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Whilst by no means complete just yet, this page is slowly taking shape as I finally manage to piece together the information that I intend to make up the Badgers CC Hall Of Fame (although I’m not certain about the name – strikes me as being a little too American for a cricket club – anyone have any better ideas??) Much of what you’ll find here is based on a report that I put together after the club’s fortieth season, which itself was inspired by other such documents produced for the twenty-first and thirtieth seasons, and you can find a browser-friendly version of that document in the paragraph below.

The fortieth anniversary document has been fully reworked as a proper HTML document, and you can see the final results by following the link above. Please bear in mind that this is an historical artefact, and therefore sections of it are definitely out of date. I have gradually put together current versions of most of it, either here in the Hall Of Fame or elsewhere on the site, and I’ve endeavoured to hyperlink to those where appropriate. Due to the lack of detailed scorecard information, at least as far as entry into the database, prior to 1985 the individual performances are unlikely to be updated any time soon. NOTE that because of formatting requirements, the target page has no menu. Return here either by using your browser’s Back button, or by clicking on the ‘Return to Hall of Fame’ hyperlink that follows each section in the document.

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