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Most of what you will find here is historical – when this site first started it wasn’t always that easy to track down cricket-related sites, but these days the major search engines make it as easy as pie. However, I have decided to leave what we have here for posterity, with the occasional tidy up slowly removing sites that no longer exist or that no longer offer cricket specific elements. The categories were arbitrary when I started and feel even more so now.

General cricket sites

Club Cricket Conference (CCC)

Cricinfo – once the home of cricket on the web

Lords – the home of cricket

The Fixture List

Play-Cricket – the ECB cricket network

The Open Directory’s cricket listings

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Cricket club sites

During the early years of the web, and even the early years of this site, search engine technology was not as all-knowing as it seems to be in the late 2010s and thus there were a fair number of directory sites that catalogued other web sites and it seemed like a good thing to provide links both to those sites and the few cricket clubs that had their own website. It was never a reasonable task to list every cricket club on the net, and indeed I never tried, but this section includes a handful of the more comprehensive such lists, although they are mostly only of historical interest since club sites can be readily be found via the major search engines.

GG’s Club Cricket Software – Cricket Links

The Open Directory’s Cricket Clubs index

Cricinfo’s English Cricket Directory

I have also managed to find the following sites for teams that we either play or used to play (although in 2014 I removed direct links to Play-Cricket sub-sites from this section, since they are readily found via the parent site’s search)



Chipstead Couldson and Walcountians




Old Alleynians

Ottershaw & Hamm Moor


Reigate Priory


RS Casuals

Stoke D'Abernon



West End Esher


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Computer software – games, simulations and stats

GG’s Club Cricket Software

Total Cricket Scorer

Play Cricket Scorer (mobile App)

Play Cricket Scorer Pro (Windows)

Cricket Gaming – site dedicated to cricket games

(International) Cricket Captain (game)

Don Bradman Cricket 17 (game)

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