Badgers Cricket Club – Season 1975 Results

Affiliated to the CCC

This page shows the results for season 1975 in a format suitable for printing (although why you’d want to do so in the third decade of the twenty-first century is something of a mystery). When printed via a browser the header, menus, footer and this paragraph should disappear, leaving just the information that would have appeared in the season reports back in the day.

NOTE however that you may need to play with your browser’s print options to adjust margins, eliminate page headers and footers and ensure a good looking end result (although pagination will likely be a bugbear for some seasons).

Season 1975 Results
26 April vs. Sunbury Village (A)Won by 1 wicket
Sunbury 81 all out
Badgers 82 for 9
10 May vs. Sutton Railway (A)Lost by 62 runs
Sutton Railway 97 all out
Badgers 35 all out
24 May vs. B.B.C. (A)Lost by 134 runs
B.B.C. 206 for 4 dec.
Badgers 72 all out
26 May vs. Old Walcountians (A)Lost by 98 runs
Walcountians 155 for 8 dec.
Badgers 57 all out
31 May vs. Scafco (A)Won by 7 wickets
Scafco 62 all out
Badgers 65 for 3
7 June vs. New Eltham (A)Won by 84 runs
Badgers 147 for 7 dec.
New Eltham 63 all out
14 June vs. Sunbury Village (H)Won by 54 runs
Badgers 112 all out
Sunbury 58 all out
21 June vs. Stoneleigh Methodists (A)Won by 108 runs
Badgers 159 for 4 dec.
Stoneleigh 51 all out
28 June vs. Meadowbank (A)Won by 55 runs
Badgers 103 all out
Meadowbank 48 all out
5 July vs. Cheam Parish (H)Won by 96 runs
Badgers 167 for 5 dec.
Cheam Parish 71 all out
12 July vs. Sutton Railway (H)Won by 62 runs
Badgers 105 all out
Sutton Railway 43 all out
19 July vs. Dormansland (A)Lost by 100 runs
Dormansland 202 for 5 dec.
Badgers 102 all out
26 July vs. Stoneleigh Methodists (H)Match Drawn
Badgers 131 for 8 dec.
Stoneleigh 119 for 9
2 August vs. Buckingham S.W.D.O. (A)Won by 29 runs
Badgers 168 for 6 dec.
Buckingham 139 all out
9 August vs. Grindlays Bank (A)Match Drawn
Badgers 218 for 7 dec.
Grindlays 158 for 3
16 August vs. Northcliffe (A)Won by 6 wickets
Northcliffe 82 all out
Badgers 86 for 4
23 August vs. Seveno (H)Won by 95 runs
Badgers 147 all out
Seveno 52 all out
30 August vs. Scanners (A)Lost by 5 wickets
Badgers 140 all out
Scanners 141 for 5

Season analysisPlayedWonLostDrawnTiedResult
Runs scored:2096 for 142 wickets(at 14.76 per wicket)
Runs allowed:1828 for 154 wickets(at 11.87 per wicket)
Highest total for:218vs. Grindlays Bank
Lowest total for:35vs. Sutton Railway
Highest total against:206by B.B.C.
Lowest total against:43by Sutton Railway
Highest aggregate:376vs. Grindlays Bank
Lowest aggregate:127vs. Scafco