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This page provides an up-to-date view of the lifetime averages – batting, bowling and miscellaneous statistics. During the off-season the information herein will not differ from the identical tables in the most recent Season Report but whilst matches are actually being played it provides a mechanism for checking on looming personal milestones.

Current Lifetime Batting Averages After 16 Sep 2018

Patrick Redding11120374909122 no.59.1
David Aldwinckle1288213025119 no.45.1
Darren Hanley1185173065113 no.45.1
Chris Morgan1086132924140 no.40.1
Mark Gordon3140712710770124 no.38.5
Bill Jenkins1170301321103 no.33.0
Jake Gordon91242429158929.2
Richard Ward9697172183 no.27.8
Brent Noble2921345463212127.6
Brian Moore30271545827131 no.26.9
Paul Little834575290 no.25.9
Andy Parker128815188610225.8
Simon Fox241815329838323.3
Alan Tickner38505949566102 no.23.3
Andy Ducker5354707100 no.22.8
Adrian Cowell99642004100 no.21.8
Amy Gordon731946059 no.20.9
Guy Walker114387319020.9
Dave Tickner3944452791810620.2
Albert Briscoe201502125829720.0
Steve Pitts424736776109718.7
David Jones126169836717.9
Graham Ward171982829827417.5
John Larkin731545365 no.17.4
Justin Ducker105128527817.4
Jeremy Clayton15641186975 no.16.4
Darrell Pitts16150381825115 no.16.3
Rob Knew9951712158915.6
Matt Smith52863379515.3
Barry Davenport11102614677215.3
Ricky Cibardo53514945614.5
Alan Wilkes141032810728014.3
Dave Pitts1273118459513.6
David Clark64384735113.5
Steve Ducker53114026413.4
Allan Butt3622947241378 no.13.3
Ben Valentine111271513977212.5
Phil Walters101112111087112.3
Steve Goldman1789129437912.2
Matthew Mann135846604912.2
Mike Law151324148513011.6
Peter Legge3018916182811810.6
Steve Card1391266863910.6
Vinny Cibardo6401724236 no.10.5
Peter Snook55815924410.4
Peter Ward117817583409.6
Graham Davenport1212651156649.6
Richard Kemp31212301730839.5
Ian Gregg2120745152255 no.9.4
Lee Foster13799634409.1
Roy Gordon35231661461418.9
Barry Forrester5454349468.5
Barry Passmore22204241530448.5
David Winter141229950658.4
Keith Miller2712821899638.4
Michael Preston11611934753 no.8.3
John Bailey118030409258.2
John Rourke10581237635 no.8.2
Alan Preston8439266307.8
Andy Iwanoczko5264167297.6
Dave Bowerman148830390256.7
Mick Willmott251555163823 no.6.1
Huw Campbell8441417421 no.5.8
Kevin Unwin742818923 no.5.6
Laurence Pitts1913526591225.4
Martin Walker8284130205.4
John Moffatt17848401265.3
Paul Wilson114710174184.7
Jimmy Burke9358121264.5
Rakesh Dawar8337112124.3
Chris Preston189032201233.5
James Chignell167118182163.4
Alec Cochrane746214119 no.3.2
Keith Partlett633676132.8
Minimum qualification: 25 innings over 5 seasons

Current Lifetime Bowling Averages After 16 Sep 2018

Brian Moore313353.4106666899656.910 for 2
Bill Jenkins10598.3182162715410.65 for 11
Peter Legge18562.492175714811.97 for 13
Albert Briscoe15653.3138180415012.06 for 15
David Clark6540.1137127010212.57 for 13
Steve Card10963.1203274821113.09 for 27
David Aldwinckle12581.4140154011813.15 for 22
Alan Tickner384323.29261249294213.38 for 24
Laurence Pitts18390.534158711713.66 for 25
Steve Ducker5349.08110207214.24 for 16
John Bailey7193.4356134314.35 for 13
David Winter14530.4108172512014.46 for 15
Dave Tickner231490.5309440730214.66 for 18
Steve Pitts14134.2165573814.74 for 46
Brent Noble23311.23612628315.25 for 35
Peter Ward11312.0619596315.25 for 11
Phil Walters9509.511814049115.46 for 25
Andy Parker11741.3171214913815.67 for 14
Keith Partlett7187.5306663917.15 for 37
Charles Lakeman6133.0324442617.15 for 20
Steve Goldman1086.063772217.14 for 24
Allan Butt351890.1390639136517.56 for 14
Dave Bowerman12874.2175264615017.65 for 21
Huw Campbell9554.212915238517.95 for 26
Alan Wilkes151285.3281385520818.57 for 38
Mick Willmott211486.0109700937518.79 for 41
Jake Gordon10785.5123316016918.75 for 19
Mark Gordon282407.3457835844119.07 for 19
Mike Law1096.3103791919.95 for 23
Lee Foster11165.2137183520.53 for 14
Darrell Pitts15964.388466922620.77 for 90
Martin Walker7285.5469524521.25 for 42
Matt Smith5208.2587033321.35 for 11
Simon Fox17794.386331215421.56 for 41
Guy Walker11199.1199254321.55 for 25
Amy Gordon7137.4215662621.83 for 25
Ben Valentine11377.34116917722.05 for 27
Graham Ward11523.447252611422.28 for 65
Sahil Dawar7150.2285592522.43 for 26
Matthew Mann1076.084261922.43 for 4
Graham Davenport10567.172242410822.47 for 51
Ian Gregg211855.5335674829522.96 for 25
Chris Preston11112.495152223.43 for 42
Rob Knew9841.1170308113023.75 for 57
Vinny Cibardo6429.16717657324.25 for 25
Justin Ducker9138.1205472224.94 for 42
John Rourke10885.4203266310425.66 for 12
Daniel Ward6171.3139453427.84 for 39
Andy Iwanoczko5127.096632230.14 for 20
John Larkin577.033761037.62 for 6
Rakesh Dawar687.15454950.42 for 31
Minimum qualification: 75 overs over 5 seasons

Current Lifetime Miscellaneous Statistics After 16 Sep 2018

Wicket KeepingBowling
David Aldwinckle943.2343.42.6
John Bailey104383033.73.2
Dave Bowerman152?372.93.0
Albert Briscoe160463.82.8
Jimmy Burke57140.012.0
Allan Butt293753.23.4
Huw Campbell728.5252.62.7
Steve Card123?343.72.9
James Chignell117?414.25.4
Ricky Cibardo382.272.56.6
Vinny Cibardo718.2132.84.1
David Clark59?213.12.4
Jeremy Clayton702.5150.03.0
Alec Cochrane514.54
Adrian Cowell101?343033.35.3
Barry Davenport1114.945164202.54.7
Graham Davenport1525.1365053.24.3
Rakesh Dawar445.111.75.2
Sahil Dawar307.942.83.7
Andy Ducker371.913516
Justin Ducker533.2172.74.0
Steve Ducker415.6193.42.9
Barry Forrester576.5163.65.4
Lee Foster101?183.54.3
Simon Fox226783.24.2
Steve Goldman110?44102124.34.4
Amy Gordon366.592023.14.1
Jake Gordon1415.1792023.64.0
Mark Gordon4995.9425184223.13.5
Roy Gordon329?3021723240
Ian Gregg2847.0822.63.6
Darren Hanley913.5362024.34.1
Andy Iwanoczko315.4152.95.2
Bill Jenkins976.9314.32.7
David Jones623.211
Richard Kemp247?4915015
Rob Knew1336.3292.63.7
Charles Lakeman1713.33.3
John Larkin344.253142.24.9
Mike Law136332517423.33.9
Peter Legge211574.43.1
Paul Little394.484.25.6
Matthew Mann714.4224.25.6
Keith Miller185244422660.02.5
John Moffatt11215
Brian Moore284?894.82.0
Chris Morgan87?374152.04.6
Brent Noble218?891014.44.1
Andy Parker1034.028105153.12.9
Keith Partlett59113.53.5
Barry Passmore242?435.05.3
Darrell Pitts1975.3663.94.8
Dave Pitts80?113.86.0
Laurence Pitts178271235.04.1
Steve Pitts556?452351954304.74.1
Alan Preston6563.74.5
Chris Preston128?113.34.6
Michael Preston6485.43.5
Patrick Redding1373.9472.16.5
John Rourke1068.5292.03.0
Matt Smith405.6162.63.4
Peter Snook604.294.96.4
Alan Tickner575?1933.62.9
Dave Tickner489?150100103.43.0
Kevin Unwin5873.43.8
Ben Valentine1495.1753.44.5
Guy Walker515.3133.64.6
Martin Walker456.4132.63.3
Phil Walters126393253.02.8
Daniel Ward447.353.35.5
Graham Ward2183.9914593.64.8
Peter Ward96403.43.1
Richard Ward712.9220.010.9
Alan Wilkes1567.5252.73.0
Mick Willmott266601014.24.7
Paul Wilson576.2141.76.8
David Winter143233.83.3
Minimum qualification: 25 innings or 75 overs over 5 seasons
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