickner & Roy Gordon12 Jun 1971 vs. Montrose
38J Lording & Denis Hopkins21 Aug 1976 vs. R.C.M.
 *  this partnership was unbroken

Batting Averages For Seasons 1979 to 1988
Chris Morgan1087142924140 no.40.05
Brent Noble531985386 no.38.77
Brian Moore95317114667 no.31.83
Andy Parker325257384 no.24.91
Dave Tickner101561734269224.65
Simon Fox56017100268 no.23.30
Alan Tickner101482426397121.28
Adrian Cowell78041615100 no.21.25
Steve Pitts109810148168 no.16.83
Dave Pitts867118179514.59
David Clark64384735113.51
Roy Gordon962244994113.13
Richard Kemp1071127718313.07
Steve Goldman53363347912.37
Keith Miller64454496311.51
Steve Card1076205883910.50
Barry Passmore551545838 no.9.96
Lee Foster6394322349.20
Dave Bowerman106725330257.86
Huw Campbell3281012321 no.6.83
Peter Legge9344179215.97
Chris Preston627155811 no.4.83
James Chignell8321093164.23
Minimum qualification: 25 innings over 3 seasons

Bowling Averages For Seasons 1979 to 1988
Brian Moore9656.519613801718.076 for 13
David Clark6540.1137127010312.337 for 13
Steve Card9928.1201262220013.119 for 27
Alan Tickner101374.1268406430313.418 for 24
Dave Tickner10893.2194250517314.486 for 18
Phil Walters4199.0485443615.115 for 22
Charles Lakeman6133.0324442617.085 for 20
Andy Parker3166.2306103318.487 for 14
Dave Bowerman10808.0162244312819.095 for 21
Huw Campbell3373.08710275319.385 for 26
Simon Fox5444.55217268320.806 for 41
Lee Foster7123.0135542126.383 for 17
Minimum qualification: 75 overs over 3 seasons

Miscellaneous Statistics For Seasons 1979 to 1988
Wicket KeepingBowling
Dave Bowerman113?302.63.0
Huw Campbell468.0182.42.8
Steve Card105?323.62.8
James Chignell53?304.25.4
David Clark59?213.22.4
Adrian Cowell84?263033.15.4
Lee Foster50?112.84.5
Simon Fox775.9313.13.9
Steve Goldman42?137077.12.4
Roy Gordon96?2979106
Richard Kemp82?19
Charles Lakeman167.213.33.3
Peter Legge4370.02.5
Keith Miller535.9108210
Brian Moore58?184.32.1
Chris Morgan88?375162.44.4
Brent Noble32?73.13.4
Andy Parker293.395053.33.7
Barry Passmore57?10
Dave Pitts71?114.74.7
Steve Pitts107?1436541
Chris Preston39?32.65.6
Alan Tickner167?743.73.0
Dave Tickner169?523033.22.8
Phil Walters38112133.02.7
Minimum qualification: 25 innings or 75 overs over 3 seasons

Best Partnerships For Seasons 1979 to 1988
1st wicket172Adrian Cowell & Andy Parker30 May 1987 vs. Sunnyside
159Dave Tickner & Richard Kemp23 Aug 1980 vs. Riverside
154Phil Walters & Chris Morgan9 Aug 1980 vs. Englefield
116Steve Pitts & Adrian Cowell25 May 1985 vs. Meadowbank
110Dave Tickner & Steve Pitts15 Sep 1984 vs. Sun Alliance
106Adrian Cowell & Jeremy Clayton28 Jun 1986 vs. Ebrington
104*Steve Pitts & Dave Pitts4 Aug 1984 vs. Newdigate
2nd wicket114Andy Parker & Steve Pitts2 May 1987 vs. Blindley Heath
112Dave Tickner & Chris Morgan6 Oct 1979 vs. Dormansland
108Phil Walters & Brent Noble23 Jun 1979 vs. Stoneleigh
3rd wicket110Brent Noble & Alan Tickner1 Sep 1979 vs. Stockwell
95Dave Tickner & Alan Tickner10 May 1980 vs. Wall. Cottagers
93Chris Morgan & Adrian Cowell17 May 1986 vs. Temple Sheen
4th wicket95Dave Tickner & Brian Moore25 Jun 1988 vs. Ebrington
90Richard Kemp & Alan Tickner30 Jun 1985 vs. Hook Norton
85*Alan Tickner & Dave Tickner12 May 1984 vs. Wall. Cottagers
5th wicket114Chris Morgan & Brian Moore4 Sep 1982 vs. Rowan
110*Chris Morgan & Dave Pitts7 Aug 1988 vs. Wrecclesham
101Andy Parker & Dave Tickner27 Sep 1986 vs. Newchapel
6th wicket97*Brian Moore & Simon Fox1 Sep 1984 vs. S. Beckenham
96Dave Tickner & Simon Fox11 Jun 1988 vs. Lingfield
94Greg Pynt & Alan Tickner3 Sep 1983 vs. Rowan
7th wicket53Chris Morgan & Alan Tickner1 Aug 1982 vs. Badgers Brewery
48*Brian Moore & Roy Fletcher1981  
39Brian Moore & Richard Kemp28 Aug 1982 vs. Spetisbury
8th wicket48Alan Tickner & Steve Card13 Jun 1987 vs. Lingfield
39*Albert Briscoe & Steve Card11 Aug 1979 vs. Dulwich O.B.
39Brian Moore & Steve Card2 Jul 1983 vs. Loose
9th wicket63Alan Tickner & Mick Willmott24 Sep 1988 vs. Newchapel
53Greg Pynt & Steve Fordham11 Jun 1983 vs. Lingfield
45*Dave Tickner & Roy Gordon30 Jun 1979 vs. Stockwell
10th wicket34Dave Bowerman & Roy Gordon27 Jul 1985 vs. Alleynians
25*Stuart Gambel & Chris Preston13 Jul 1985 vs. Sutton Railway
24Mick Willmott & Huw Campbell9 May 1987 vs. Xaverians
 *  this partnership was unbroken

Batting Averages For Seasons 1989 to 1998
Darren Hanley87468152447108 no.46.17
David Aldwinckle6514981749107 no.42.66
Mark Gordon9130112302355114 no.28.72
Andy Parker6605211110410226.93
Andy Ducker433314664100 no.24.59
Alan Tickner1014311726199081 no.21.87
Steve Pitts1014312918226980 no.20.44
David Jones4303025586719.93
Dave Tickner1010392101535103 no.18.72
Justin Ducker8474627697817.48
Alan Wilkes10109822210338017.22
Allan Butt7554696315817.05
Jeremy Clayton104944760775 no.16.41
Brent Noble72925818133 no.10.65
John Rourke55433626835 no.9.93
Nick Williams33525420534 no.9.76
Lee Foster636265185248.81
Barry Forrester557454349468.51
Richard Kemp1079683549408.45
Keith Miller106148626725 no.6.36
Mick Willmott10133752034323 no.6.24
Martin Walker740254124205.90
Minimum qualification: 25 innings over 3 seasons

Bowling Averages For Seasons 1989 to 1998
David Aldwinckle645323.1828067311.045 for 22
Alan Tickner101351217.4292337424513.776 for 25
Andy Parker555500.112313509813.785 for 45
Steve Pitts82299.5144233014.104 for 46
Steve Ducker428235.0586864814.294 for 16
Huw Campbell624181.2424963215.503 for 9
Mick Willmott10114839.565391623516.669 for 41
Alan Wilkes10101945.0208277614918.635 for 45
Martin Walker635268.5458694519.315 for 42
John Rourke553388.48911294923.046 for 12
Allan Butt749321.26912045223.154 for 39
Suresh Jha327184.3365982424.924 for 22
Mark Gordon887536.410218277026.104 for 25
Justin Ducker721113.4194351529.003 for 23
Nick Williams322100.145111146.451 for 6
Minimum qualification: 75 overs over 3 seasons

Miscellaneous Statistics For Seasons 1989 to 1998
Wicket KeepingBowling
David Aldwinckle512.7183.82.5
Allan Butt556.8152.73.7
Huw Campbell269.472.92.7
Jeremy Clayton492.580.04.0
Andy Ducker332.09516
Justin Ducker473.3132.23.8
Steve Ducker286.4123.42.9
Barry Forrester576.5163.65.4
Lee Foster365.663.14.2
Mark Gordon1305.11157072.23.4
Darren Hanley743.6342024.24.3
Suresh Jha297.812.23.2
David Jones302.76
Richard Kemp794.916
Keith Miller616.08201131
Brent Noble296.8105.44.7
Andy Parker604.2163363.32.7
Steve Pitts1433.01466751415.04.2
John Rourke547.9212.12.9
Alan Tickner1435.3343.42.8
Dave Tickner1033.5286064.82.7
Martin Walker406.3132.83.2
Alan Wilkes1097.1172.62.9
Nick Williams356.391.85.1
Mick Willmott1338.7391014.74.7
Minimum qualification: 25 innings or 75 overs over 3 seasons

Best Partnerships For Seasons 1989 to 1998
1st wicket133Gareth Limpenny & Robin Suggate3 Jun 1990 vs. Sunnyside
125Justin Ducker & David Jones14 Jun 1997 vs. Wilmington
122Andy Ducker & Steve Pitts11 May 1991 vs. Cudham
110*Steve Pitts & Andy Ducker7 Sep 1991 vs. Pearl Assurance
2nd wicket108Mark Gordon & Darren Hanley3 Sep 1994 vs. Sunnyside
106Adrian Cowell & Steve Pitts19 Aug 1989 vs. Pearl Assurance
103Adrian Cowell & Steve Ducker17 Jun 1989 vs. Lingfield
103Andy Parker & Dave Tickner24 Aug 1996 vs. Seveno
3rd wicket111David Aldwinckle & Darren Hanley5 Jul 1998 vs. Shere
98Dave Tickner & Robin Suggate30 Sep 1989 vs. Newchapel
84David Aldwinckle & Alan Tickner1 Jun 1996 vs. Leigh
4th wicket148*Darren Hanley & Alan Tickner11 Sep 1993 vs. Leigh
115*Mark Gordon & Barry Forrester27 Jul 1996 vs. Alleynians
112*Dave Tickner & Alan Tickner9 May 1998 vs. N. Holmwood
111David Aldwinckle & Richard Kemp23 Jul 1994 vs. Alleynians
5th wicket128Justin Ducker & Alan Tickner31 May 1997 vs. Leigh
105*Darren Hanley & David Aldwinckle25 Sep 1993 vs. Ifield
79David Jones & Allan Butt14 Sep 1996 vs. Morden
6th wicket82Darren Hanley & Alan Tickner9 Aug 1998 vs. Reigate Cav.
74Darren Hanley & Paul Vernon9 Jul 1994 vs. Nat West
66David Aldwinckle & Mark Gordon8 Aug 1992 vs. Loose
7th wicket65Alan Wilkes & Allan Butt24 Jun 1994 vs. Ebrington
63Brent Noble & Allan Butt30 Jun 1995 vs. Ebrington
53Justin Ducker & Allan Butt2 Aug 1998 vs. Stoke
8th wicket60*David Aldwinckle & Mark Gordon14 Sep 1996 vs. Morden
42Alan Wilkes & Mick Willmott24 Jun 1994 vs. Ebrington
38Robin Suggate & Simon Fox27 May 1989 vs. Wallington O.F.
9th wicket60Jules Lyon & John McCann18 Aug 1996 vs. Valley End
54Mark Gordon & Mick Willmott16 May 1998 vs. Rowan
54*Alan Tickner & Roger Brown21 Jun 1998 vs. Loose
51Mick Willmott & John Rourke23 Sep 1995 vs. Valley End
10th wicket49Alan Tickner & Steve Pitts30 Aug 1998 vs. Blindley Heath
36*Alan Wilkes & Simon Fox3 Jun 1989 vs. Sunnyside
35*Alan Wilkes & Alan Tickner2 Sep 1990 vs. Blindley Heath
 *  this partnership was unbroken

Batting Averages For Seasons 1999 to 2008
Patrick Redding68272273225122 no.71.67
David Aldwinckle64339131276119 no.49.08
Alan Tickner8118104252684102 no.33.97
Mark Gordon1017113840326110033.28
Simon Fox890741914238325.87
Richard Ward550496110383 no.25.65
Paul Little63732372890 no.25.10
Steve Pitts101371181321099720.09
John Larkin63330545365 no.18.12
Barry Davenport99286513317216.43
David Jones8323144255415.74
Dave Tickner982776101310114.27
Graham Ward7105901210657413.65
Ian Gregg101439728661459.58
Allan Butt1079521039444 no.9.38
Graham Davenport101401155987648.97
Keith Miller968349179337.16
Mick Willmott91035723212196.24
Darrell Pitts754409187216.03
John Rourke552256108185.68
Paul Wilson831265103184.90
Minimum qualification: 25 innings over 3 seasons

Bowling Averages For Seasons 1999 to 2008
Alan Tickner874610.3124191812814.988 for 28
David Aldwinckle639258.3587344516.314 for 15
Mark Gordon101471100.0243342219917.205 for 9
Alan Wilkes543340.37310795918.297 for 38
Darrell Pitts640246.12111035719.355 for 12
Graham Ward657353.42817288719.868 for 65
Allan Butt1074483.27617458720.066 for 14
Ian Gregg101391216.3249383919020.216 for 25
Simon Fox852277.22813176121.593 for 20
Mick Willmott986614.144295413521.885 for 12
Graham Davenport1087567.172242410822.447 for 51
Andy Parker31175.018189727.002 for 16
John Rourke552497.011415345527.894 for 15
John Larkin51677.033761037.602 for 6
Minimum qualification: 75 overs over 3 seasons

Miscellaneous Statistics For Seasons 1999 to 2008
Wicket KeepingBowling
David Aldwinckle433.8162.92.8
Allan Butt797.5193.03.6
Barry Davenport924.836164202.84.1
Graham Davenport1405.2323033.24.3
Simon Fox904.6293.74.7
Mark Gordon1715.71543.03.1
Ian Gregg1437.4412.63.2
David Jones323.85
John Larkin334.353142.24.9
Paul Little374.274.25.6
Keith Miller688.16169250.02.5
Andy Parker144.932241.62.5
Darrell Pitts547.2123.94.5
Steve Pitts1372.8868501183.23.2
Patrick Redding823.7350.06.0
John Rourke529.381.83.1
Alan Tickner1183.7313.53.1
Dave Tickner823.0140.05.0
Graham Ward1054.4534.14.9
Richard Ward502.6160.010.9
Alan Wilkes479.382.93.2
Mick Willmott1038.4143.74.8
Paul Wilson316.0100.010.5
Minimum qualification: 25 innings or 75 overs over 3 seasons

Best Partnerships For Seasons 1999 to 2008
1st wicket201*Alan Tickner & Patrick Redding29 May 2004 vs. Epsom Meth.
200*Alan Tickner & Patrick Redding8 Jun 2003 vs. Stoke
145*Simon Fox & Steve Pitts14 Jun 2003 vs. NPL
130Steve Pitts & Patrick Redding26 Jul 2003 vs. Alleynians
126Patrick Redding & Richard Ward22 Jul 2007 vs. Seven Sports
109Ian Gregg & Mark Gordon26 Jun 2005 vs. Milton
2nd wicket168Steve Pitts & David Aldwinckle17 Jun 2000 vs. NPL
130David Aldwinckle & Mark Gordon27 Jun 1999 vs. Hook Norton
123Patrick Redding & Alan Tickner14 Sep 2003 vs. Crondall
112Alan Tickner & Darren Hanley8 May 1999 vs. Rowan
112Patrick Redding & Graham Ward3 Jul 2004 vs. Woldingham
110*John Larkin & Simon Fox11 May 2008 vs. Sutton
106John Larkin & Mark Gordon5 Aug 2007 vs. Englefield
104  #Patrick Redding & Steve Pitts11 Jul 2006 vs. Tadworth
3rd wicket152Patrick Redding & Simon Fox15 Jun 2008 vs. East Horsley
139David Aldwinckle & David Jones22 Aug 1999 vs. Ewhurst
117Simon Fox & Bill Jenkins28 Sep 2008 vs. Chiltern Gyp.
112Patrick Redding & Paul Little14 Aug 2005 vs. Streatham
110Graham Ward & Matthew Mann27 Apr 2008 vs. Beechwood
108Justin Ducker & Mark Gordon9 Sep 2000 vs. Horsley & Send
4th wicket132Mark Gordon & Alan Tickner6 Aug 2000 vs. Stoke
118Simon Fox & Alan Tickner6 Sep 2003 vs. Burgh Heath
116Patrick Redding & Mark Gordon5 Jul 2008 vs. Morden Parish
110Simon Fox & Patrick Redding25 Aug 2007 vs. Morden Cor.
107Alan Tickner & Simon Fox7 Sep 2002 vs. Epsom Lib.
106Richard Ward & Paul Little15 Aug 2004 vs. Newchapel
103*Steve Pitts & Mark Gordon29 Jun 2002 vs. Hook Norton
103Mark Gordon & Alan Tickner27 Jul 2002 vs. Alleynians
102Alan Tickner & David Aldwinckle21 Sep 2002 vs. Beddington
5th wicket149Simon Clementson & Mark Gordon23 Jul 2006 vs. Seven Sports
141Patrick Redding & Mark Gordon22 Jun 2008 vs. Tadworth
134*David Aldwinckle & Mark Gordon5 Jul 2003 vs. Woldingham
113David Aldwinckle & Mark Gordon13 Jul 2003 vs. Clapham Nomads
112Alan Tickner & Simon Fox4 Aug 2001 vs. Wimbledon
6th wicket111Patrick Redding & Mark Gordon30 Jul 2006 vs. Ham
103Mark Gordon & Alan Tickner12 Aug 2001 vs. Reigate Cav.
90*Patrick Redding & Mark Gordon2 Jul 2005 vs. Woldingham
7th wicket90*Mark Gordon & Alan Tickner31 Aug 2003 vs. Blindley Heath
83*Graham Davenport & Patrick Redding3 Sep 2006 vs. Blindley Heath
74*Patrick Redding & Mark Gordon28 May 2005 vs. Epsom Meth.
8th wicket67Simon Fox & Allan Butt27 Jun 2004 vs. Milton
59*Patrick Redding & Mark Gordon14 May 2005 vs. Leigh
56Graham Davenport & Graham Ward17 Jun 2007 vs. East Horsley
9th wicket63Mark Gordon & Ian Gregg31 Jul 2005 vs. East Horsley
30Mark Gordon & Dave Tickner17 Sep 2000 vs. Crondall
28Alan Tickner & Alan Wilkes1 Aug 1999 vs. Stoke
28Patrick Redding & Allan Butt17 Sep 2006 vs. Headley
10th wicket56Patrick Redding & Rakesh Dawar30 Jul 2006 vs. Ham
53Mark Gordon & Simon Fox31 Jul 2005 vs. East Horsley
34*David Aldwinckle & Mick Willmott28 Jul 2001 vs. Alleynians
 *  this partnership was unbroken
 #  this partnership was recorded in a game that did not count towards the official averages

Batting Averages For Seasons 2009 to 2018
Mark Gordon10189154555152124 no.52.04
Patrick Redding5554810168411944.32
Bill Jenkins995682812138330.33
Jake Gordon91411242429158929.15
Amy Gordon73631946059 no.20.91
Graham Ward1011310816191765 no.20.84
Guy Walker9453986389020.58
Darrell Pitts9143110291638115 no.20.22
Steve Pitts101581202217248917.59
Rob Knew9133951712158915.58
Matt Smith5402863379515.32
Ricky Cibardo5383514945614.53
Simon Fox6393073314414.39
Ben Valentine101331151313777213.50
Allan Butt98966216054113.44
Rod Smith4585426795313.06
Matthew Mann10574845444912.36
Vinny Cibardo671401724236 no.10.52
Peter Snook5605815924410.39
Ian Gregg101391081786155 no.9.46
Andy Iwanoczko531264167297.59
Alec Cochrane75146214119 no.3.20
Minimum qualification: 25 innings over 3 seasons

Bowling Averages For Seasons 2009 to 2018
Bill Jenkins990587.3179159315310.415 for 11
Mark Gordon10145770.5112310917218.087 for 19
Guy Walker932160.1187253918.595 for 25
Jake Gordon10128785.5123316016918.705 for 19
Darrell Pitts9120718.267356616921.107 for 90
Matt Smith534208.2587033321.305 for 11
Sahil Dawar415115.3263901821.673 for 36
Amy Gordon727137.4215662621.773 for 25
Ben Valentine1080366.23916527422.325 for 27
Rob Knew9126841.1170308113023.705 for 57
Vinny Cibardo664429.16717657324.185 for 25
Allan Butt983507.210219247824.674 for 24
Ian Gregg10115638.286290410527.664 for 17
Daniel Ward636171.3139453427.794 for 39
Graham Ward529170.0197982729.563 for 19
Andy Iwanoczko524127.096632230.144 for 20
Minimum qualification: 75 overs over 3 seasons

Miscellaneous Statistics For Seasons 2009 to 2018
Wicket KeepingBowling
Allan Butt897.6172.63.8
Ricky Cibardo382.272.56.6
Vinny Cibardo718.2132.84.1
Alec Cochrane514.54
Sahil Dawar156.932.63.4
Simon Fox394.955.63.7
Amy Gordon366.592023.14.1
Jake Gordon1415.1792023.64.0
Mark Gordon1896.5151114153.74.0
Ian Gregg1396.6402.74.5
Andy Iwanoczko315.4152.95.2
Bill Jenkins956.9304.32.7
Rob Knew1336.3292.63.7
Matthew Mann574.4164.55.9
Darrell Pitts1434.6543.95.0
Steve Pitts1583.4365651305.76.0
Patrick Redding554.4122.86.7
Matt Smith405.6162.63.4
Rod Smith583.3112.05.5
Peter Snook604.294.96.4
Ben Valentine1335.0723.44.5
Guy Walker455.3124.14.5
Daniel Ward447.353.35.5
Graham Ward1133.5384592.64.7
Minimum qualification: 25 innings or 75 overs over 3 seasons

Best Partnerships For Seasons 2009 to 2018
1st wicket163Matt Smith & Bill Jenkins9 Aug 2015 vs. Ripley
100  #Patrick Redding & Simon Walker29 Jul 2011 vs. Cholmondeley
80Darrell Pitts & Richard Ward11 Aug 2013 vs. RS Casuals
80Graham Ward & Bill Jenkins30 Aug 2015 vs. Blindley Heath
2nd wicket152Mark Gordon & Rod Smith20 Aug 2017 vs. Banstead
117Graham Ward & Jake Gordon22 Jun 2014 vs. Tadworth
98Darrell Pitts & Rod Smith18 Sep 2016 vs. Cuddington
3rd wicket127Richard Ward & Graham Ward5 Jul 2009 vs. Old Sutts
125Richard Ward & Patrick Redding9 Aug 2009 vs. Reigate Cav.
110Richard Ward & Patrick Redding4 Jul 2010 vs. Old Sutts
103Bill Jenkins & Jake Gordon5 Jun 2016 vs. Bagshot
4th wicket94Darrell Pitts & Graham Ward28 Aug 2011 vs. Blindley Heath
87Daniel Allen & Daniel Pischedda24 Jun 2018 vs. Whiteley
82Jake Gordon & Amy Gordon10 Sep 2017 vs. Smallfield
5th wicket127Rob Knew & Jake Gordon21 Sep 2014 vs. Ockley
114Daniel Pischedda & Rob Knew17 Jun 2018 vs. Ottershaw
105Jake Gordon & Ben Valentine30 Jun 2013 vs. Wallington
98Graham Ward & Mark Gordon29 May 2011 vs. Roehampton
92Chris Byrne & Mark Gordon13 Jun 2010 vs. Leatherhead
6th wicket111Simon Fox & Mark Gordon25 Apr 2010 vs. Beechwood
111*Darrell Pitts & Mark Gordon11 May 2014 vs. Ham
102*Graham Ward & Mark Gordon10 Jun 2012 vs. Roehampton
97Jake Gordon & Mark Gordon13 Sep 2015 vs. Horsley & Send
97Bill Jenkins & Mark Gordon1 May 2016 vs. Beddington
94Patrick Redding & Mark Gordon24 Sep 2011 vs. Leigh
92Patrick Redding & Mark Gordon11 Sep 2011 vs. Headley
92Jake Gordon & Graham Ward15 Jun 2014 vs. Leigh
91Patrick Redding & Mark Gordon8 May 2011 vs. Sutton
91Jake Gordon & Mark Gordon19 Jul 2015 vs. Oxted
82Mark Gordon & Bill Jenkins17 Sep 2017 vs. Horsley & Send
81*Amy Gordon & Mark Gordon21 Aug 2016 vs. Deando
80Jake Gordon & Mark Gordon20 Sep 2015 vs. Ockley
7th wicket127Mark Gordon & Allan Butt23 Jun 2013 vs. Tadworth
98*Mark Gordon & Graham Ward31 Aug 2014 vs. Blindley Heath
89Mark Gordon & Guy Walker8 Aug 2010 vs. Reigate Cav.
85Mark Gordon & Patrick Redding26 Aug 2012 vs. Beechwood
80*Mark Gordon & Bill Jenkins7 Jun 2015 vs. Roehampton
77Jake Gordon & Mark Gordon24 May 2015 vs. Whiteley
74Rob Knew & Mark Gordon10 Jul 2016 vs. Malpas
72Rod Smith & Amy Gordon25 Sep 2016 vs. Westcott
70*Ian Gregg & Mark Gordon4 Aug 2018 vs. South Brent
8th wicket83Mark Gordon & Darrell Pitts5 Sep 2010 vs. Alleyn Adhoc
63*Bill Jenkins & Darrell Pitts2 Jun 2013 vs. Leatherhead
56Mark Gordon & Ricky Cibardo28 Sep 2014 vs. Westcott
9th wicket108*Mark Gordon & Bill Jenkins28 May 2017 vs. Whitgiftians
73Mark Gordon & Ian Gregg24 Jul 2011 vs. Ham
62Mark Gordon & Bill Jenkins22 May 2016 vs. Dormansland
55*Bill Jenkins & Simon Fox16 Jun 2013 vs. Leigh
53*Guy Walker & Darrell Pitts9 Sep 2012 vs. South Park
50*Allan Butt & Mark Gordon21 Jul 2013 vs. Malpas
10th wicket54*Chris Byrne & Darrell Pitts21 Jun 2009 vs. Tadworth
51Ben Valentine & Amy Gordon4 Aug 2013 vs. Horley
37Mark Gordon & Chris Turner10 May 2009 vs. Sutton
11th wicket16*Simon Fox & Allan Butt31 Jul 2011 vs. Malpas
 *  this partnership was unbroken
 #  this partnership was recorded in a game that did not count towards the official averages